Can You Train Your Brain To Lucid Dream? and Other FAQs

Can You Train Your Brain To Lucid Dream?  Many will wonder about this because very often Lucid Dreaming can be a wonderful experience.  Metacognitive dreaming, as this is also called, is where once asleep the person dreaming becomes aware that they are dreaming.  In a lot of cases, a Lucid Dream can be controlled by the … Read more

How Do Moon Cycles Affect Success and Healing – The Miracle 33!

 How Do Moon Cycles Affect Success and Healing?  And What Is Moon Manifestation? We’ve all heard the stories about the full moon ????  The legends of werewolves and many other fascinating stories about how the lunar cycles influence our behavior.  Just the word lunatic interestingly refers to someone that is driven mad by the moonlight.  Something that … Read more

What Are The Benefits of Daily Meditation?

What Are The Benefits of Daily Meditation? and how does this compare to meditating less frequently? Are there any significant advantages to practicing these exercises on a daily basis rather than just doing so whenever you get the opportunity or even just when you feel like it? It is a pretty open-and-shut case I would … Read more

The Sacred Rituals of Tibetan Buddhism for Inner Peace

Recently I have been very interested in the History and Culture of Tibet.  Such stories Including; the elusive Yeti and the Secret Inner Earth Kingdom of Shambala have always fascinated me.   These Myths and Legends of the Himalayas… how else can I put it – they really are something else.   Indeed, the story of the Chimenti Stone was something … Read more

Making The Best Start To The Day – Here Is How!

Do you HATE MORNINGS?  Waking up, getting out of bed, and having to face the WORLD?  I know the feeling – like it doesn’t matter how beautiful the sunrise is, or that a part of the day is being wasted.  STILL, you just don’t want to get up.  Seriously!!!  and I know the feeling.  However, … Read more