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is the full moon evil - secret garden of mind full moon special - my thoughts
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Is The Full Moon Evil?  After last week’s full moon, I was left to wonder if there was something supernatural going on.

It was actually a blue moon now I think about it.  These are said to be typically supposed to only happen once every 33 months.  Anyhow,   I’ve wondered about this for years but it was especially strange last week I felt.  Not only was I feeling like I was all over the place (mentally) but I noticed it wasn’t just me I saw others around me seemed to be out of character. 

But what really was a strange coincidence was this recent idea published on YouTube by the Why Files.

Like I don’t know if this was released around the full moon especially but an interesting fact is moon phases appear the same all across the world in each hemisphere (the only difference is the angle you can view it from apparently).   I’m sure you have to factor in when night times are in different time zones but yes so where the Why Files is filmed in the USA they would have had a full moon at the same kind of time just during different hours than where I live in the UK.  

I won’t babble on anymore about this but WOW this video and the timing it was released.  Already I thought that there were dark forces at work because of the full moon but this really got me.  It probably will seem a bit too crazy for the majority of people (I would hope not) but yes you should definitely watch it and make your own mind up.

Also, read the rest of this article and let us know if you think this is crazy or not.

Is The Full Moon Evil, and Does It Magnify The Power of Demons?

is the full moon evil and does it make demons more powerful

Well, I think something like this could be at work.  Last week on Thursday I think it must have started happening.  I didn’t know a full moon was due but everything started going wrong for me.   It was one thing then another then another.

My printer stopped printing black ink. I had to go to the post office with my paperwork for my eBay printed in red. They wouldn’t take my post so that was the first thing.  The girl who usually works there I think would have taken it but she was off work and they didn’t.  

I had ordered a cab to take me there and straight back home.  My intuition told me I needed to get back I think and I had not washed because I was so busy and had no socks on because I was in such a rush and it was a total disaster.

Then instead of going straight home as I’d planned I didn’t because the taxi fare was more. I think now it would have been worth it because of what I ended up spending after that but the next thing that happened was my nephew phoned me.

Out of the blue, he was calling me to go down to the pub.  My niece was telling me to stay with her and have dinner which I sensed was the best idea but I got to the pub and they served me an alcoholic drink even though they knew I had been going down there ordering non-alcoholic beers.   I am sure they charged me the cheaper price thinking they’d sold me a non-alcoholic beer as well but that was my downfall.

2 months sober and I ended up drinking more and more and more.  I stopped for one day and I went to a music concert my friend offered me a beer and I took it but unlike the previous night, I didn’t stop drinking this time for almost a week.

My mental health was off the chart.  I was getting ill from drinking so much and all around me I was noticing others were not too great themselves.  Kids setting fire to hay bails, the local petrol station got robbed, and lots of other things.

I will end this story of mine here but this I’m sure was down to the full moon.  It is weird really but even more so after watching the Why Files Video.  My god…

“The Moon’s Dark Secret: Aliens Harvesting Human Souls for FOOD”

It says this idea comes from David Icke and someone else.  I can’t remember who they said but I’m quite open to David Icke’s ideas.  In his book “Infinite Love is the Only Truth Everything Else is an Illusion” I read recently, that goes pretty heavily on this idea and it’s not for the faint-hearted.

What David Icke Says About The Moon and Aliens

david icke, the moon and aliens

Now, I really don’t want to push these ideas on people who visit this website too much.  To be honest the book by David Icke was messing with my head.  It really is a bitter pill to swallow hearing everything around you is not what you think it is – That bad things happen to us because of unseen malevolent forces.  

It’s hard to think that all the things wrong with this world like cardinal sins, poverty, war, and illness are orchestrated.  Alcoholism and drug addiction are encouraged within society.  Violence, anger, and apathy toward important things that we really should care about.  This is really quite clear to see and even in the animal kingdom, it is there.    

In fact, this is where it gets interesting all this hurt and pain David Icke says is caused by our bodies of energy that are really trapped in stasis and projected a reality with all these bad things happening just so we can act as a kind of battery to aliens that feed off our negative emotions.

It might seem like nonsense and ignorance really is bliss, in a lot of ways (if this is true).  The truth hurts for sure but it does hold some weight (I think).  Even the part about how the Moon is involved with this all.  It is used by these Aliens, demons, or whatever they are to cause our hurt, pain, and negative feelings as their food source.

It is quite bizarre, especially the part about the moon being a hollowed-out planetoid and reality transmitter but I do wonder!!

Is The Full Moon Evil Continued…

what really is the moon

The mainstream idea is that the moon is a satellite because it moves around the earth.  Same as The Earth is a satellite because it moves around the sun.  Its purpose is (they say) to help maintain our wobble on the axis (gravity) and for tides in the sea, it affects movement.  Plus it is a light in the night sky to help us see.

But besides this, many say the moon affects people’s emotions.  The word Lunatic comes from the Latin word Luna for the moon. People with bipolar disorder and other mental health issues are said to experience an onset of symptoms during a full moon and this seems to have records to validate this.

Although, the reason they say this is because the brighter light in the sky affects sleep.  You would really think someone would draw their curtains and not even see the moon but this is the mainstream idea. 

And sleep deprivation definitely affects our behavior.  This actually explains a lot in terms of people suffering from mental health issues and there are more reported crimes and accidents as a result.  Many police, paramedics, doctors, and the like are said to NOT want to work during this time (R), but is this really caused by aliens?

An evil alien satellite I think seems a bit out there to me, but I think if these aliens are what we call demons then this is something I do believe in because of all of the documented proof of demonic possession and exorcism. (R)

A book I highly recommend here is “They Shall Expel Demons” By Derek Prince.  He is a churchman who has carried out he says many exorcisms of demons.  Many have witnessed his work and so have many people in other situations who witnessed the likes of shamans and other spiritual practitioners carry out the same duties.

They say Demons are much stronger during full moons and I would call this crazy but as a kind of recovering alcoholic, I kind of find it strange how many times I relapse during a full moon.   It’s like I always realize after I spend weeks or even months sober and I drink for some reason.  Something triggers me and days later I find out about the full moon.

I don’t know what actually happens.  I’ve not actually found any source of information that says for instance more rapes and murders are committed during full moons but I believe such acts are the work of the devil and linked to demonic possession.  If you study it maybe you will know but yes so I will finish up here.

In Conclusion

Do I believe this is true – Is the full moon evil?  I would rather it wasn’t.  I’d rather that things said by the likes of David Icke about the nature of reality are what so many say is complete nonsense but there are some interesting correlations here.  Like they said there wasn’t a moon in ancient times.  It hasn’t been here since the dawn of time and not even since we’ve had advanced civilization.  There are legends from ancient times that support this and there definitely seems to be a hidden past.

If you read the work of Zechariah Stitchin about the Annunaki and how we are a hybrid race that is half Annunaki and half pre-human this seems to back up this up in a way.  Especially the story of Enki and Enlil about how the moon was created but I think this isn’t the full story as different archaeological finds point to advanced civilization pre-sumeria.

Even the Why Files makes another point about the human race being alien in nature.  We get sunburnt unlike any other earth species, we get bad backs, and our joints go and they say it is because gravity on earth is more dense than our own.  If we look at invasive species in nature this is the human race all over.  What if we were created after our creators wiped out the pre-humans before us so they could farm us here like slaves?   So many questions and I really could go on.

I think preparing for the next full moon is smart if you feel it affects you but is its negative influence really something you can protect yourself against?  Especially when everyone around you is also hijacked by its power.

The rest I will leave up to you but I will share some resources for further reading etc. below…


David Icke’s Book Love is The Only Truth Everything Else is an Illusion

David Prince’s Book They Shall Expel Demons

Zechariah Stitchin The 12th Planet:

Moon Manifestation Review – How Do Moon Cycles Affect Success


Lunacy and the Full Moon:
David Icke Claims the Moon Is Hollow:
The Police, Paramedics, and Teachers Do Not Want To Work During a Full Moon:
Days Before The Moon Was In Our Sky:
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Also, check out David Ickes’s Video Below;

David Icke in 2010:  Who Built The Moon:

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  1. Georgina Metcalfe says:

    How on Earth (pun intended) could you even think the full moon is evil? The moon is a beacon of pure light. It’s like saying the sun is evil lol ? I am totally with you on evil being around us and demonic entities who I’m sure to use the moon’s energy for their own benefit, but blaming the moon on drinking more (and I thought you drank the previous week before the full moon from your Facebook posts lol!) and people committing more violent crimes, etc is absurd I think. That is on the person. It does affect people in different ways for sure, it heightens emotions, but that’s why you need to ground your energy and protect yourself. I think it probably just brings out what’s already inside you.
    I see You use the reference of the “devil” in your blog but the devil is a Christian concept. Lucifer was supposed to be the “devil” but he never killed or even hurt anyone, he was just a fallen angel who rebelled and whom “god” then rejected, he was then known as Satan or the Devil. We are in a spiritual war and there is always evil around and we have to be aware of that. We have more regular “blue moons” but this was actually a super blue moon on Wednesday the 30th not Thursday and there actually won’t be another until 2037. I definitely didn’t feel more mentally stressed than usual even though I have a lot of mental health issues. When I sit until the moonlight all I feel is calmness and total oneness with the universe and I know many people who only felt pure love, calm, and joy from the full moon last week. I agree with with a lot of other things you wrote about in your blog regarding human slavery etc. but don’t blame the beautiful moon for the actions of humans.
    You’re not going to like next month, we have the full blood moon right on Samhain? I’m really looking forward to it, already have a full moon ceremony I’ve booked to attend.
    Just keep yourself guided to the light ?

    1. Hi Georgina, Thanks for the comment. To be honest with you I can see your point that I should not blame the full moon and its influence for my misdemeanors. I guess this is really on me but actually after matching up the dates the days I started drinking again (Thursday and Saturday) this did fall into the period of 3 days after the Blue Super Moon (the 30th). I did not drink the week prior to this as you said it was around 2 months ago I stopped because I was in a bad way. But thinking about it all, the mad stuff I was noticing was really in the days after the Saturday. Although this could be my BPD – I am not diagnosed but feel like this is brought on due to the nature of my mental state at times. Anyway yes, Demonic entities I believe are real. If you ever get the chance read the book They Shall Expel Demons by Derek Prince. It’s quite an eye-opener and I really could go on here.

      So the video I shared in this post was a big inspiration for writing this. I’ve followed David Ickes’s work for a number of years but he actually did not come to the conclusion that the moon was a death star-like hollowed-out planetoid. This was apparently deduced between 1969 and 1977 when seismometers installed on the Moon by the Apollo missions recorded moonquakes. The Moon was described as “ringing like a bell” during some of those quakes, specifically the shallow ones. This phrase was brought to popular attention in March 1970 in an article in Popular Science.

      I think the whole reptilian moon matrix idea originally may have come from alien abductees but was popularized by David Icke. You are probably already thinking Wow this is nonsense and yes fair enough I get why people would think this but I believe there could be something here.

      Definitely the Reptilian part there is evidence all throughout human history of Reptilian worship. There was an interesting news article about a hunt for lizard-like people in the 1920’s which apparently led to some quite surprising discoveries. And then you have Zechariah Stitchin and Sumeria ~ the apparent research that led him to conclude that we are a hybrid race. The bible even says about the Nephilim.

      So I think these could be our demonic entities. I think about the world as it is with all the suffering, all the evil, and all the control and manipulation I would surmise that there is a malevolent force behind this, and it’s quite easy to believe that we are being farmed for our negative energies.

      I also kind of believe in the holographic reality part. I have been in altered states of consciousness where I have felt detached from my very being. It made me think that there are programs that are installed into our masses of energy to create us as individuals. Like think about a battery storing power Imagine giving that battery a name and an AI consciousness to make it self-sustainable for whatever you need to power up..

      It is mad but thinking this way if our very entity can be programmed then surely it can also be reprogrammed. And if it can I think the moon acting as a radio transmitter to make us work is totally out there but I think this links up to the full moon having a stronger influence over us than at other times. I guess maybe it only acts as an enhancer and maybe it can be used for good too.

      Hope this isn’t too crazy for you. I think it is lol but I’m quite a deep thinker all the what ifs and connecting legends etc. it is very interesting for me.

      Best regards;


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