Meditation for Paranoia and Panic

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Hi Guys, Today there is a lot of question marks. How the next few days, weeks, and months will affect all of our lives.  At Meditation24x7 what we want is peace for everyone during these hard times.   Whilst we all hope that things can return to normal again soon until then we must all do what we can to not lose our heads.  So in light of this, the title for today’s post will be Meditation for Paranoia and Panic.

How people can use Meditation to overcome their worries and fear concerning a whole array of things including health, finances, lifestyle and friends and family.  What my aim for this article is to demonstrate how people can find their inner calmness and peace of mind to approach the coming days rationally and in a sensible way.

Introduction to Meditation for Paranoia and Panic

Now, this is the second post I have done related to recent current events. Namely the Corona Virus. The other post I did was – Meditation for the Immune System.  Both of these posts I think are generally important and I am hoping will keep some kind of value once this is all over.

So to begin with I realize that we could all be in very serious trouble for not taking a crisis like this seriously.  No matter what we choose to believe.  This, after all, is the work of nature.  The human race vs. another biological entity.  A virus, which we really don’t know fully to what extent it is capable of.

An entity which is after all made up of living breathing micro-organisms.  Hostile, invasive and unfriendly microscopic predators for sure. Looking to feast on their next meal.  Like a hungry pack of Wolves, and unfortunately for us is this meal is our immune system.  Our natural defense and depending on how successfully it can multiply we could all be at very high risk.

Although I do think that people, on the other hand, need to be more open-minded about this.  The trouble is that there are sinister organizations that exist.  Organizations that have been known to influence both politicians and the media.  A conspiracy maybe but if such an organization was to exist, a virus-like this one could be a very useful political tool.  To gain control of people, and with this, in mind, it could very well be that things are at the moment not as bad as we are all being told.  Why we should all do what we can to stay in control of our minds until this all blows over.

The Boy Who Cried, Wolf

The boy who cried wolf is one fine example of people being lied to so much that when the liar actually does tell the truth nobody believes them. What this has to do with current affairs though – nothing because people will believe ANYTHING!

Anyway, the problem with this here is if people are told that a Wolf will eat them if they go outside, then they won’t go outside. Even if they have no actual proof that there is even a Wolf there.  They won’t go outside because they are afraid of the Wolf.  This is kind of like how things are like at the moment.  Nobody can actually prove that this virus is as bad as they say it is but because they have been told it is this much worse than they believe every word.

This could very well be one big hoax this is my point but here is the worst part – what if it is and people find this out.  There might be another virus that is actually worse and because of this and being told a lie before people won’t take it as seriously.

So Meditation for Paranoia and Panic.  This could be used in a situation where people are accepting of the situation but not losing their heads because of it.  Using Meditation to Release Stress and Anxiety, and as a back up to strengthen the immune system.  What paranoia is – is a type of anxiety and by tackling the underlying issue of anxiety you can prevent the usual panic from ensuing to the point things get out of hand.

How to survive a zombie apocalypse?

What is a realistic zombie apocalypse? You should ask yourself this.  Is it an army of undead, infected individuals, or just the droves of people out there that have lost their minds causing them to act irrationally.

Lemmings are kind of what this reminds me of.  These, if people don’t know, are small animals that live in large groups. Small rodents that are known to jump off cliffs one after another. Often to their own demise and to the point of near extinction.

Why this is so funny is this is such a good analogy. The reason why it is believed that Lemmings jump is because they reproduce in such large numbers and because there are so many of them they start to panic. In the midst of finding food and shelter in their hive-minded moment of madness, their panic almost kills every single one of them.

So to survive this we definitely should not be panicking. Yes, take precautions, and look after each other but also make sure we don’t put ourselves in any real danger in the process.  Or like the Lemmings, we could be in very real danger.

Meditation for Panic and Paranoia

Here I go again. Meditation – I don’t want to sound like a broken record here but clarity, singularity, and understanding. I don’t know if Meditation for Paranoia and Panic is something that really works, but Meditation for stress and anxiety relief as a therapy I’m fairly certain does.

For stress relief. Your worries are your paranoia. Paranoia is a huge dose of logic. Understanding your own thought process. To where it matches a realistic conclusion. Gathering the right frame of mind is important.  The 5 Precepts of Buddha teach the basic principles of gathering a clear mind.  A clear mind is essential for rational thought.

For this, in my opinion, a good type of Meditation is Mindfulness because it allows you to focus on the present instead of the future or past. If you think about it if you are healthy and happy at the exact moment in time then that is a good focus. Worrying about what hasn’t even happened yet can be very bad for you. Whether through unhealthy stress or taking unsafe actions.  The same can be said about dragging yourself down about what you haven’t done.  The only thing you should let bother you is what happens in your present state of now.

How to Understand Your Own Dark Thoughts

The premise of good and bad is the two separate sides of our brains. There is no good side or a bad side but both are simply very different activity centers. One is the creative side and the other one is the working side.

Both hemispheres in ways coexist in perfect harmony. Although the creative side is more linked to happiness and the working side is related to stress.  Why work can be so stressful although it can rewarding just as much.

The biggest benefit of mindfulness is bringing a point of attention to certain things that we don’t focus so much on. Whilst meditating you can do things like moving your fingers or arms about and you will notice them more.  The same can be said about thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  You can also bring focus to positive thoughts instead of negative. Panic and Paranoia are both negative.  Think about this and how can it benefit you by being more positive?

In these Dark times Meditate to recognize what your Dark thoughts are.  Rationalize each one and find the best positive possible solutions to find relaxation and a level of peace and calmness.

In Conclusion

We are in very dark times. People because of what they are hearing in the news are acting irrational, selfish and a lot of our actions have negatively impacted others.  In times like this people need to support each other and to be in control of there emotions.  The survival instinct is a part of all of us in our own very Psyche.  It is like a domesticated dog or cat which under certain circumstances will act like a wild animal.  This is us after being told we aren’t allowed out and what make’s us react in ways like buying everything in the shop as if it is the last time we will ever visit.

Exactly why Meditation is a recommendation of mine during these difficult times.  In the morning, afternoon and night.  The benefits I’m hoping you should see after a few sessions.  Then when it is all over you will have also learned an important skill.

If you think of it this way Meditation is a way of healing for the soul or spirit.  Our etheric true selves which are not biological. Living in a form of only consciousness so, therefore, can not catch the Corona Virus.  Though still can be damaged by however we let this impact our Psyche.  Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Soul, and Spirit.  It’s crazy I know but with this in mind take every day is it comes and May the Peace Be with You.

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  1. The biggest power of human beings is their mind in my opinion and meditation is the best way to unlock its full power. I believe in subconscious mind power that can be achieved through meditation. The biggest issue is panic and overthinking which makes us unhealthy both mentally and physically and limiting our beliefs. I was also an overthinker sometimes I still do but it’s very harmful. What you said is very true in my opinion meditation combined with yoga can do wonders.

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi Trevor,  Thank you for taking the time to comment.  I like to believe this is true.  It took me a while to write this and thought it might be a bit much but I’m glad you agree.  

  2. Interesting. I am anxious about getting the virus, but how irrational is that? I don’t know how many cases there are overall in the area where I live (a relatively small number of confirmed cases), but on the few times I go out I look at people and think ‘Have you got the virus? Have you?’ For most people it is a mild illness, but there’s an element of Russian Roulette at play here – at some point, someone is going to get it bad, and I really don’t want that to be me! 

    If meditation can help calm my mind then I’m all for it.

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi Teri,  Yes I would say it can help your mind but it can help boost your immune system also.  I would say;  If you would like to try a few techniques.  My other post might help;

  3. Christine says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. During this Covid-19 crisis, many of us are feeling nervous, panic and worrying about what will happen next.

    I believe that meditation will help us to stay calm. I know a little bit about meditation. This time I really wanted to practice more.

    By the way, what is the best way to learn meditation?

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