The Mystery Of Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing (33/32)

The Mystery Of Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing
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Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing is a holistic healing modality that utilizes the natural frequency of the Earth to promote health and wellbeing. The Schumann Resonance Frequency refers to the electromagnetic frequency that exists between the Earth’s surface and the Ionosphere.

This frequency is approximately 7.83 Hz and is often referred to as the “heartbeat” of the Earth.

The concept behind Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing is based on the idea that our bodies are inextricably connected to the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

By aligning ourselves with this natural frequency, we can restore balance and harmony within our bodies, leading to improved physical, mental, and emotional health.

Key Takeaways

  • Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing is a form of alternative medicine that uses the natural frequency of the Earth to promote healing.
  • The Schumann Resonance is a low frequency electromagnetic wave that is constantly present in the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • The belief that the Schumann Resonance can assist with energy healing has a long history, dating back to the 1950s when it was first discovered by German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann.
  • Using the Schumann Resonance Frequency for Healing works by restoring the body’s natural electromagnetic balance, which can be disrupted by stress, illness, and environmental factors.
  • While there is some scientific evidence to support the use of Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing, there are also limitations and controversies surrounding its effectiveness and safety.

*In another blog post I posted here I wrote about the Bosnian Pyramids. I visited here in 2022 and a big thing about this place they say is the Schumann Resonance inside that cancels out all over frequencies including WIFI, Infrared, Bluetooth, 5G, 4G, 3G etc.

Many claim the tunnels Inside these Pyramids have healing powers for this very reason. If you visit here It is a very strange place and you definitely get the feeling that there could be something to all this. When you get there it has a very new age feel with lot’s of people meditating Inside and stalls outside selling energy crystals.

Check out my other blog post if you’d like to learn more but anyway.


The Schumann Resonance Frequency For Healing


The Schumann Resonance Frequency is generated by lightning discharges in the Earth’s atmosphere. These discharges create electromagnetic waves that bounce between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere, creating a standing wave pattern.

This pattern resonates at a frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz, which is the same frequency as the human brain’s alpha waves.

The Schumann Resonance Frequency is of vital importance for life on Earth. It acts as a natural tuning fork, helping to regulate our biological rhythms and maintain overall health and wellbeing.

It has been suggested that exposure to this frequency is essential for our physical and mental health, as it helps to synchronize our body’s internal processes with the Earth’s natural cycles.

The Discovery of The Schumann Resonance

The discovery of the Schumann Resonance Frequency can be attributed to German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who predicted its existence in 1952.

However, it wasn’t until 1954 that his predictions were confirmed by measurements taken by scientist Herbert König.

Early research on Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing focused on its potential effects on human health. Scientists and researchers began to explore the idea that exposure to this frequency could have therapeutic benefits, leading to the development of various healing techniques.

In recent years, modern Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing techniques have been developed, incorporating advanced technologies and methodologies to enhance the healing potential of this natural frequency. But how about this?

How Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing Works

Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing works by entraining the body’s electromagnetic field with the Earth’s natural frequency. When our bodies are exposed to this frequency, it can help to restore balance and harmony within our energy systems.

One way in which the Schumann Resonance Frequency @ 7.83Hz affects the body is through its impact on brainwave activity. Research has shown that exposure to this frequency can help to induce a state of deep relaxation and promote alpha brainwave activity, which is associated with enhanced creativity, focus, and overall mental clarity.

There are various techniques used in Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing, including;

These techniques aim to expose the body to the Schumann Resonance Frequency and facilitate its healing effects.

Conditions that can be treated with Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing include;

  • Chronic Pain,
  • Insomnia,
  • Stress-related Disorders, and
  • Immune System Dysfunctions.

By restoring balance within the body’s energy systems, Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing can help to alleviate symptoms and promote overall wellbeing.


Can The Schumann Resonance Cure Cancer?

THIS is a big one. I heard a lot of talk about the Ravne Tunnels in Bosnia (The Pyramids) and people with cancer coming here because of their healing affects apparently due to the Schumann Resonance that is generated from this environment.

What I noticed on my visit was that this did seem like it could be true. What the guide said about all the Interfering frequencies in everyday life such as WiFi, 4G/5G and radio signals etc. not being healthy I found quite believable and what’s more whilst I was here my phone signal was completely dead in the whole area.

So, Cancer is rife in the developed societies like the USA, the UK and a lot of Europe. Possibly this could be down to a number of things but what I would be curious to know about is if someone visited these tunnels everyday for 1-2 weeks and meditated inside (lot’s of this here) – I wonder if this could be a factor in remission.

*I don’t really trust these TEDxTalks – I won’t go into this but this video seems like it could help support this idea of this being true – that exposure to the Schumann Resonance can help the body heal itself – even in the case of cancer.

The Benefits of Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing

Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing offers a wide range of benefits for both physical and mental health.

One of the primary benefits is improved physical health.

By restoring balance within the body’s energy systems, this healing modality can help to;

  • Alleviate pain,
  • Boost Immune Function, and
  • Promote Overall Vitality.

And, In addition to it’s physical health benefits, Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing also offers significant mental and emotional benefits.

Many individuals report reduced stress and anxiety levels after receiving Schumann Resonance Frequency treatments. This is likely due to the calming and relaxing effects of the frequency on the brain and nervous system. Check out some of the Binaural Beats videos on YouTube

Furthermore, Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing has been shown to increase energy levels and promote mental clarity and focus.

By aligning ourselves with the Earth’s natural frequency, we can tap into a source of energy and inspiration that can enhance our cognitive abilities and overall productivity.

The Science Behind Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing

The scientific principles behind Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing lie in the field of bioelectromagnetics. This field explores the interactions between electromagnetic fields and living organisms.

Research has shown that exposure to electromagnetic fields can have profound effects on biological systems, including the human body.

The Schumann Resonance Frequency is a natural electromagnetic frequency that our bodies have evolved alongside, making it particularly influential in promoting health and wellbeing.

Numerous scientific studies have been conducted to explore the effects of the Schumann Resonance Frequency on human health.

These studies have demonstrated its potential to improve sleep quality, reduce stress levels, enhance cognitive function, and even support immune system function.

The Role of Electromagnetic Fields in Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing

Electromagnetic fields play a crucial role in Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing. Our bodies are composed of trillions of cells, each generating its own electromagnetic field.

These fields interact with external electromagnetic fields, including the Earth’s natural frequency.

Electromagnetic fields are essential for our health and wellbeing. They help to regulate cellular communication, support biochemical processes, and maintain overall homeostasis within the body.

When our electromagnetic fields are out of balance or disrupted, it can lead to various health issues.

Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing utilizes electromagnetic fields to restore balance within the body’s energy systems. By exposing the body to the Earth’s natural frequency, it helps to realign and harmonize our electromagnetic fields, promoting optimal health and wellbeing.

The Connection Between Schumann Resonance Frequency and Human Health

The connection between Schumann Resonance Frequency and human health lies in the fundamental relationship between our bodies and the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

Our bodies have evolved alongside this natural frequency, and exposure to it is essential for our overall health and wellbeing.

When we are disconnected from the Earth’s natural frequency, whether due to modern lifestyles or environmental factors, it can lead to imbalances within our energy systems.

These imbalances can manifest as physical, mental, and emotional health issues. Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing works by reintroducing our bodies to this natural frequency, helping to restore balance and harmony within our energy systems.

By aligning ourselves with the Earth’s electromagnetic field, we can tap into a source of healing energy that promotes optimal health and wellbeing.

The Use of Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing in Modern Medicine

Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing is increasingly being recognized and utilized in modern medicine.

It is being integrated into various treatment modalities to enhance their effectiveness and promote holistic healing.

For example, in pain management, Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing techniques such as electromagnetic field therapy have been used to alleviate chronic pain and promote tissue regeneration.

In mental health, sound therapy utilizing the Schumann Resonance Frequency has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve mood.

Research on the effectiveness of the Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing is ongoing, with promising results emerging in various fields of medicine.

As more studies are conducted, it is likely that this healing modality will continue to gain recognition and be integrated into mainstream medical practices.

Although, here is the other thing – there is something very mystical about this power. I didn’t just want to write this article about grounded science – if you watched the video above (the first one) it says about there being 8 different Schumann Resonant Frequencies.


The Esoteric Side of Frequency Healing

The common accepted science is that our brainwaves are known to fluctuate between 5 frequencies.

  • Delta – 0.5-4 Hz
  • Theta – 4-8 Hz (The Main Schumann Resonance / Our Reality / Main Frequency Band)
  • Alpha – 8-13Hz
  • Beta – 13-32 Hz
  • Gamma – 32-100 Hz

I was looking the other day at a picture of 3 other waves. Epsilon and Hyper-Gamma I see and from further research I see another Lambada – perhaps these are the 8 total Schumann Resonant Frequencies.

I am just an observer not a scientist (blogging is a hobby).

Anyway, Epsilon Waves are on the low end 0-0.5Hz and Lambada Waves are on the high end 100 to 200 HZ.

Hyper Gamma I suspect is somewhere above Gamma which is at 32-100Hz and Lambada 100Hz to 200Hz.

And the interesting part is they say that it is mostly only seasoned Zen Masters of many decades who have shown the ability to generate these brainwaves on the high and low end of the spectrum.

This article here shares some great information on this but here is something else. Our ability to manifest (LoA) whether you believe this or not is helped by our cycle between Delta-Theta to Alpha-Beta.

This is when we wake up, just after we stop dreaming and this is when we are at our most creative (as a writer I can certainly attest this).

Interestingly the Theta range is where the Schumann resonance frequency is 7.83Hz every morning when we stop dreaming we are just tuning out – sleep is known to restore the body its a funny coincidence.

I have to stop here but I found this interesting also – the Gamma band is 33Hz – 33/32 (I see this somewhere – has been driving me nuts a bit but 33 in numerology is a rabbit hole itself.

I wondered if this could have some relevance;

Eziekiel 33/32

Realize that to them you are like a sensual song, a beautiful voice and a skilled musician. They hear your words, but they do not obey them”.

*Possibly in relation to us being out of the Gamma range in many cases.


In Conclusion,

Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing offers a unique and holistic approach to health and wellbeing. By aligning ourselves with the Earth’s natural frequency, we can tap into a source of healing energy that promotes balance, harmony, and optimal health.

With further research and exploration, Schumann Resonance Frequency Healing has the potential to revolutionize modern medicine and enhance our understanding of the intricate connections between our bodies and the natural world.

Indeed, you are to them like a singer of love songs with a beautiful voice, who skilfully plays an instrument. They hear your words but do not put them into practice.

Whatever this really means I do wonder but what I do know is THIS is some very next level stuff that I certainly will like to learn more about.

*On another note

For instance, the 33 is a double 3—all about creative self-expression, communication, emotional sensitivity, performance, and joy.

33/32 connects the human frequency to that of the earth.
33 Harmonics or 32 Overtones over the Schumann Resonance.

33 = The Tree of life. 10 x Sephiroh. 1 x Daath. 22 x Paths.

I am so glad I got this out the way was driving a bit nuts thinking about this yesterday – this is why 33 is so significant 33Hz is what connects our frequency to that of the earth 7.83 Hz The Schumann Resonance…

If anyone would like to continue this discussion in the comments I would love to hear from you.

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