What Does It Mean If You Dream About Pulling Hair Out of Your Mouth

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Pulling Hair Out of Your Mouth
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A strange dream I had last night and not the first time I dreamt about this. So I thought it was a good one to look at.  What Does It Mean If You Dream About Pulling Hair Out Of Your Mouth.  I see a lot of people dream about this I was surprised after searching on Google to see a lot of results but here is my take.

I used to have quite long hair years ago.  At times I did have to pull my ponytail out of my mouth.  It was so long (about 10″) that a cancer charity was more than happy to pay me 50£ for my length of hair and it was probably worth even more as this was before I started getting grey like I am now.

Anyhow in my dream, I was kind of pulling ‘like’ a ponytail of my hair out of my mouth, and I think this was quite an interesting one in terms of recent life events. This is my 2nd post like this now and I try to make notes of my dreams now as often as so I can research the possible hidden meanings of my dreams.


Dream Diaries #2 – Pulling Hair Out of My Mouth

So after having this dream, I decided to consult ChatGPT where I once again found some very good fleshed out answers.  It said that…

“Dreams about pulling hair out of your mouth can be unsettling and strange, but they are not uncommon. These dreams often carry symbolic meanings rather than literal ones”.

Different things these dreams can mean are;  

  1. You Are Experiencing Communication Issues:
    Pulling hair from your mouth might symbolize difficulty in expressing yourself or communicating effectively.  You may feel like your words are getting tangled or that something you want to say is being stifled.
  2. Repressed Emotions:
    Hair in the mouth could represent repressed emotions or thoughts that you are struggling to verbalize. Your dream might be urging you to confront these emotions and find a way to express them.
  3. Feeling “Choked Up”:
    This dream may be a reflection of feeling “choked up” or overwhelmed by something in your waking life. It could be related to stress, anxiety, or a situation where you feel you can’t express yourself freely.
  4. Removal of Obstacles:
    Pulling hair out of your mouth may symbolize a desire to remove obstacles or barriers that are hindering your ability to communicate or express your thoughts and feelings.
  5. Need for Cleansing:
    Hair in the mouth can be associated with impurities or unwanted elements in your life. The dream might be a metaphor for the need to cleanse or purify your thoughts and communication style.
  6. Fear of Betrayal:
    In some interpretations, dreams of pulling hair from the mouth might be linked to a fear of being betrayed or someone revealing your secrets. It could signify a desire to prevent these betrayals by keeping certain things to yourself.
  7. Unresolved Issues:
    This dream might highlight unresolved issues or feelings that are “coming out” in a somewhat uncomfortable or uncontrolled manner. It may be a reminder to address these issues in your waking life.
  8. Loss of Control:
    Pulling hair out of your mouth can also indicate a perceived loss of control, especially in situations where you feel unable to express yourself adequately.
  9. Physical Discomfort:
    Occasionally, dreams can be influenced by physical sensations. If you experienced discomfort in your mouth while sleeping, it might have influenced the dream content.

My Understanding Upon Reading This…

Well, a lot of this does make sense to me. I read a story years ago about a teenager who had to be rushed to hospital because of stomach cramps and it was revealed that because of years of chewing their sleeves, there were threads from their clothes wrapped all around their intestines.

It actually has kind of haunted me ever since.  Not because I chewed my sleeve but I think because I suffer from IBS and I have lived with digestive discomfort for as long as I can remember.

So recently, since the last Thursday. Not the one just gone I was tempted back into alcohol after around 2 months of complete sobriety (read my blog here about why I think this happened).

I managed to stop on Friday just gone but from last Saturday for just shy of a week I drank every day from morning through till night.  I had my last drink Friday but the whole week was really quite horrible not being able to stop and making myself more and more ill. 

I never see a doctor but digestive discomfort, headaches, IBS flare-ups, diarrhoea, depression, and heart arrhythmia I think must have been there. I had high blood pressure I think too but this went down.

I believe my dream was about my physical and mental health and trying to avoid this situation in the future.  Being more stern and conscious about triggers and probably realizing what my body is trying to tell me. 

Also, what this is doing to people around me and how big my problem really is.

My Next Dream Symbol

Now, this wasn’t the only thing I remember from my dream. In another part of (I think it it was the same dream). It was about being in bed and my younger sister kept doing things like putting glue down my clothes and other nasty pranks, waking me after I fell asleep and giving me absolute hell. 

I told the demons to leave her body in a kind of exorcism and she stopped.   Something I think had its own meaning but anyhow ChatGPT once again gave me some good answers.

Interpretations About Dreams of Being Attacked

dreams of being attacked

Dreams of being attacked by a family member, such as your sister, can be emotionally charged and distressing experiences. These dreams can be interpreted in various ways, and the specific meaning often depends on the context and emotions within the dream as well as your relationship with your sister. 

Here are some possible interpretations:

  1. Conflict or Tension:
    Dreams of being attacked by a family member, including a sister, can be a reflection of unresolved conflicts or tensions within your relationship. It may suggest that there are underlying issues or disagreements that need to be addressed.
  2. Communication Issues:
    The attack in the dream might symbolize a breakdown in communication with your sister. It could indicate that you’re finding it difficult to express your thoughts or feelings to her, or vice versa.
  3. Power Struggle:
    Dreaming of an attack by a sibling can symbolize a perceived power struggle within the family. It may indicate feelings of competition or rivalry with your sister.
  4. Emotional Turmoil:
    Being attacked by a family member can reflect inner emotional turmoil. It might suggest that you’re struggling with conflicting emotions or unresolved feelings related to your sister.
  5. Need for Resolution:
    These dreams may serve as a reminder of the need to resolve issues or conflicts with your sister. They may be prompting you to address and find closure for any unresolved matters.
  6. Projection of Feelings:
    In some cases, dreams of being attacked by a family member can be a projection of your own emotions onto that person. It could signify that you’re struggling with certain emotions or issues that you associate with your sister.
  7. Protection or Boundaries:
    On a more positive note, these dreams might represent a need to protect yourself emotionally or establish personal boundaries within your family dynamics.
  8. Symbol of Inner Conflict:
    The attack could also symbolize an inner conflict or a struggle you’re experiencing within yourself. It may not necessarily be related to your sister but could represent unresolved issues within your own psyche.

My Understanding of This Dream

Again about my drinking, I think maybe one of the worst people affected is my immediate family.  Some of my behaviour that has resulted from drinking has definitely hurt them.  I think you could see I have inflicted my sister with demons inadvertently. 

She is my only sibling with the same parents so it must get to her, and If you understand demonology fear and resentment are both demons. Anxiety is another.  Many negative emotions are too even guilt.

For me, this makes total sense and it is a clear message I think to warn me of how I behave going forward.

I think this is one good reason to record your dreams and decipher them.  Their hidden meanings can help you learn a lot about yourself and how to conduct yourself better for yourself and others. 

I think the next part of my dream has a lot to do with this.  It kind of has the same hidden meanings but I think you can look at things in other ways here too.

Dreams About Shooting Pool and the Cues Breaking

So the last part of this dream I remembered I was shooting pool and for some reason, the tops were half splintered off and the cues were all breaking.  There was a bit more I remembered about this but I was quite surprised here (again).

This has some very interesting meanings.

My answer from ChatGPT

“Dreams about playing pool where the cues are breaking can carry various symbolic meanings. To interpret this dream, consider the context and emotions within the dream, as well as your personal associations with playing pool”. 

Here are some possible interpretations:

Conflict or Struggle:
Breaking cues in a dream might symbolize a sense of conflict or struggle in your waking life. It could be related to challenges or obstacles you are facing, and the dream reflects a feeling of being unprepared or ill-equipped to deal with them.

Dreaming of breaking cues can be a reflection of frustration or dissatisfaction in your current circumstances. You might be feeling overwhelmed or stressed, and the dream could represent a release of pent-up frustration.

Communication Issues:
Cues in a game of pool are tools for precise communication, and breaking cues may symbolize difficulties in expressing yourself effectively. The dream might suggest that you’re struggling with communication in your personal or professional life.

Loss of Control:
Breaking cues can signify a perceived loss of control over a situation or aspect of your life. It may indicate that you are struggling to maintain authority or influence in a particular area.

Need for Adaptation:
Dreams of breaking cues could be a reminder that sometimes you need to adapt and find alternative solutions when faced with challenges. It may suggest a need to be flexible and creative in your problem-solving.

Financial Concerns:
In some cases, cues in dreams might be associated with money, as cues can represent valuable assets in the game of pool. Breaking cues could reflect concerns about financial stability or losses.

Personal Transformation:
Breaking cues may symbolize a desire for personal transformation or a need to break away from old habits or ways of thinking. It might signify a readiness for change and growth.

Fragility of Tools:
The dream may highlight the idea that the tools or resources you rely on are more fragile than you thought. It could prompt you to evaluate the reliability of your resources in your waking life.

For me, Loss of Control, Financial Concerns, and the Fragility of Tools are all possible representations, but every other one of these too could be the real meaning.

In Conclusion

So the shooting pool part again I think signifies losing control but kind of getting it back in some way and the reasons for why this is important.

The communication issue thing really keeps coming back up in this dream and really this is maybe an underlying issue of conflict within myself that really dictates the course of my destiny.

I started drinking again because of a communication issue. Saying no.  Really I think another post I have to write about this and Intuition, but anyhow this was a very interesting dream to explore.  Will definitely have to follow this up with others soon and if you have enjoyed reading and didn’t read my last dream diary entry you can find it below.

Dream Diaries #1 – Dream Meanings of a Church with Hidden Rooms 

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