Lucid Dreams and Meditation – The Common Link

Hi Guys,  What else can I say?  This post will be about the link between Lucid Dreams and Meditation.  Lucid Dreaming for me is something I’ve wanted to write about since the very beginning of this website.  Actually I was considering creating a new site especially but it dawned on me very recently that I … Read more

Meditation for Paranoia and Panic

Hi Guys, Today there is a lot of question marks. How the next few days, weeks, and months will affect all of our lives.  At Meditation24x7 what we want is peace for everyone during these hard times.   Whilst we all hope that things can return to normal again soon until then we must all … Read more

Meditation for Bipolar Disorder and Schizophreia

Hi Everyone,  How are you?  Hope all is well.  Lots to come from me over the next couple of weeks.  Lots of ideas and drafts ready to be written.  For now though with this post, I will be covering the topic of using Meditation for Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia.  Both are in ways similar to … Read more

An Introduction to Mediation: the 5 Precepts of Buddhism

Hi Guys,  Welcome back to Meditation24x7.  Kind of follow up here to my first post about how this whole journey began for me.  In it, I said about a book that I found.  This post is about one section of this book;   An Introduction to Meditation: the 5 Precepts of Buddhism. Right so please do not … Read more