An Introduction to Mediation: the 5 Precepts of Buddhism

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Hi Guys,  Welcome back to Meditation24x7.  Kind of follow up here to my first post about how this whole journey began for me.  In it, I said about a book that I found.  This post is about one section of this book;   An Introduction to Meditation: the 5 Precepts of Buddhism.

Right so please do not get put off by the title of this article.  For starters, I am definitely not what you would call religious.  I might go to church occasionally but no way am I part of the congregation.  Far from it.  Although I wouldn’t say that I’m faithless.  The idea of a higher power is not beyond my logic and I do believe in spirituality.

Why?…  because I am a Dreamer.

Through Dreaming I like to believe through my unconscious mind I can live out my best experiences, find hidden meanings to my everyday life,  and help realize my goals.

Why the whole concept of the study of dreams – Oneirology is such a fascinating thing to me.  The stories I’ve read about supposed things to have happened to people.  The prophecies, number #1 hit singles and works of art that have happened because of what people have dreamed about.  It really does totally amaze me.

So dreaming it’s a special thing but sometimes sleeping too much on the other hand, unfortunately, can be a very unhealthy habit.  It’s all good having a lye-in sometimes but certainly is not something you should often do.

An interesting idea I read about a couple of years ago was about each person having an unseen energy force inside them.

An energy that can like water grow stagnant if say the human body it inhabits does not get enough exercise.  Crazy really but I think it makes sense even as just a metaphor.  The same as sitting around doing nothing.  If there is an energy force inside us all then surely like anything else this needs to be kept active.

About sleeping though! the great thing is that when you just want time to hurry up a quick nap and you’re ready and refreshed to take on the rest of the day.  It might mean you’re running around like a headless chicken because of it but nothing like an hour’s sleep to pass the time right?

Something I am guilty of at times of doing this definitely.  Getting up in the morning and going back to bed if there aren’t enough things for me to do.  In fact, I’m even guilty of going back to bed when there are things for me to do.

Even urgent and Important things.

It’s just my nature. I’m a very deep sleeper and once I wake up if I’m feeling that little bit sleepy still off I go.  I really can’t help myself.

Now, what is my point –
in case you’re wondering?

Well, the purpose of this article it’s not about sleeping but doing something else in these situations instead.  I think the title of this post gives it away a bit, An Introduction to Meditation and the 5 Precepts of Buddhism, but what does this mean and how is this relevant?  I would say that it’s all to do with preparation.


Now for me, this is something I’m really interested in.  Getting up in the morning and practicing Meditation.  Like instead of going back to sleep.  Just setting an alarm.  Sitting on the hard floor with my eyes closed.  Doing breathing exercises and moving my arms about.  It might sound like a bit of a joke.  If you know me personally hearing this would most probably make you laugh.  If I told you about doing this but there have been a few things lately that have made me think about this.  Meditating and getting more in tune with my spiritual side.

In fact, one of my ideas for publishing online was that as well as to show people things like how to make money online and review affiliate products that I would also try and encourage developing positive thinking for my readers.

It’s like with me it can be so easy to come up with this idea and that idea but if things aren’t going my way after a certain amount of time I will just give up.  Try something else instead which often can become the same kind of cycle repeating itself.

Like maybe if I had stuck at the last idea for a bit longer it might have gone somewhere.  I’m hoping this blog really puts this theory to the test.

Now about Mediating.  What I’m inclined to believe is that this can be good practice for removing negative and stale energy.  I think the thing about negativity is it can be very infectious – like I don’t like to talk about it but drinking alcohol I find can be very negative.  Sure if you can stop before it becomes a problem then good on you because most of the time can’t.  What’s worse when you’re spending money you shouldn’t be spending that is another problem.

More negativity!

Also, laziness is negativity.  So let’s say you need to go down to the shops and get some food for the next day.  You don’t go and you have nothing to eat there because of this that is negativity breeding itself.  Because of having no food you would lack energy.

As weird as it sounds it is like so this loaf of bread you didn’t go down the shop and buy – well now you haven’t eaten because you have no food.  Then because you have no food then you have no energy and because you don’t have any energy then let’s say you don’t go to work. It only gets worse unless you take action.  Being depressed because you have no money again that is how negativity can spread.

My point – it’s easily done.  I would probably go as far as saying I’m an expert at getting myself in these horrible situations.  Though what I can tell YOU is it goes both ways.  Positivity breeds positivity as well.  It’s a powerful thing really. Both are but most certainly, the best way to be is positive.

How Meditation Can Help?

Quite simply put negativity is a low vibrational state.  By meditating you can increase your vibrations.  If negativity is a thought process than to clear your head of negative thoughts, can help you develop a more positive outlook and attitude.

So this does take practice.  I need to practice it myself.  If this is something I’m going to begin doing more.  But let’s delve into the topic a bit further, shall we?  I have been interested in meditation for a while now but just recently it has become a stronger interest.  As recently, I began researching something called ‘Theta Healing‘ which is a brain entrainment therapy.

The weird thing is in this video I see for it said some nonsense about a guy who bought this product and tried ‘Theta Healing’, or whatever exercises it was that this product involved and the next day he met some strange angelic woman.  Who made all his problems disappear.  Pretty farfetched in my opinion it said he became a millionaire and got a new house and girlfriend etc.  It sounds like rubbish I know but still, I thought the video I thought, in essence, made a lot of good points.

So I tried my own version of ‘Theta Healing‘ through music on YouTube.  It didn’t have the same immediate effect that this man claimed in this video.  Far from it but maybe a week later when I was waiting for a train coincidentally I stumbled upon this book about meditation.

It was just kind of staring at me in the face, in a blue box for book swaps at this train station.   And strangely enough, there was a kind of very angelic-looking woman waiting for a train not too far from where I was.

She didn’t talk to me but I did get a glance over.  Though it was probably because I kept looking at her.  She probably thought I was a right weirdo.    Although I did wonder could it have been her who left the book in the swap box?  She probably didn’t but I took the book home and I have read now maybe like the first part.

The First Part of this Book;

So in it one chapter I was reading.  It was about ‘The Five Precepts of Buddha‘.  They basically say about clearing your head of negative residue before you begin practicing meditation.  Exercises basically to make yourself more aware and mindful of your surroundings.

So #1 – Refrain from Killing and Physical Violence.  The idea is to use each day and each encounter to express our reverence for life.
Number #2 – Refrain from Stealing – Do not take from others unless it is something they offer to you first.
Number #3 – Refrain from committing sexual misconduct.  This means that we resolve not to use our sexual energy in a way that causes harm or suffering to ourselves or others.
Number #4 – To use our power of speech in an ethical way. This means to refrain from not only lying but also harsh or idle speech as well as slander.  Number #5 is to refrain from taking intoxicants that cloud the mind and cause heedlessness.  Both Drugs and Alcohol.  Why am I surprised?

My thoughts?

So there is a whole lot more to meditation than this and this is only just a couple pages out of this book.  I think that precepts 1 to 3 are about feeling guilty as a result of your own actions.  Something I know can leave a quite negative impact on your psyche.

With #4 – I think again you can say things to people that can be very hurtful and feel quite guilty as a result.  Communicating in any way can be a very toxic thing if it isn’t the right thing to do.  In a day and age where most people have phones, computers, and social media – mindfulness is something that on a wider scale needs to be improved upon.  How many people get drunk and write things on Facebook they wish they didn’t?  That is #4 definitely!

Then #5 – I think I have just covered this above.  Intoxication.  How are you supposed to stay focused enough to meditate if you are drunk or high?  Not to mention if you have done something to make yourself feel bad because of your actions under the spell of a drug or alcohol.  This is definitely something to consider before you begin practicing meditation.  To prepare your mind beforehand!

My final thoughts

For many things, Meditation can be a very important life skill to have.  Whether it’s to do with your own mental health or your physical wellbeing, how you approach personal relationships, or for becoming more productive – just look at your typical follower of Buddhism and see how peaceful of a lifestyle some of these people have.  Just by regularly meditating.

For myself creating my own business online can be a real punch in the gut sometimes.  I currently run both an eBay and Amazon shop plus I have recently become the author of this site and another.  All can be very hard work.  Putting hours and hours of work in to sometimes see very little to no reward.  That is the worst part but the way I see it at least I enjoy writing.  Then with incorporating meditation, it is an excellent way to destress.

For anyone new to the business I would fully recommend it.  It might sound crazy but maybe one day when you have got the time spare – give it a try to see if it helps.  You might just be surprised but anyway let me know your thoughts in the comments below and as always please like and share.

May the Peace Be with You;

Best Wishes


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