Meditation for Musicians and Artists

Hi Guys,  So I’ve had this idea for a few weeks now.  Meditation for Musicians and Artists.  The reason being I was talking to a friend recently that hosts Open Mic sessions which I sometimes go to.  I was saying about this website and what he said was that if I watched him just … Read more

Using Guided Meditation for Cancer Patients

Hello everyone,  Alex here.  For today’s post, I’m going to cover Using Guided Meditation for Cancer Patients.  Again it’s another quite sensitive subject.  I know. Seem to be writing about a lot of these lately but if I’m being truthful these are just the kinds of things that are coming up in my research.  Just … Read more

Meditation for Memory Loss – Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Hi, How is everyone?  I have been taking a bit of time off but I’m back today with another post.  For this one, I will be discussing Meditation for Memory Loss.  Especially how it can aid in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Amnesia.  It’s maybe quite a controversial topic I think, but it is … Read more

Using Meditation to Treat Sports Injuries

Hello Everyone,  How is everything?  Good, I hope.  One of a few ideas I’ve had recently about what to write about is Meditation and Sports.  For my last post, I covered the topic of using Meditation for Autism and ADHD and will be writing a few others like this in future posts, about different health … Read more

Meditation for Children with Autism and ADHD

Hi Guys, Welcome back to  Some very encouraging words from people after the last post.  Lot’s to think about moving ahead and keeping the momentum going.  So for today’s post, I will be discussing something very special and personal to me Meditation for Children with Autism and ADHD. It’s maybe a bit of a … Read more

The Law of Attraction Scientific Proof!

Hello everyone,  Welcome back!  For this post, it was an idea I’ve had since Friday.  I should have maybe stayed in and got to work writing it then.  I was listening to the radio, and something I heard made me take notice – The Law of Attraction Scientific Proof !!  – it was about an … Read more

Reiki Healing for Animals and Pets

Hi everyone,  After recently writing a post about Reiki Healing Meditation Music I was having a good think after.  About how Reiki works and that if it is good for humans than how about other living creatures – like Reiki Healing for Animals and Pets? It sounds crazy I know.  I actually didn’t realize this … Read more

Remote Viewing Exercises to do During Meditation

Hello Everyone,  Alex here back with another post for Meditation 24×7.  Some interesting developments since my last post.  I’ve begun work on adding a subscriber opt-in box to my content.  Still a bit to learn here but if you see my last post you’ll see beneath the social media buttons a subscriber box.  Anyway, for … Read more

Pure Energy Healing with Natural Synergy

Hi Friends,  Welcome back to Meditation 24×7!  It has been a hectic couple days that’s for sure since getting back home Monday night has been busy, busy, busy!  A Meditation session is well overdue I think.  Anyway, for today’s post, I will be covering Pure Energy Healing and a product called Natural Synergy. So just … Read more

Deepak Chopra Weight Loss Meditation Techniques

Hi Friends,  Welcome back to Meditation 24×  For today’s post, I wanted to discuss Deepak Chopra Weight Loss Meditation Techniques.  Basically, I wanted to go over using Mediation for Weight Loss and a little bit about Self Hypnosis.  The similarities between the two and using them to help lose weight. Plus the other thing I … Read more