Remote Viewing Exercises to do During Meditation

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Hello Everyone,  Alex here back with another post for Meditation 24×7.  Some interesting developments since my last post.  I’ve begun work on adding a subscriber opt-in box to my content.  Still a bit to learn here but if you see my last post you’ll see beneath the social media buttons a subscriber box.  Anyway, for today’s post, I will be exploring something very interesting to me Remote Viewing Exercises To Do During Meditation.

So Remote Viewing, if people don’t know about, is a kind of supernatural ability.  What it involves is mentally picturing a place out of your physical line of vision.  This can be known as visualization but the psychic ability to view actually real places using this method is called Remote Viewing.

What this involves is mentally picturing a place within your mind, and taking yourself to that location through visualization.  Like for instance somebody Remote Viewing could guide themselves to any familiar place in their mind.  Without moving even a finger.  Or for the more experienced Remote Viewer, you could travel to other countries, under the sea, or even to the far reaches of Outer Space.  Even though time.  To the past, present or the future.

Remote Viewing Exercises to do During Meditation

According to scientific evidence, the answer is pretty simple.  Does Remote Viewing really work? Well no, but maybe.  There is no official scientific proof to support that it does.  But this means sod all really,  from what I can tell you at least is that just because something hasn’t been proven by science doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

Personally speaking from my own experience I can tell you that some form of Remote Viewing does exist.  I know because I’m speaking from my own encounters.  I have lost count of all the times I’ve had Lucid Dreams over the years and just them alone has brought me more than my fair share of what have seemed to be RV experiences.

Now, I am not claiming to have any kind of psychic abilities.  What my experience has been whilst leaving my body has been that even just by closing my eyes I’m able to take myself away on short journeys, and travel to places through my own mental imagery.  Whether this is imaginary or something more I couldn’t say.

But whatever it is I could in theory stop and do this right now!

It’s that easy.  If your reading this take a minute right now to test this out…

How to Practice Visualization

First off close your eyes and picture yourself leaving your front door…

For me where I live is in a block of flats.  Not sure if it’s the same for you but for me I will picture myself walking down the hall, and down the stairs then through the man door and outside.

For you, it could be different.  Instead, you might be walking down the garden path, or if you live in the City, straight into the street where you live.

Wherever it is I’m guessing you get my point.  Now, picture yourself walking down the road.  To somewhere you walk regularly.  Then see how far you can go. Through your own mental navigation system how far you can take yourself along this route.

This is my idea of Remote Viewing!  This is my usual experience.  I visualize local places and what I try to do is visualize places that I’ve been to in the past, where I’ve visited.  It’s actually an excellent technique for Meditating if you would like to try it.  If you begin your Meditation by closing your eyes, taking deep breaths and after a couple of minutes just try this out.  It can actually make you feel more focused.

This I would say is only my idea of remote viewing and not the actual thing.

What is Actual Remote Viewing

What has been historically categorized as Remote Viewing is the Psychic ability to give information about an object, event, person or location that is hidden from physical view?

This is quite different I think than my idea.  With my idea, it is just remembering bits and pieces of journeys I’ve taken is what I think, but then maybe I could be wrong.  The real question here I think is – when I’m mentally imagining myself leaving the front door is this a mental image? – Or am I looking at the actual front door by Remote Viewing? Something I do wonder.

An interesting thought but this I shall leave up to the reader to decide. It’s a bit too much to get my head round personally.  It is a fascinating topic though as I’ve said above.  Well worth learning.  Another thing similar is Lucid Dreaming.   I haven’t had any experiences for a while actually but there have been times where I’ve been trying to keep the dream going, and I’ve used the same technique as mentioned above.  The only thing I would say though is it’s a whole lot more real.

This I may have to write about in another post but for now, I would like to share some interesting Remote Viewing Stories.

1.) Remote Viewing by the Military

In his book – The Essential Guide to Remote Viewing: The Secret Military Remote Perception Skill Anyone Can Learn – (LINK HERE), Retired U. S Army Major. Paul H. Smith discusses his involvement in the Secret (RV) Military Program of 1983 at Fort Meade, Maryland.

Declassified in 1995 Smith’s claims include that these remote viewing exercises included elements relating to other senses as well, such as hearing, touch, smell, and even taste.  One of the incidents said to occur in this book is the case of ‘Shipyard 402‘, which involved the US Navy using the assistance of Remote Viewers to spy on threats to National Security.

Allegedly the US Navy turned to the RV unit when US Intelligence had failed to determine the use of a large Soviet building, at one of their shipyards.  According to Smith, the two viewers (Joe McMoneagle and Hartleigh Trent) gave a detailed description of the building and its contents: which amazingly enough proved to be somewhat accurate when the next year Soviets dug a channel from the building to the sea, and the first of the Typhoon Class Super Submarines emerged.

2.) Ingo Swann Jupiter and the Dark Side of the Moon

One absolutely incredible remote viewing account is that of Ingo Swann and the research taken from 1973 onward by the Stanford Research Institute (SRI).  One of these early experiments was ‘the Jupiter Probe‘, which concluded some very fascinating results. Some of Swann’s observations during these RV sessions were that Jupiter had appeared to have an extremely large hydrogen mantle approx. 80,000-120,000 miles out from the planet’s surface. and about there being storms with high winds plus amongst other things a high infrared reading.  All things that later scientific data unavailable at the time concluded was an accurate analysis.  This article can be found in the link; >>HERE<< 

As for the Dark Side of the Moon aspect of this story, amazingly in a later experiment what Swann claimed was whilst Remote Viewing the Moon that he was able to see an alien city filled with buildings and glass-domed structures, and whilst viewing he also noticed the presence of living beings.

A very absurd claim certainly but what is astounding is how his earlier experiment is seemingly backed up by sound scientific data.

Could he really have given an accurate description of the Dark Side of the Moon?

See YouTube video

3.) Missing Person Cases and Remote Viewing

Stories of Remote Viewing being used to find missing people are certainly not uncommon.  Numerous accounts exist of local police forces partnering with remote viewers with astonishing results.

An article posted in the Las Vegas Sun in May 2012 tells the story of how Robert Knight, a Las Vegas-based Photographer hired the services of Remote Viewer Angela Thompson Smith, and her team.
The reason for this was to help find a close friend of Knights that had recently gone missing called Stephen B. Williams.  This amazing story continues with Angela and her Remote Viewing team conducting their search in which they were soon able to pinpoint a location off the Southern Coast of California near Catalina Island, where they suspected Williams to be.

This information was passed on to Knight – who was by a strange coincidence in California at the time.  Stranger still for Knight was that his wife had caught the tail end of a news report about a dead body being found that same day.  What was most incredible was that this was exactly where Angela had told them where that Williams would be.

Even More Shocking

To Knight’s astonishment after calling the county morgue, this indeed turned out to be the case.  During the phone call, Knight was able to identify Williams’s severely decomposed corpse by three missing fingers on this body’s left hand.  The result of a freak accident which had happened almost 50 years before.  Something which this mortician was totally gobsmacked by as there was no way that Knight could have known such details.

What’s more, the information relayed on from the Remote Viewers to Knight went beyond identifying Williams’s body. He told the police as well about a man named Harvey Morrow, a supposed investment adviser, who had befriended Williams and was investing Williams’s money — a few million dollars — on his behalf.   Something Investigators looked into it and found out as a result that actually Morrow had been secretly stealing Mr. Williams’s money!

Even more surprising still, after police had failed to find Morrow – Knight contacted Angela again.  This time to locate Morrow who had seemingly gone on the run.  Amazingly with further information from Angela and her team, Morrow was be found to be hiding out on the British Virgin Islands.  Something which amazingly enough led to his eventual conviction for the murder of Stephen B. Williams.

Link: https://lasvegassun.com/news/2012/may/05/seeing-dead-people-remote-viewing

Amazing right?  But have you ever wondered what the potential benefits are of Remote Viewing>

The Potential Benefits of Learning Remote Viewing

So aside from the many stories and psychic detective accounts the potential benefits of learning remote viewing are as follows;

  • Describe and View Distant, Remote Locations
  • Achieve Unlimited Mental and Intuitive Insight.
  • Harness Hidden Natural Innate Psychic Abilities,
  • Develop Your Minds Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)

Also whether this ability exists, or not – the lucrative benefits from Remote Viewing can be by teaching to others, working alongside the police in missing person cases (or so I’m led to believe) and here is the crazy part – some remote viewers claim to be able to see into the future!!

So whether it’s for a bit of fun, for the out of this world experience, or any of these things mentioned above RV can be a very valuable skill to have.  What’s more, if some of these RV teachers are to be believed extensive research shows that almost everyone has some degree of Remote Viewing ability.

In fact, extensive statistical research commissioned by the U.S. Congress showed that Remote Viewing gets at least eight-percent more information than is explainable by chance.

Which are proven facts?  This is for absolutely anyone.  If you are interested I will share some resources for beginners in the next section.

Remote Viewing Courses and Books

1.) Dr. Hein’s Virtual Viewing Secrets Revealed!

Price:   $67.00 USD – Full Course.  Various Materials – Video’s, MP3’s, ebooks and online support available.


The first of two Remote Viewing Courses for Beginners.  This one is probably the more credible of the two.  Authored by Paranormal Researcher and Author Dr. Simeon Hein.

As Heard on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and George Noory, Fox News, and NPR,  and Featured in the Recent Screen Movie “Men Who Stare At Goats” with Jeff Bridges and George Clooney . ..

Plus Dr. Hein was also featured on the History Channel show “In Search Of”, Season 2 Ep. 7, hosted by Zack Quinto about the topic of UFOs and crop circles.

You can also follow him on twitter – >>HERE<<

About the program.  What’s included in this program

1.) 13+5 Bonus Instructional Videos,
2.) Complete email support for every step of the way,
3.) Video Walk-Throughs of Practice Targets To Help Make You An Expert Viewer!,
4.) MP3 download “Aural Resonance – Breath of God” to sonically sculpt your remote viewing environment.
5.)  Plus Fully downloadable copies of Dr. Hein’s Opening Minds eBook and the classic text Science of Getting Rich eBook which shows you how to turn your thoughts into reality.
6.) Also on top of this is a 100% 60-Day money back Guarantee.

If interested you can view more information about this product here
>>>Dr. Simon Hein’s Virtual Viewing<<<

2.) Sounds True Presents… the Remote Viewing Online Training Course

Price:  $79.00

Currently on sale: $47.40


Unlock your untapped potential with this 10-week online training course by ex Government Psychic Operative David Moorhouse.  Benefit from discovering spiritual growth and enlightenment as part of a group of over 23’000 former students from all walks of life that have taken this training all across the world.  234 pages that will help you extend your perceptions across both time and space.

You can also view more information about this product here >>>Click Here<<<

3.) Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing: The Next Evolution in Mind Power

Price: $65.21 – (11 x CD Set) 2003


There will be times when someone is making an important decision… and you won’t be there to help. At that moment, the only influence you will have with that loved one or customer or associate, when he or she is making a decision that will affect the rest of his or her life – and your life – is Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. This unique mind technology will help you in every area of your life.

Purchase Here: https://amzn.to/2QtYOWM


4.)  Synchronicity- The Art of Coincidence, Choice and Understanding the Mind by Dr. Kirby Surprise

Price:  $15.99


Update I have added to post on the recommendation by one of my readers.  This book is for anyone that has experienced strange synchronicity, OBE, astral projection or lucid dreaming.  It’s a must-read for anybody trying to make sense of any strange experiences they might have had and a positive step towards beginning to learn what the human mind is really capable of.

Purchase Here:  https://amzn.to/390Hori

My Final Thoughts

So my final thoughts… wow! if this is all true like I think it 95% definitely is then what are we, and the human mind truly capable of? I think I’ve written incredible, fascinating and amazing so many times in this article that to use these words again would be maybe just about overdoing it. Fascinating though it is – I have known about remote viewing for some time now from reading books on unexplained mysteries and watching YouTube videos. But actually doing my research a bit more thoroughly and really delving into the topic today again wow… there really is so much to learn.

I think tonight I will maybe watch the Ingo Swann video before falling asleep.  I really love the part about Remote Viewing the Alien Base on the Moon that is my kind of entertainment.  It just kind of highlights the potential here for me of being able to do this.  If it truly works there really aren’t any limits.  In fact, If I had the money I would probably look at paying for one of these courses myself.  I like Meditation, Visualization, and Lucid Dreaming but I would love to learn how to do this definitely.

If you would as well, or you already have experience in Remote Viewing please feel free to comment below, or leave your review and let me know your thoughts.

Plus for anybody that is interested if you look below this post, there is an opt-in box.  If you would like to subscribe to my email list – I will send you a link for a free 7 part course by Dr. Hein about Remote Viewing and also if I get enough subscribers will be starting a monthly newsletter highlighting everything on this blog, new products, and exclusive content.

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  1. Hey
    I enjoyed reading this post; I have not taken any notice about the mentality that humans are capable of mostly, because it is not something that I have any interest in, only in passing when it’s on the news.

    1. Hi Larisa, Glad you enjoyed reading it’s maybe one of my favorite posts I’ve written I think. I have had some very strange experiences myself including out of body experiences and lucid dreaming. With Remote Viewing, I have practiced visualization I think it is where you picture a place in your mind and try to memorize the route to somewhere further away. I don’t think this is remote viewing though will not be on the next series of Psychic detectives put it that way.

  2. I’m an engineer by profession and I quite honestly though all this kind of stuff to be hoaxes or for looneys. But the past year or so I’ve had some pretty eye-opening experiences that have made me question

    I’ve experienced very strong synchronicities and read a great book by Kirby Surprise about the subject. It gave a very scientific explanation as to why our thoughts can actually affect our surroundings. It gave my scientific mind enough of a theory base to start exploring the subject more.

    I’ve since explored the concept of all consciousness being one. That our ego is actually what makes us individuals but we are all expressions of the same thought-form. I’ve began meditating, doing breath work and I have actually experienced lucid dreaming/astral projection.

    Remote viewing is actually something that has a lot to do with astral projection. In my opinion, the “astral world” you can explore is not our actual physical dimension but either a virtual construct by our brain or a physical construct of our world in different dimension (hard to explain my idea shortly…). Whatever it is, I find it mind-boggling that science has not explored this more, the information is out there for everyone to explore and they knew about this stuff milleanias ago. It’s as of someone is trying to hide the information from us…

    1. Hi Jukka, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with your last sentence. The idea of us being genetically modified to be less conscious springs to mind. I’ve heard some fascinating stories over the years about this like imagine if the story of Noah’s Ark was about wiping out our hyper-advanced ancestors to have them replaced with the human race of today. A genetically modified version of mankind with our psychic powers locked away inside our very own being.

      It does sound like the stuff of loonies your right but that word ‘loonies’ or lunatics is another theory. That the moon makes people go crazy. Luna is the Latin word for the moon. If you ever get the chance to look into the work of David Icke one of the things he talks about is the moon matrix. A theory that the moon is an unnatural satellite that broadcasts to us a different version of reality. Like maybe if this is true then things like astral projection and remote viewing are kind of like us hacking the program. I don’t know what to think myself but definitely think what your doing with the meditation and breath exercises can help unlock dormant supernatural abilities.

      I really could write a lot more but maybe I will save for another post. Thanks for your input I have looked forward to finding the time to answer you back. You sound like a very interesting person.

      Many thanks


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