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Positive Affirmations Meditation – Making Yourself Believe In You

positivive affirmations to make you realize your dreams
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Making Yourself Believe In You – Positive Affirmations Meditation.  How does it work?

Do you ever think about this?  That your own self-belief is already pre-determined?  You can either ingrain inside your subconscious that you will either succeed or fail before you have even set out to do so.

Hi Everyone,  I was looking around the site and just realised I never did a post about Positive Affirmations Meditation.  I have written about this before I know but today I just wanted to delve into this a little bit deeper.  How positive words can inflict positive change and how doing this can be incorporated into your daily meditation rituals.

I would say this is more a less the same as guided meditation.  Of course, when you listen to guided meditation you listen to the speaker make positive affirmations.  This is essentially what guided meditation is all about.  Listening to somebody chant positive words and phrases over the backdrop of binaural beats.

However, I would say that this is just one type of Positive Affirmations Meditation and you can do this differently if you wish.  Instead, you can do this with the use of mantras in a quiet place with no music.  Here is how…

Positive Affirmations Meditation

Making Yourself Believe In You!

positive affirmations - believe in yourself

So what I mean is you can just meditate with your eyes closed, breathing in and out and bringing your focus in from there but you can as well make your own positive affirmations during this ritual.  Where the actual voice is coming from within yourself as opposed to hearing a recording.

Whether it is better than guided meditation only you can decide this.  Many I know will like to carry out their meditation rituals away from any kind of electrical interference.

I would imagine for Tibetan Monks, inside their Monastries they have no electricity at all.  Only the etheric force that cloaks them from their natural surroundings.  It is kind of a spiritual kind of thing where modern technology has no place.  You can use technology for sure.  If you are a beginner to meditation it can be helpful but the big thing to note is all this new.  Meditation has been practised for thousands and thousands of years.

And probably even longer before this technology ever existed…

Although, Guided Meditation in its more classic form is nothing new either.  When you hear Tibetan monks for example making sounds with their assorted instruments this is usually done alongside several different mantras alongside speakers.  Which, in essence, is a more organic form of guided meditation.

I’m getting a little bit off-topic here but my main point is you can do this without the interference of digital technology.

What Are Positive Affirmations?

Maybe you know this already but a Positive Affirmation is when you say a positive thing about yourself.  Something that you might not feel is 100% true that you want to make a reality.  This could be that you are happy, strong, healthy, beautiful, sensible, looked after, loved by those around you, fortunate and anything that you feel is missing from your viewpoint.

This video below I think explains this very well;

So, hopefully, this can help you to come up with some positive affirmations of your own.

I will chart everything down below.  Just pick and choose your favourite words or come up with your own.


To put this into practice begin each Mantra with “I am” and repeat your chosen phrase in your mind whilst meditating.

Practising Positive Affirmations Meditation?

Now, I would actually say to maybe start off by practising something like Zen Meditation.  Where you just close your eyes, start taking deep breaths and try to clear your head of everything.  This of course takes quite a bit of practice but I would say it is a great place to start.

I am not saying you need to be a Zen Master but if you can just figure out the basics you can then use these to start using positive affirmation mantras in your Zen state.

It, I would say is the same as my favourite type of meditation which is called Journey meditation.  In which you first establish a state of Zen and then start going through different memories to kind of remote view past happenings.  You don’t have to do it this way you can just try to remember a route you know well but I like to be a bit more exotic here and think of other countries where I’ve visited.

Anyway, you can kind of follow this idea the same way.

First, reach a state of Zen.
Take a few minutes and…
then begin your mantras.  “I am etc.”

You can also try a Guided Meditation if you prefer with a recording of the speaker making their own positive affirmations.  There is no right or wrong way but I personally prefer to make these affirmations to myself.  This way you can choose your own words and try to install your beliefs more specifically.

My Own Experience…

Towards the end of July 2021.  I remember reading and commenting on a blog about a meditation product.  What I asked was “if the investment for this product was worth it”.  The response I got was very interesting.  Very long but it really got me thinking…  I will share a screenshot below…

raikov effect review by andrew
raikov effect review screenshot 2

Honestly, it was a very long-winded response and this man ‘Andrew’ (from healthyhappyandwise.com). He wrote back with another reply that was just as long as well which I have not shared.  I was quite impressed though really he’d basically wrote up a 2nd article in the comments.  It answered my question but it really got me thinking about other stuff as well.

Like what I wanted to do was to have my best month doing blogging and affiliate marketing.

After my chat with Andrew, I decided every morning and night before bed that I would tell myself this…

“Between now and until; the end of August I am going to have the best month blogging”.

I managed 7 weeks.  During this time I gave up alcohol, woke up every morning at 6 AM and published 1-2 articles a day.  Results-wise it was a good month.  I think the affirmations made the difference.  Of course, because I worked a lot harder than usual there was also this but I liked to believe wanting to produce more was stemmed from this notion.

I like to think if you tell yourself something enough times you will eventually begin to believe it. 

What might seem like is Psycho-babble is only as crazy as you believe it to be.  If positive thinking can make you all the more productive then of course it can help make your desires come to be realized.

In Conclusion – Positive Affirmations Meditation

Now, putting all this into perspective I can imagine there could be many reasons why somebody like yourself might want to bring about positive changes.  Whilst one person might think that having more money might be the answer to their woes another will have money but might feel like there is something else they are missing.

They could be unhappy with their current situation.  Things that are happening all around them.  How they perceive the world to be.  The list goes on and on but each of these things that you want to change you can make affirmations about.

I think what Andrew said in the screenshot I shared above is very true and powerful that we alone are responsible for the current situation that we place ourselves within.  It is true for me and I’m pretty certain for others also.

The notion can seem a little bit dumb really like “this month I’m going to make $10K and meet a new girlfriend”.  Probably not a good mix lol but just because you tell yourself something every day doesn’t mean it’s going to happen right?

I think it might not but ‘by’ practising Positive Affirmations Meditation ‘it’ is far more likely because it feeds your desire.

Say for example you struggle to get out of bed in the morning but you tell yourself you will not achieve your ultimate goal unless you get up.  I do this myself and it definitely works.

The question is “You might want something but do you want it badly enough?”  I will leave you with that final thought.


Your Feedback – Let Us Know What You Think?

Have you tried using positive affirmations meditation?  Even have you just tried making positive affirmations?  Do you think that by practising this kind of ritual that you can really manifest your deepest desires?  Many will try to sell you on this dream but what do you think does this really work or not?  Let us know in the comments section below…

If you know anyone that might benefit from reading this please share with them and your other contacts/friends on social media.  You don’t have to but will be very grateful if you can as this will help the website to grow in future.

Many thanks and believe that you can make it happen!

Alex B Chivers

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  1. Many thanks for sharing, Alex. You have put a smile on my face 🙂
    I’ll try and keep this short……

    Yes, totally, I believe positive affirmations and meditation do help us improve the quality of our lives, without question!
    The simple example that you shared about getting out of bed in the morning proves it.
    You chose to think positive and then act upon the desire to improve your life….. and you did it by getting up early and working on your goals.
    I’m sure it would have been much easier to just lay in bed for an extra hour….

    By forming goals and then setting our intention, and following through with action, we are creating an energy that promotes success, through the Law of Vibration/Attraction, as well as the benefits that the action brings. And when our vibration is in alignment with our thoughts and actions, all the other necessary components for our success will manifest.

    So, I encourage everyone to look on the bright side of all situations, (be positive) and to take time to meditate and focus your minds on the lives you wish to be living as much as possible. And celebrate the small successes you have, because by celebrating, you are sending a signal out to the universal mind that you want more to celebrate.

    I wish you all the best, my friend,
    May all of our desires become our reality!

    1. Thank you Andrew. I think that there is so much you can take from this idea. Part of me likes to believe there is a supernatural element at play but then just feeling more focused I think, if you can just create that kind of platform there really is something that is tangible. If you can tell yourself to go to bed at a reasonable time and get out of bed when you actually wake up. Make yourself do the important little things like keeping your workplace tidy, taking a shower in the morning, eating properly and not letting external things distract you by this method of thinking you can get more done right? This alone will make your desires become more of a reality. Universal power or not but definitely affirmations for making it clear what you want and meditation for making yourself more focused.

  2. Hi Alex,

    Thank you for this amazing article on positive affirmations. I really need them now as I’m just in a new function that I’ve never done before, so I’m in a bit of need of some courage and discipline ;). I am courageous and disciplined will be my favorite for now, maybe followed by I am capable. It’s so weird that we let our own thoughts limit us so much!

    I was just wondering about another thing. I’ve also read somewhere that you can use affirmations for wealth. Can you explain a bit more on that topic and can you maybe suggest some meditations that are focused on a “money-creating” principle? Or what is your idea and opinion on this matter?

    1. Hi Virendra, You are most welcome. I believe that positive affirmations are very important for anyone that wants to be truly happy. You should think about what you like or want to think about yourself and tell yourself this as often as possible. If you want to be courageous with more self-discipline keep telling yourself this. I think these are good ones actually – I don’t think I am very self-disciplined but this is a good quality I would definitely benefit from. Maybe might need to think about that myself 🤔

      And yes we do as people let our negative thoughts take too much of our power away. Affirmations for this are very important.

      As for affirmations for wealth yes you can use these to keep yourself active in regard to something like a business project. It usually is for a lot of people that they can make most things a success but they don’t give them the time they need to take off. For this, you can say things like I am going to keep doing this till it starts making me money and I am getting better at doing this and I like doing this, etc.

      You might find there are a lot of programs for manifestation that may be helpful. Some may call these outright scams but these can be great tools for believing. I mean I think the key is believing – if you can believe in yourself on a subconscious level then it’s very possible you can make a lot of things in life a reality. However, whether these programs really help is the question.

      Check out this new product. I’ve not got it myself but think I’d like to – it’s called the Genie Script. It also comes with another product called Overnight Millionaire It seems a bit unbelievable but seems like it could be good for developing a stronger money mindset. Hope this helps


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