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Welcome to Secret Garden of Mind.com

Uncovering all the Greatest Secrets About How the mind really works and how you can cultivate it for greater things.

What is Meditation?

So What is Meditation? the dictionary definition is the action or practice of meditating. Its origins are unknown. The oldest evidence though comes from cave paintings dated from around 5,000 to 3,500 BC.

In the Western world, Meditation was first introduced during the Medieval period. It is usually pre defined as two main forms; Mindfulness and Concentrative.

Of the many types of meditations –
The list includes;

– Mindfulness Meditation
– Transcendental Meditation
– Zen Meditation
– Mantra Meditation
– Yoga Meditation
– Chakra Meditation
– Guided Meditation
– Kundalini
– Vipassana Meditation
– Metta Meditation

Our Goal at Secret Garden of Mind.com

As a website covering topics and subjects related to Meditation, the long term goal of Meditation 24×7 is for more people to practice Meditating. Not only this but to share information with people that can help them Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually and even Physically! What we here at Meditation 24×7 believe is that the world is far beyond what anybody would ever think it is. Its true power is still yet to be fully unlocked. We believe that through transcendence and attunement the human body can unlock a hidden healing factor. What are minds are truly capable of is still unseen. In the years to come, this will all become a lot clearer. Until then we hope you can all join us here at Meditation 24×7 and come read our articles, join our discussions and share your ideas.

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