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Theta Healing and Positive Mind Therapy

Theta Healing and Positive Mind Therapy
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Theta Healing and Positive Mind Therapy

Hi Guys,  Welcome to Meditation24x7.com.  I am Alex, and for my first post, I wanted to write about something I stumbled upon very recently.  An odd concept called – Theta Healing and Positive Mind Therapy.  A kind of mental gymnastics to train your mind to be more productive.

What this involves is a few different things; positive affirmations, sleep meditation, and mind manifestation.  How this works is very much by playing a certain kind of music before falling asleep.

There are many different products that promote this idea but one, in particular, I would like to share is ‘Manifestation Magic‘ by Alexander Wilson.  It is very much something that involves this technique, and despite it’s very far out claims it is definitely something that I have found has had some very surprising results.

Theta Healing and Positive Mind Therapy

Theta Healing and Positive Mind Therapy

Table of Contents

  1. What is Quantum Energy Healing?
  2. Theta Healing and Positive Mind Therapy
  3. The Same Old Story, or Is It?
  4. What is Theta Healing?
  5. Everything You Could Ever Dream Of
  6. My Experience with Manifestation Magic
  7. In Conclusion / Your Feedback

1. What is Quantum Energy Healing?

Theta Healing and Positive Mind Therapy

It’s a bit out there – which you will see from reading this, and to be fair I thought this was straight-up crazy when I was first introduced to this.  How this product through its own crazy Pseudoscience can suddenly help you to become rich, with something called mind manifestation.

By transforming your brainwaves into manifesting anything you want!

If anyone has seen the 1992 movie ‘Lawnmower Man‘ – this is what this reminds me of.

In this movie, there is an adult with learning difficulties who develops superior cognitive abilities through advanced mind-altering technology.  It eventually becomes the undoing of him, but anyway, this is what this technique reminds me of.  Mind Manifestation!

Now, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that this is actually what is going to happen.  That by doing this you will transform into a power-hungry super-villain that is hell-bent on revenge against everyone that has ever wronged you…

but what if you could improve your brain in a safe, practical way.

With a kind of therapy to help you develop a more positive mind?   So, as a result, you can actually achieve the things you want because your mind is now programmed in the right way.

2. Theta Healing and Positive Mind Therapy

Positive and Negative Ying and Yang

So I read this post, and in a way I got it.  Not the part about suddenly becoming a millionaire overnight, but that being positive about things, generally-speaking, will bring you more success.  Of course, this is obviously true, as it helps to get more done, but could there really be a more metaphysical force at play here?.

Like in life it’s easy to say you won’t be negative but on the other hand, it’s just as easy to fall back into negative thoughts.  It’s like placing a bet on a Horse that will solve your money troubles.  Then thinking up until the race finishes about what you can do with this money.  Your all positive but then…

Then the Horse loses.  You’re back at square one.  If not worse.  You spent money you shouldn’t have done and you’ve given yourself false hope and disappointment.

That’s how easy it is to fall back into negative thoughts…

Feelings I know only too well.  So this product, reading about it and watching its accompanying video – some of it I must admit seemed very believable.  Although the main part, I’m not so sure…  It had this guy talking about losing his girlfriend then losing his job and his house.

Then this same guy apparently discovers ‘Manifestation Magic‘, and not too much longer afterwards he meets this angelic, light-haired Woman.  It doesn’t mention much else so that part is open to suggestion but what it does say is that within days this guy finds this new money-making opportunity, that completely changes his life!

Very farfetched I know but I think this is all a front to be fair.  I think this product works by programming your brain to think in a positive way, and it is this which helps people to take action towards their goals.  There could be something more here sure, but this is what I think.

3. The Same Old Story, or Is It?

Right, so I kept watching this video.  It wasn’t a short video – it maybe was 45 minutes long.  But there was something about it that kept me watching.

At first, I wondered what the point was of it all? but still, it had my full attention until the end.

I will admit that my sole original intention was to market this product as an affiliate.  This is how I found out about MM but it became so much more.  The whole idea of it amazed me… that I could train my brain to manifest anything out of life that I want.

To make money, travel the world, have more freedom about what I do for work.

But truth be told  I never purchased this product there and then.  What I figured was that as this system was just a set of CDs and an Instruction guide that I could try something similar.

Although what got me was what was actually at play here.A kind of positive mind therapy called Quantum or Theta Wave Healing.

4.  What Is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing and Positive Mind

The process I will try to explain as simply as possible.  So our human brains operate at different frequencies at different times.  Being awake and asleep the best example.  More so there are four defined states –

  1. Beta 14-30 Hz (Awake, Alert, Consciousness, Normal)
  2. Alpha 9-13 Hz (Calm, Lucid, Relaxed, Not thinking)
  3. Theta 4-8 Hz (Deep Relaxation, Meditation, Mental Imagery)
  4. Delta 0-3 Hz (Deep Dreamless Sleep)

So the product from what I could understand worked by using a set of tones, sounds, and music to help you achieve a kind of ‘Awakened Theta Wave state’.  An idea that in some crazy way by programmed your mind to spiritually seek positive changes through ‘the Law of Attraction (LoA)’ and with this, it gave you the supernatural ability to manifest exactly whatever it is your heart truly desires.

5. Everything You Could Ever Dream Of

How to get everything you ever dreamed of

How is what I thought?  How could something so unbelievable work?

I still ask myself the same questions now but my logic was that “if this could help me to achieve both an elevated and positive state of mind then maybe this might just be worth the money”.

So what I tried before buying the actual product was finding videos on youtube.  Mostly meditation music that I thought would be similar to what I would be getting with MM.

I searched for things like;  Zen Music, Calm Relaxation Mediation Music, and Abundance Music.

All were quite on the long side, some 7-8 hours long but I stuck to this to the idea.  Before falling asleep at night I would leave a video on and let it play.  It’s pretty easy once you try it.

Now, I’m not so into too many spiritual terms but if there are such things as Chakras and Meridian Systems then this was doing something.  I was having some amazing dreams of total bliss.

It felt good a kind of exciting kind of rush all through the parts of my body.

I don’t know how to describe it really but the yellow chakra I could feel glowing.

7 chakras

This picture is of the 7 Chakra’s being activated.  Each is a special energy centre of spiritual power.  The yellow chakra is the solar plexus which is located in your stomach area.

6. My Experience with Manifestation Magic

So it’s been a few weeks now since discovering ‘Manifestation Magic‘ and whilst I’m not yet a Millionaire.  I did see an angelic light-haired woman on my travels.  True story!

She didn’t talk to me but did glance over.  Maybe because I kept looking at her lol.

A joke yes, maybe. I’m pretty sure she was just someone else getting the train but what a coincidence.

The crazy thing at this train station there was a book in the swap box about Meditation that I found at this moment in time called ‘Insight Meditation‘ by Sharon Salzburg and Joseph Goldstein.

Coincidentally the publisher of this book  Sounds True I have recently become an Affiliate of.  Look for more news about them soon and if you would like to find out about my book see>>HERE<<


Now I don’t know if this had anything to do with the exercises I did for ‘Manifestation Magic‘ but it’s because of this book – I started this website.
Meditation 24×7.com

Also, It’s crazy really. I didn’t think much of this at the time.  All this business about coming into money, and seeing this light-haired heavenly woman.  Did not catch her name lol

It’s laughable really I know but just by coincidence, this is what happened after I created my blog a couple of days later.  Within one week and with no affiliate marketing experience my money problems were resolved.

I actually distinctly remember thinking that I would try and sell the meditation book for £25-30 lol.
It wasn’t a good point in my life but honest truth after only using Clickbank for 1 week I made my first sale, and by the end of the month this is what I made;

clickbank manifestation magic

Coincidence maybe, but if you’ve read this far into this article than just think about what a positive mind can do for you?   I’m not saying to buy this product, or watch the video (which I will link underneath this post), but it’s worked for me (I believe) so why not see what it can do for you!

Find out more: >>(HERE!)<<

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Link to buy:  Insight Meditation by Sharon Salzburg and Joseph Goldstein

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Your Feedback

Hey Guys;  Hope you have enjoyed reading my first post for Meditation24x7.com

Please like, share, and subscribe if you have.

If you would like to leave feedback, comment or ask a question please do so in the comments section below.  Or if you prefer you can also contact me directly at alexc@secretgardenofmind.com

Many thanks from your friend;

Alex C

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  1. It is certainly amazing what enormous difference positive thinking can bring to our lives. Now, I’ve come to hear a lot of things about the effects of manifestation magic on their lives. Though I have yet to get it, I’m so keen to do so and I’m also very optimistic that it works because this comes at a time that I truly need it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Rhian,  I wouldn’t want you to put yourself out of pocket but I do believe this product could possibly help you.  I’ve had my own experience it’s nowhere near like the claims in the video but you can see off my post what I made off Clickbank last month.  I made $200 within a week of first using manifestation magic.  It’s unbelievable really – I read some stats only 10% of people are successful with Clickbank.  I’m either very lucky or there is actually something to this I think. 

  2. I’ll commend your effort in ensuring that your website outlook is superb and very easy to navigate, that’s very remarkable. Second I like your article on theta healing and positive mind therapy and the fact that it suggests a way that you can help yourself in solving life issues via positive thinking. It is certainly amazing what enormous difference positive thinking can bring to our lives.

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi Julliet,  That’s very kind of you.  Thank you I really appreciate it.

  3. My wife’s background is in hypnotherapy, so she works with many people who have negative thinking. She says she is always amazed at the turnaround once a client gets the concept of how to create with positivity. 

    I have always been interested in quantum healing, which I know is all about self-thought healing. My question is, how do you define being healed by pseudoscience other than the focus of the mind? 

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi Eric,  I think they are more intertwined than you would ever think possible.  By focusing the mind there are different levels of consciousness that you can reach to begin spiritual repairs and the physical side is only just a kind of imprint if that makes sense.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I have tried so many sleeping aids and sleeping techniques, but I’ve never heard of this one. It sounds like it’s promising so I will have to check it out. I normally listen to music before I go to bed but that’s just a habit for me to stay calm and relaxed – or at least try to. I will try this out whenever I have the change of obtaining it and will gladly get back to you. 

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi Stephanie,  Yes some of the music is really relaxing.  It’s hard to explain but it really makes you feel good inside.  I’ve been doing a lot of different types of meditation lately.  This is not the same for me I really feel it opens up the heart chakra.  It’s really peaceful. 

  5. Twack Romero says:

    There’s no such thing as coincidences, in my humble opinion. When we’re closed off to the idea of Law of Attraction and all the associated stuff that comes with it, then expect nothing to happen. That’s not because nothing is happening, it’s more to do with the fact that we don’t see the signs.

    That book might have been there for weeks but you wouldn’t have seen it because you weren’t open to it being there. As soon as you got onboard the positivity train, voila, you see it.

    Whether you believe in this kind of thing or not, it is far better to be positive than negative. Also, the momentum builds and you’ll start having more good fortune. Rather than saying “It’ll never happen” or “I’m not that lucky”, you’ll be thinking “This is going to happen” and “I am one very lucky person”. Stick with it and look forward to all the good things that will be coming your way.

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Yes, exactly but there are mystic forces at work here I think definitely.  It’s like a glass of water it can hold anything – fruit juice, bits of food, mud, or even poison.  Imagine this on an ethereal level.  Like if you have an argument that will leave an imprint on your spirit.  A negative residue.  How to cleanse this is the question?  Maybe your theory is true but what action could be taken to filter out this negative energy.  I think this program may hold some answers here.  I have tried it and had some incredible luck in the process.  Maybe it was just down to positive thinking and actions.  Will have to see what happens after trying it out again I think.

  6. Quite frankly, I have pondered for a while, the possibilities associated with this form of therapy. Though I have come to understand that any manifestation must first be made possible from the conditioning of the brain, it’s still feels like a lot to even think about it. I think it is worth a try, after all, what do I have to lose? Thanks 

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi Rhian,  I want to try it again myself.  This article above i originally wrote NYE just gone.  It is true that I don’t know if using Manifestation Magic worked for me but somehow I made $171 from another post within a week of using this therapy.  This I can prove as well.  Maybe I’m that good a writer or just lucky but one thing I haven’t had the same luck since around this time.  It does feel that this shouldn’t have happened so easy it’s a bit odd I think. 

  7. I too, use theta healing frequencies during my meditations.  Either before, during sleep or, my morning meditations I usually have healing frequencies rolling in my ears.

    Oh man, I loved your story.  When life events like that happen I call it co-evidence because I don’t believe in coincidence!

    You won’t realize what a positive mind will do for you until you have one.  It takes practice so I’m glad you have sources I’ve never heard of to explore.  If I had advice for beginners or, anyone struggling it would definitely be to explore your resources but, also, don’t be afraid to explore yourself in the process.

    No one can walk around with positive thoughts 24/7 BUT, with practice, it becomes a conditioned reflex to recognize when your thinking gets dark, you can look at that, make peace with it and yourself and then tune back into your positive light and thoughts. 

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Thank you Fyre,  I really appreciate that.  I know what you mean about being positive 24×7.  Lately, I have kind of slipped away from this I think so has been good to explore this post again.

  8. hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. i must say that theta healing therapy is new to me. it is nice to have positive energy around and i would like to share this article with some of my friends

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi Benny,  Thank you fo taking your time to comment.  By all means please share that would be excellent thank you.

  9. Brandi Bell says:

    While I don’t have a lot of experience with meditation, I do believe in the power of positive thinking and that meditation is a way that some people can harness that power. I also think sleeping to meditation music has a very powerful and relaxing effect and I do sleep with that sort of music often. That being said anytime I try to meditate while awake, I just end up sleeping. Maybe my body is telling me I need sleep? I think your post is very informative and gives a person who is looking for some motivation a little hope.

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi Brandi,  Thanks for taking the time to comment.  I’m glad you liked my post.  About falling asleep whilst meditating.  You could try guided meditation but one bit of advice set an alarm for your mediation session it will help.

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