Paranormal Experiences During Nightmares – What Really Happens?

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So in my last blog post, I wrote a quite long article about Nightmares and what hidden messages they might convey.  In this last post, I wrote briefly about Paranormal Experiences During Nightmares.  Not really much, just a few short sentences really but actually thinking about this I wanted to research this topic a bit further. 

I mean I think this seems to be quite common with a lot of people – being attacked by demons during sleep paralysis and even the legends of vampires may be one and the same.  Alien abductions I don’t think are really the same but I think still these can be interpreted as nightmares as well.  The whole thing is very strange but also it’s very interesting.

I mean for me, I really don’t know what to think – A few years ago I often experienced sleep paralysis-type dreams.  It used to be the same dream I had every night, of my duvet cover being pulled off my bed by a poltergeist-like entity.  It seemed so real at the time – everything around me was the same and it was like a ghost was there feeding off my fear and terror.

I will continue this story further along in this article but also I want to look at possible explanations.  If this is something that interests you then please keep reading.


Paranormal Experiences During Nightmares – What Really Happens?

nightmares and the paranormal how are they linked

For anyone that’s ever woken up from a nightmare that has felt like something paranormal had just occurred it can leave you with many questions.  Like was it really a dream or did it actually happen?  

These types of dreams, often referred to as paranormal experiences during nightmares, can be terrifying and leave us wondering if they are more than just figments of our imagination.  In this article, we will explore the common experiences people report during these paranormal-like nightmares, and examine the psychological and cultural implications of these experiences.  

If you would like to share your own experiences please let us know in the comments section.


Types of Paranormal Experiences During Nightmares – Ghosts, Demons, & Sleep Paralysis

types of paranormal experiences that occur during nightmares - the hat man

Many people report paranormal experiences during nightmares that can leave them feeling scared and unsettled.  Nightmares are typically scary enough already but when they seem to be influenced by a malevolent force these can be truly frightening like a real horror story.  Anyone that has had these experiences will know and it is this I would like to look at.

There are a wide array of reports of these experiences but some of the more common ones are;

  • Seeing Ghosts or Spirits:  Ghosts are often portrayed as wandering entities that are unable to move on from this world. People who experience ghost sightings in their nightmares often describe feeling a sense of dread and unease, as if they are being watched or followed.  This understandably has left people to question if these dreams are real.

  • Feeling a Presence in the Room:  People who experience a presence in their nightmares often report feeling like they are being watched or followed.  This can create a feeling of intense fear and paranoia that can linger long after the dream has ended.  This again may feel like it is a very real experience and actually, “shadow people” is a good example. 
  • Experiencing Sleep Paralysis:  Sleep paralysis is a condition in which a person wakes up during the REM stage of sleep, but their body remains paralyzed.  This can be accompanied by vivid hallucinations and a sense of dread.  People who experience sleep paralysis in their nightmares often describe feeling trapped and helpless, unable to move or call for help.  This is a very strange experience because you never know whether you are still dreaming or not.
  • Seeing Demons or Monsters:  These are malevolent spirits that cause harm and chaos. People who experience demon or monster sightings in their nightmares often report feeling a sense of evil and dread that lingers long after they wake up.

So why do these experiences feel so real?  The human brain is capable of creating vivid and complex images, even when we are asleep.  In fact, during REM sleep, the brain is almost as active as it is when we are awake.  This means that the images and sensations we experience during nightmares can feel just as real as waking experiences. 

However, there definitely do seem to be outside forces that influence these nightmares, and these can take many forms…

The main ones I think are…

The Legends of Vampires and Nightmares

vampires in nightmaresVampires have been a popular subject in literature and media for centuries.  From Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” to Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight,” vampires have captured our imagination and become a symbol of seduction, danger, and immortality. 

In nightmares, however, vampires have a long history in folklore. They are often portrayed as terrifying creatures that prey on our fears and weaknesses.  

Really not too much different from the typical nightmare experience where something is scaring you into a state of fear. 
Many associate vampires with taking blood but what if they are taking away something else such as low vibrational energy that is released during a fear state?  It is known that the body releases hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol but perhaps we could be releasing spiritual energy as well.

It would seem these experiences are one and the same and vampires (if real) are more like ghost-type creatures rather than physical beings.

Many people report feeling powerless and unable to defend themselves against a vampire attack in their dreams.  But are the vampire experience of old actually the demon/ghost experiences of nightmares today?   I shall continue…

Demons in Nightmares

Demons have been a common figure in folklore and religion for thousands of years.  They are often portrayed as malevolent spirits that possess people or cause harm and chaos in the world.  In nightmares, demons can take many forms, from a faceless figure lurking in the shadows to a grotesque monster chasing us down. 

People who experience demonic nightmares often report feeling a sense of evil and dread that seems very real.  Poltergeist activity may not be too far away from these experiences and actually my own experience I would say probably fits in this category.  Like a poltergeist is pulling at my bed covers and no matter how much I hold on there is nothing I can do.

My older sister also believes that she experienced similar dreams that were very violent in nature where she was actually attacked.  Some even report even worse experiences and all seem to have a common theme – to make people scared!

So are these actually caused by entities that feed off fear like vampires or parasites feed off blood?

I really do wonder about this and this actually brings me to another nightmare experience very similar.

The Alien Abduction Link To Nightmares

Some evidence does actually point to this happening.  Researchers such as Budd Hopkins actually claim to have extracted implants from those that have claimed to have had alien abduction experiences.  This as mad as it sounds makes alien abduction experiences seem quite different than your typical nightmare scenarios but still, there are a lot of parallels here. 

Mostly because people who have these experiences of being abducted are in a dream-like state.  They will experience sleep paralysis like a typical nightmare and the experiences are very frightening like the demonic experiences I mentioned.

It could be that the same forces are at work here although how science tries to explain this is because of all the Sci-Fi movies over the past 50 years like star wars, star trek, and close encounters of the third kind, etc. people will experience Aliens in their nightmares because that is what they know.  

Same as people 100 years ago who may have experienced Vampires in their nightmares because of the books they used to read.  it sounds like just an attempt to make sense of the unexplained but here is the other thing.  What if these are all alien abduction experiences projected in different ways or maybe they are just dreams who really knows?   

But one thing all these experiences generally do tend to have in common is sleep paralysis.

Sleep Paralysis in Nightmares

Sleep paralysis is a condition in which a person experiences a temporary inability to move or speak while waking up or falling asleep. It is thought to occur when the body remains in a state of REM sleep while the brain has become fully awake. This can create a feeling of being trapped in one’s own body, which can be terrifying for some individuals.

Sleep paralysis has been linked to the development of paranormal experiences during nightmares. When someone experiences sleep paralysis during a nightmare, they may feel like they are being held down or restrained by an unseen force, creating the sensation of a supernatural entity in the room with them. This can lead to a range of paranormal experiences, such as seeing ghosts or feeling a presence in the room.

The scientific explanation for sleep paralysis is that it is a result of a disruption in the normal sleep cycle.  During REM sleep, the body is typically in a state of paralysis to prevent physical movements that could cause injury.  When someone experiences sleep paralysis, this paralysis persists even as the person begins to wake up.  This can create the sensation of being trapped in one’s own body, which can be a frightening experience.

However, some people believe that sleep paralysis experiences have a paranormal explanation.  For example, some believe that the sensation of being held down or restrained is caused by a supernatural entity, such as a demon or ghost.  Others believe that sleep paralysis experiences are a result of astral projection or out-of-body experiences, in which the soul leaves the body and travels to other dimensions.  The topic really is quite fascinating but here is an interesting thing to note.

The History of Nightmares in Folklore

Nightmares have been a part of human culture and folklore for centuries.  In many cultures, they are seen as a supernatural occurrence, often linked to malevolent spirits or demonic forces.

In ancient Greek mythology, nightmares were believed to be the work of the god Morpheus, who could create vivid and disturbing dreams.  The word “nightmare” itself comes from the Old English word “mare,” which means “evil spirit or goblin.” It was believed that these spirits would sit on a sleeping person’s chest and cause them to have frightening dreams.

In Norse mythology, the goddess Hel was believed to send nightmares to mortals as a way of warning them of impending doom.  In some cultures, nightmares were believed to be a sign of witchcraft or other supernatural forces at work.

Many traditional remedies for nightmares have been passed down through generations.  In some cultures, it is believed that placing a knife under the pillow can ward off evil spirits and prevent nightmares.  Others believe that burning certain herbs, such as sage or lavender, can create a calming atmosphere that can prevent nightmares from occurring.

You can also try some of the ideas below that may be helpful for anyone that experiences frequent nightmares.

Coping Strategies for Nightmares

While nightmares can be terrifying, there are strategies you can use to cope with them. Some techniques you might find helpful include:

  • Practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, or yoga before bed.
  • Creating a relaxing bedtime routine that includes calming activities like reading or listening to soft music.
  • Talking to a therapist or counselor about your nightmares and any underlying issues that might be contributing to them.
  • Trying to confront and reframe your fears by writing about your nightmares, drawing or painting them, or sharing them with a trusted friend or loved one.

My tip to try is to try and make yourself aware whilst you’re asleep that you are actually dreaming.  If something is happening that defy’s logic says to yourself I am dreaming this is all in my head and then take back control of your dream.  I actually started doing this when I had my nightmares and in the end, I was happy to have these dreams because I knew that I could start doing whatever I wanted.  

Basically, Lucid Dreaming.  Written a few posts about how to lucid dream but I think this is my no. 1 tip.    

In Conclusion

Paranormal experiences during nightmares can be distressing, and who really knows what is happening?  Even the name Night Mare has associations with the paranormal.  In Olde English, a Mare is a goblin-like creature that sits on people’s chests whilst they are asleep.  These are said to be demonic night spirits of oppression and this is a very strange coincidence.  In fact, all across Europe in legends are different variations of nightmare spirits.

Is there a tangible explanation here or is every nightmare the work of a malevolent force?  Demons that feed off fear seem to be a recurring theme here but another is by facing our fears within our nightmares we can make them stop.

Is this because we are taking the power away from these malevolent forces by doing so or is it because we finally face up to things happening in our lives that cause the nightmares that it is this that helps us to get things back under control?

I will leave you to have a think about this.  If you would like to share your thoughts or experiences of nightmares and the paranormal please do so in the comments section below.

Many thanks and take care;

Best regards;

Alex C


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