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My story goes back to November 2019 I was searching online for money making ideas. It was a difficult time in my life. My main source of Income at the time was eBay and drop shipping. I was having trouble with my supplier. They were not fulfilling orders on time and this was causing me money troubles.

It was something I needed to do something about and what I read in this blog post – gave me the idea –

I Should Start a New Blog and Try Affiliate Marketing.

So, I did, and I know this isn’t an MMO (Make Money Online) website (I actually have a separate website for this) but getting to my point. I started a new blog, I wrote a few product reviews and one of them made me several commissions on Clickbank. THIS blog post pretty much solved all my money problems at the time and really I was hooked from there. Because of this (I think) is the reason that I’m still blogging now.

I was EXCITED I used to blog before and always wanted to get back into it and now I had a good reason to give it another go. I wanted to take the next logical step and this was to create a WordPress website. My Initial work had been on Blogger and what I found from a quick search online was a website called Wealthy Affiliate.

I highly recommend them for anyone looking to start blogging, they have been great for me but anyhow I am not trying to sell people on joining this platform – BUT what Wealthy Affiliate recommended for me was that I choose a niche for my WordPress website. I never had a niche in mind in the beginning but this is how this website got started – I was Instructed to choose a niche and I choose Meditation.

The domain name that was suggested to me was Meditation24x7.com and the rest is history.

I’d written a couple blog posts already about Meditation (actually manifestation if I’m being honest) and what really was behind this decision (I think) was because of my Interest in the Supernatural, the Paranormal, and the Mysteries of Life and the Human Mind.

The current name for this website Secret Garden of Mind I didn’t choose until later on but this was because of one of my early posts. I am so happy I went in this direction as it has opened so many new doors for me.

My Story:

At the time of writing this I’m just coming up to 38 years old. Blogging has been a HUGE part of my daily life for the past 4 years. Really many people will question why I’m still doing this as it is not the cash cow I had in mind when I first got into this. I’ve had maybe around 10 websites since this time but this one is very special.

I say this because I am a very curious person. I like to read books and watch documentary’s about things like hidden history, advanced civilizations, the nature of reality and lot’s of strange, occult and psychological things. I do not mean murder mystery’s but the true power of the human brain.

And for this purpose I have dedicated this website to the following research;

  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Manifestation and the Law of Attraction (LoA)
  • Lucid Dreaming & Dream Studies (Oneirology)
  • Astral Projection and Remote Viewing
  • Training Psychic Abilities (Mind Hacking)

What my aim is from posting on this website is to reach out to anybody who like myself finds this stuff Interesting and hopefully provide some kind of value for people who visit here. A lot of the articles I share are things that I’ve wanted to share with people and If this is what you like then you great I’m hoping you will enjoy reading my posts.

My Goals;

My goals to put it quite simply are;

1.)  for my own benefit I’d like to invest my time in this subject by writing relevant, useful and helpful content to aid in my own learning process, and

2.) for the benefit of others I’d like to share the most relevant and interesting information I can.

Although, definitely helping my visitors who come to this website is something I’m deeply interested in.
As I mentioned above I’d like other people to experience the benefits of becoming more spiritual more awake, aware, sensitive and mindful etc.

For me there is many perks of practices like Mediation, LoA, Lucid Dreaming, and so on… including improved cognitive function and memory. Something I definitely have trouble with plus there is becoming more peaceful and relaxed, as well as helping relieve stress and feelings of negativity.

In Conclusion;

The goal of this site I think I’ve said all I’ve got to say in the section above.  The things which I’d like to accomplish are to promote the most relevant ideas, techniques and products that I can.  To reach out to a core audience and definitely along the way educate myself about all of these supernatural things.

I am not religious let’s get this straight but definitely practices like meditation I think are something that can help a lot of people and hopefully the content written here at Secret Garden of Mind can be a positive thing for people moving forwards. 

In the future I’m hoping this can be a success and I can build a loyal base of followers.

For everyone who has took the time to read this so far.  I would personally just like to finish by saying thank you to say that I’m grateful for your time is an understatement.

Any questions you have please leave in the comments below, and I will try to respond as quickly as possible.

All the best;

Alex Chivers
Creator of SecretGardenofMind.com

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