Making The Best Start To The Day – Here Is How!

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Do you HATE MORNINGS?  Waking up, getting out of bed, and having to face the WORLD?  I know the feeling – like it doesn’t matter how beautiful the sunrise is, or that a part of the day is being wasted.  STILL, you just don’t want to get up.  Seriously!!!  and I know the feeling.  However, how about Making The Best Start To The Day Instead?  

Getting up early, having a wash and realizing your true potential – It is worth it trust me on this xx

 So, I wrote a similar post to this on my other website  I also remember years before I thought about writing an EBook about this because I never wanted to get out of bed – even worse than now xx.  

Now, I am nowhere near as bad as I used to be.  I actually hate sleeping in and during the past few years I’ve definitely realised something.

Making The Best Start To The Day is doable.  Please keep reading and I will share some ideas with you.

Making The Best Start To The Day (TOC)

making the best start to the day - here is how

So, instead of sleeping in TRY to get out of bed at the right time after you first wake up in the morning.

You will not only feel wide awake but you will feel more energetic.  Not only this but your brain will work amazingly.  It might take a few minutes to actually wake up properly but If you write or draw, or do anything else creative this can really help.

Trust me.  I am speaking from my own experience.  Coming from somebody whose true passion is to write I can tell you – you do notice this.  The ideas you will have will be like nothing else you will think of for the whole day.  Instant solutions to your problems will just come to you and you will feel great because of it.

I will go as far as saying that I can personally guarantee this.  Even I would put money on it lol 

We, humans, are actually very unique, naturally talented creatures but yet other living creatures kind of put us to shame. 

Mostly, because they are in tune with nature and the power of creation whilst a lot of us are not.  The birds for example will start singing every day on the dot and many of us will not even realise it.  That is their creativity coming out kind of like clockwork and this is something we should all try to achieve.  

It is called the Circadian Rhythm and it is a cosmic phenomenon that many of us do not see often enough.  Even though it happens every day xx

So, Why Wake Up Early?

why its good to wake up early

I would say because we are supposed to.  If you were to study tribal groups you would find that they will begin the day at Sunrise.  Asian Monks and even Catholic Nuns in the West will also begin the day at Sunrise.  In fact, many groups such as the Amish and those that don’t strictly follow our ideals of civilization are in tune with the Sun and its power.

We actually might find that it is actually not just them but a lot of us might actually find that we do wake up at this time.  If only for a brief moment before we roll back over on our pillows and fall back asleep.  Most of us will not even think anything of it.  Sadly they do not teach this to our children at schools and as adults, we are still none the wiser.  

Plenty of talk about God and how he/she is a divine being but none of how we can access his/her true gifts to the world.  I’m going a bit religious here – I kind of don’t really confine to any faith but I believe God to be a kind of force of life.  His/her gender I don’t really know – it doesn’t matter.  Just that there is a kind of life force all around us and the Sun and Moon play a very big part in it.  Both Sunrise and Sunset they say are the best times of day to meditate and here is my point.

The power of the Sun first thing in the morning has a big influence on not just our creativity but our whole being.  Anyone that wakes up early enough should realise this.  It, (no pun intended) is as clear as day.

Try This For Yourself

try this - waking up early

Take some time to find out what time the Sun Rises where you live.  Not every country is the same.  For instance whilst it is daytime here in the UK (where I live) in Australia it’s nighttime.  Or another example whilst it’s 3:00 PM in the UK in Spain it’s 4:00 PM.  So Sunrise for me will be an hour earlier than if I was away in Spain on holiday.  It varies depending on where you are.  In fact, the 24-hour clock is not really a very good point of resource – you should also consider the Seasons etc.

Sunrise in Summer will be about 5:30 PM – 6:00 AM but in the Winter it’s about 7:00 AM – it changes all year round.

You can usually tell when the Sun rises but if in doubt use this website;

This is my point of reference but also, another experiment you can try – write down the times you wake up in the night/morning.  See if you notice a pattern – you might be surprised to learn you will wake up around sunrise anyway.

If you are anything like me though use an alarm clock.  I use an old phone and if I don’t switch off the alarm it stops and goes off again 5 minutes later.  Just set your alarm for sunrise or just before.  Use the link above for reference. 

Hopefully, this helps but if not.

Just Follow These Tips

So, set an alarm for Sunrise or just before.  Don’t worry about the time and if you’ve slept enough.  You can go back to bed in a couple of hours time if you’re still tired.  This is what I usually do but focus on this initial moment.  What is it going to take to get you up from underneath the covers?  Not because you have to but because you want to.

I actually read another post this morning which really actually inspired me to write this.  Really, this blog always has this knock-on effect for me because I read a post there and it makes me want to write a similar post of my own xx

Now, I really hope I’m not ripping off that content too much but there was a video on here – “Try this for 2 minutes when you wake up” it’s by self-made Billionaire John Assaraf – I will share it below.  

It’s not by the owner of this website but it’s something he (Andrew his name) stumbled across on Youtube.

Honestly, what struck me was I kind of had one of those mornings when I didn’t get up when I felt I should have.  I actually was just not feeling very happy or motivated.  Really something that happens a bit too often if I’m being honest but then I read this post and I thought this would be good to try.

John Assaraf’s 2 Minute Morning Ritual

If you watch the video above you will know what this is already.  John Assaraf apparently will take 2 minutes after he wakes up to practice positive affirmations ~ he will think about everything he is grateful for – his life, his wife, his family, his experiences etc. and he says that he won’t only think about these things but also feel them in his heart like they are there.

Thus what he feels at the beginning of the day is good and ready for the world.   

But not only this he concludes that after this ritual he will begin his morning meditation.  Here in his words, he will think about everything that he has been able to achieve in his lifetime. Not what he wants to achieve as of yet but what he has done already so he can remind himself that all of his current goals are achievable.  

And that all he has to do is what he has done countless times already before.

It’s pretty deep – John is definitely a very inspiring man but here is my thinking.  

When you wake up in the morning try to start thinking positively.  Remind yourself of what is really important.  Build the momentum and motivation to just get up and do what matters to you.  The meditation part I know is not for everyone but try at least the positive affirmations to see if this can be the spark to get going and out of bed.

Practice Positive Thinking and the LoA

the law of attraction LoA

I don’t think I personally, do this enough but maybe I will and I will look back at this post like one of my defining moments.

The first blog I wrote was about the Law of Attraction.  You can find this here.  I actually think back to this period – I really was starting to take an interest in more spiritual things.  I am not even sure to what degree I practised this but all I know is my first-month blogging was incredibly successful.  Part of me can’t help but wonder if the LoA is partially why.

Anyhow as much as it might seem like nonsense that you can manipulate reality in such a way that you can have anything you want.  One thing that really isn’t crazy is you can train your brain to be more positive.  What is less crazy is that by doing so you can definitely do a lot more towards achieving your goals.  Making The Best Start To The Day is a no brainer!

Focusing on what you desire though – making yourself want things like success and finding true love.  The more you think about it the more you will do about it.  It’s nice to think of it as a cosmic genie that will grant your wishes if you can connect to their universal mind but rationally thinking about this your goals and desires likely just need a proper plan in place.

So, try this for yourself – practice every morning to make the best start to the day.  Realise what your dreams, desires, goals and ambitions really are and go for it   Stop thinking negative thoughts and see what happens…

Hopefully, my advice has helped to do but if you need something else to try – check out this product by Inspire3

Your Feedback – Share Your Thoughts Here

OK, before I go I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s post and that you have found this inspiring.

This advice I would like to think is helpful but it would also be great to hear from you too.#

So any questions or feedback please share in the comments section below. 

If you know anyone that might like to read this please share

and help to plant seeds in the secret garden of mind for others

Best Wishes

Alex B. Chivers

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