Christ Consciousness and the Nature of Reality – What This All Means??

Christ Conciousness and The Nature of Reality
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Christ Consciousness and the Nature of Reality – What Does This All Mean?  For anyone who really wants to expand their horizons to more new-age concepts, (I think) this is a big one.  I’ve definitely gone down my own rabbit hole with this one.  This was just over a year ago after taking a lot of Ketamine.

My conclusion was (not sure if I really feel comfortable saying this (about what I believe) but here goes, so we collectively are a single form of consciousness.  We are not connected by just some psychic link but rather we are all one entity and our partitioning is a functional construct.

This I was thinking is to help maintain something on a much bigger scale.

The very nature of reality what we experience is kind of like a computer program that is run to keep our energy force in flux.  I think David Icke in his book Infinite Love Is The Only Truth Everything Else Is an Illusion has some very interesting points he makes here about this.  

At one point in the book, David Icke makes a comparison between our chakra meridian system and a PCB (Printed Circuit Board).  It might seem mad that we are basically self-producing robots but there are nanobots that can reproduce and with the rise of A.I. I think this really could be something as well.

It’s kind of hard really for me to get this all into words but something that maybe seems like reality is more projected in nature (a hologram) is because of what we are able to manifest (the Law of Attraction). 

Something that brings me to this actual topic of this blog post…

Christ Consciousness and the Nature of Reality

So I was actually inspired to cover this topic after reading a friend’s Facebook post.  With her permission, I shall share this below.  I’m sure she will have a few more words to share in the comments section.  If anyone else would like to also share their own thoughts definitely would be great to hear from you too but anyway here is my friend Georgina’s post;

Georgina Facebook post about christ conciousness FB 

This is of course just Georgina’s beliefs.  I think I agree with most of it.  The Jesus part I think is representative of something that is relative to this. 

Jesus to me I believe is a name that derives from De + Zeus, De for Dark, and Zeus as a name for Jupiter.  Dark Jupiter is Saturn I am pretty sure and if anyone knows about Saturn worship this is CRAZY.

The black squares in masonic temples, the black squares that people wear after graduation from university, the color black worn by judges, and religious figures, and actually 6-6-6 the mark of the beast is related to Saturn. 

Saturn has 6 polar regions and it is the sixth planet from the Sun.  I’m not really sure what this means completely but Saturn is also known as the black cube and the Black Sun which was said to be our original Sun during a period called the Purple Dawn.  An apparent hidden part of World history.

*I have even read that pagan human sacrifice in ancient history was because our planet was constantly being hit by asteroids. These ancient cults believed these sacrifices to the gods would prevent further cosmic attacks. If this was really happening then maybe we was once in a different part of the solar system.

So, Christianity is a branch of Judaism.  In Judaism Satur(n)day is when Jews have their Sabbath.  A time where small black boxes contain scrolls from the Torah.  I think Jesus by name is basically Saturn and religion is based on planetary bodies.  Islam is Isis Lamentation (Moon Worship) for example, and also in Islam the most important day of the week according to Allah is Mo(o)nday.  

My previous post I think is interesting in relation about the moon being a holographic projector but fascinating thing to me is that with Christ Consciousness this is basically elevation beyond the hologram. 

This image that Georgina shared I think here is pretty significant here too (check it out below);

reincarnation and christ conciousness

The Actual World Is An Illusion, or Is It?

I really do wonder about this.  The idea of a holographic reality and a matrix-like world that is projected upon us. 

Manifestation (The Law of Attraction)
is believable based on this I think – I mean there is a logical side to this phenomenon but the more unbelievable side I’d say (if it is real) is manipulating reality to get whatever we really want out of it.  Making the most random unbelievable things happen out of nowhere.

I think, truly if things just happened naturally then this would not be possible really would it?  If we are not in a simulation then how can we engineer the seemingly impossible?  I think synchronicity supports this and not just how odd these consequences are.  

There are many phenomenons that correalate with this.  I spoke to my mother about this today – she was talking about the phenomenon of clocks stopping at the moment someone dies.  This is popularized in the song “Grandfather’s Clock” originally released in 1876

“At the close of each week to be wound. And it kept in its place — not a frown upon its face, And its hands never hung by its side. … When the old man died.”

If anyone actually takes the time to evaluate coincidences some things really are just too strange.  If we think about a clock which is an independent mechanism of its own – how does something like this synchronize to the body clock of a living creature. 

It would explain the holographic nature of reality here a lot I would say as the connection is developed through a kind of train of thought.  I will leave you to ponder on this but how about ACTUAL CHRIST CONCIOUSNESS!

What Is Christ Consciousness?

In a world characterized by diverse spiritual and philosophical perspectives, the concept of Christ Consciousness stands out as a profound and intriguing idea. It is a topic that has captured the imaginations of many, regardless of their religious or spiritual background.  If offers course relates to Jesus (Christ) but as a concept it transcends religious boundaries and resonates with seekers of truth and spiritual growth.

The Core Elements of Christ Consciousness are numerous but at its base these Include;

  1. Unconditional Love:  Christ Consciousness is about embodying and radiating unconditional love. It transcends ego-driven desires and judgments and seeks to love and accept all living beings with a compassionate heart.
  2. Spiritual Enlightenment:  Christ Consciousness is closely linked to spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It involves a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all life and a profound sense of unity with the universe.
  3. Compassion and Service:  Those who embody Christ Consciousness often dedicate their lives to serving others, motivated by a deep sense of compassion and a desire to alleviate suffering in the world.
  4. Forgiveness and Healing:  Forgiveness is a central aspect of Christ Consciousness. It involves releasing resentments and grudges, promoting healing, and nurturing a sense of inner peace.

The Path to Christ Consciousness

Attaining Christ Consciousness is a personal journey that involves inner work and continuous spiritual growth. While it is often associated with the life and teachings of Jesus, it is not confined to any particular religious path. People from various faiths and belief systems can embark on the path of Christ Consciousness by nurturing love, compassion, and a deeper understanding of the human experience.

For many religion can only be contrued by its teachings.  All speak of a higher power, an all powerful force of nature that influences us for better and for worse.  Too many it is not fathomable to think there is actually a god.  The supernatural to many is generally considered an impossibility but every faith kind of really has something there as such.  

So let’s say there is such a thing.  A creator of our very essence and being – what does this all mean exactly?

I think this could be relative to our form.  We are a small part of a much bigger essence with our own implanted identity.  This what we call God we are all a part of connected by the same etheric energy.

In my eyes this is why we are all able to draw from such a force.  To be able to manifest and manipulate our life in anyway by calling upon a much larger universal part of ourselves collectively.

People will have their different opinions here but I base this on my own experience.

I got in a rut of taking ketamine.  Not something really that I recommend people do but during 2, 3 experiences I felt a dissassociation with reality.  I could only surmise that there is some kind of partioning happening.  We are all one and the same but something like a computer program creates what we perceive as our identity. 

It is not a foregone conclusion for me really.  I will not be taking ketamine again in a rush to understand this experience better. I wonder if it would be similar with Ayahuasca or DMT but here is my takeaway. 

I hope this makes some kind of sense.

In Conclusion

I think there is a god, I am not a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or any other kind of follower of organized religion.  The same god (or Christ Consciousness) I believe, I think these same people do too.  But I guess this is probably where I draw the line on my beliefs and theirs.

I guess to a lot of people I sound off my rocker but I think this is only a collective projection implanted upon us.  Probably by a malevolent force to keep us from becoming to powerful in higher planes of existence. 

Really I am not the first person to say this or think this either and it can be a bitter pill to swallow if this really is the case, but it’s not a done deal through meditation, affirmations and acceptance of being something more maybe this truly is a good thing.

I shall end this post here anyway.  It’s been a pretty tough topic to cover if I’m being honest – some of it is a bit forced out but any questions etc.  please drop us a comment below to share your thoughts.  

Also, I will share a few links and resources for further reading below if you’d like to explore this further.

Resources and Further Reading

Manifest magic

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