The Biorhythm Scam? Can This Really Help Predict The Future?

the biorhythm scam - can this really predict the future
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Calling all Truth Seekers.  The Biorhythm Scam? Can This Really Predict The Future?

Today I have some very intriguing information to share.   The Biorhythm Scam or Is This Product Legit?   These are the questions being asked by thousands of potential customers taken aback by what this software is said to do.

The creator of this product says that this technique was accurately used to predict the death of Micheal Jackson.  As well as many other real-world events before they happened.  It is apparently a crystal ball into the world of tomorrow and it is a method that any single person can learn and copy themselves.

You may not believe me and I am not sure if I believe this even myself but let’s dive in…

The Biorhythm Scam?

Can This Really Forsee The Future?

Is this what Nostradamus was doing when he was writing his incredible quatrains that were shown to predict events like 911 and World War II, centuries before they happened?  How about Edgar Cayce who in the 1920s became known as the sleeping prophet for his ability to fall into a trance-like state and make amazingly accurate predictions.

There are a few of these characters throughout history.  Some are better known than others but what were they all doing?  Could they have unlocked the secret of reading Biorithms?  Just like Mark Carroll who is making incredible claims online about his technology that blends the old in with the new.

Universal knowledge is something that has (most likely) always been here.  Whichever way you look at it but can you really take astrological data trends and read these to predict future events?

It sounds farfetched even for me but I like to think I am quite open to matters of the unknown.

Hence why I have decided to write this product review. 

The Biorhythm Review Main Features

Affiliate Disclosure:

Please note that this post contains affiliate links.  If you happen to make a purchase via one of the links I may receive an affiliate commission.  The price you pay will not be affected.

The Biorhythm Manifestation Review 2021

Product Name:  The BiorhythmTheBiorhtym Mark Carroll logo
  Mark Carroll
  $195.00 Annual Subscription or $195 One-Time Fee?

  1-Year Money Back Guarantee
  Digital Product That Reads Astrological Data

Pros:  $0.99, 3-Day Trial Period,  Bonuses.  1-Year refund policy.
  Keep on Reading…

My Verdict:  

Each to our own.  It’s worth a try if you have $195 and you have plenty of time to ask for your money back.  I would be a bit more sceptical but as I will explain soon the Biorhythm concept was here well before this product and Mark Carroll.

Website:  TheBiorhythm.com

About Mark Carroll – Who Is He?

The creator Mark Carroll’s story is an interesting one.  After developing this Biorhythm reading technology he posted on a celebrity forum about Michael Jackson’s death.  Like many others did for sure… but with one big difference.  Carroll wrote about Michael Jackson’s death BEFORE it even happened.  Something like “This Thursday I am worried that something will happen to Micheal Jackson”.

He predicted the exact date of Jackson’s death and apparently, this was why his home was raided by the FBI and he was arrested.   Only for his name to be cleared as completely innocent when Carroll shared his Biorhthm reading technique but more incredible is this.  The FBI actually hired him as a consultant.

Apparently, because he was so accurately able to guess the details surrounding MJ’s death, the FBI wanted to recruit him to use his Biorhythm technology to help solve federal crimes.

As come on now why wouldn’t they want to hire someone that CAN TELL the future.  Right?  and he wouldn’t be the first person a government agency hired for their supernatural abilities.   Project Stargate is one good example of Remote Viewing.  Look up Ingo Swann if you are interested to learn more.

See the Michael Jackson Video Below;

Now, Carroll’s story continues with 2 more accounts of this technology being used to save someone’s life from a plane crash and another of a man winning the lottery jackpot 3x times.

Honestly, you could be forgiven for thinking this is real.  It very well could be but this wouldn’t be the first fabricated story to sell on the ClickBank marketplace.

Although,  one thing DOES give this product a kind of legitimacy a WHOLE 365-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Also, Biorhythms is not a new idea made up by Mark Carroll.  It was first developed by Wilhelm Fliess in the late 19th Century.  It has been a topic of debate ever since and was popularized in books by Bernard Gittelson in the 1970s.

What Is a Biorhythm In Astrology

If ever have heard somebody say “we all have our ups and downs” keep that thought in your mind.  Now, imagine if you put that on a graph kind of they do with FOREX and Cryptocurrencies that show all the fluctuations going up and down.

Example of a Biorhythm

So, this graph I found online is the prices of Bitcoin over the past 5 years.  Now, let’s assume that we have a graph exactly the same that shows these fluctuations as good and bad points in our actual life.  Our good days and our bad days.

I hope this makes sense but these fluctuations are the Biorhythms.  We can definitely say that if we recorded this data for what has happened over the past 5 years in our life that would make this an actual thing right?  Everyone has their ups and downs but let’s take this to the next level.  Have you ever heard of Astro-Investing?

This is an almost identical concept.  Where you use Astrology to try and predict the best times to invest your money.  Biorhythms are like Astro-Investing except the key change is the data is based on YOU.  A method of Astrology that is used to try and predict your own future ups and downs.  Your Good Days and Your Bad Days.


Now, Do Biorhythms Really Work

According to Mark Carrol, everybody has natural biorhythms.  They just aren’t in tune with them.  Simultaneously they occur all around us but we are just not keeping track of them.  Indeed, but what is the point?  Can you really use your past Biorhythms to guesstimate when you are going to experience ups and downs?

Above I said they are just like the data for Fiat and Cryptocurrencies but surely this is only on paper.  Does having a bad day one year ago mean you will have a bad day one year in the future (or Vice-Versa)?  Check your Facebook memories and see what you think?  but seriously to better understand this we must look at this concept through a wider lens.

To understand the very core of this concept being used to predict future happenings we must look at Astrology?

Unlocking The Secrets of Astrology

Above I have shared two videos and both are quite interesting.  The first is by astrologer Joni Patry and the second is by Athen Chimenti, of the Mastering The Zodiac podcast.  I will offer my take on both very shortly but just to explain what Astrology is really quickly…

So Astrology is a very ancient methodology.  It uses the mathematical and scientific data of known future celestial events to assume differently happenings.  For instance, if Mars crosses the Earth in orbit, or say Neptune crosses Pluto.  These are astronomical events that you can easily predict with Astro-Physics.

Astrology they say is Astronomy in its original form but the thing about it is cosmic happenings are given different meanings.  For example, the Earth-crossing Venus might predict people falling in love, or crossing Mars could mean the start of a war.

For instance, look at the Greek or Norse gods with their titles if you know about Astrology this is no coincidence.

About the Videos;

In the first video above the lady, Jessica makes a prediction based on the alignment of Scorpio.  She uses this to eerily predict the outbreak of COVID-19 many months before the news actually broke.  Take this how you will but she also recommends investment in Bitcoin and Tesla years before and again this is stunningly accurate.

Sure she could have insider knowledge but the second video I shared explains how astrology works and it really is quite fascinating.   Basically, the external is happening at a different point in time than the internal.

With the difference in space-time, one may be able to calculate future events based on the influence that the orbit of celestial bodies holds over the mortal man.

Yes, it is explained so much better in the video above lol but anyway once you understand this you can kind of get how The Biorhythm software works.  In fact, it is not much different in some ways from other online products.   The types that get you to take a Quiz about you and personal data to produce astrological readings must work in a similar type of way.

The Information is Already Out There

Now, this is basically it.  How Carl Jung explains it is every action leaves an impression.  What we do in the present is projected out into the heavens.  That what we observe through the telescope is the distant past.

However, as our Zodiac belt and our solar system move in a linear fashion in which we are able to see what is going to happen next, we can predict happenings based on the influence that these events have over us.

So, that we are going to do something great, careless, important, courageous, or whatever on a certain date we can use astrology (In theory) to find the likelihood of this happening based on the Zodiac and Planetary Orbit.

Many have actually used this data to correctly predict things and have done for centuries.  You can find many accounts that will verify this but coming back to the Biorhythm Software.  This is essentially like a computer you program to play chess.

The data is added for cosmic cycles such as the earth travelling around the sun in 365 days and countless others.  You enter your age, sex, date of birth and star sign and the AI algorithm will match this with Astrological data.

If it works or not really boils down to one thing are we really influenced by the alignment of planetary bodies?

The Biorhythm Mark Carroll Pros and Cons

What Are The Pros

  • Easy Way To Read Astrological Data
  • Possible Opportunity for a Better Life
  • May Help Find You Love and Happiness
  • Could Be Key To Wealth and Prosperity
  • Might Prevent Bad Things From Happening
  • 1-Year Money Back Guarantee
  • Chance To Test – $1 for 3-Days
  • Free Bonuses From Mark Carroll
  • Option for One-Time Fee Payment
  • One membership can be used by you and 3 others.

And The Cons

  • Who Even Is Mark Carroll?
  • Background Story Is Not Verifiable
  • There is No Actual Proof That This Works
  • Seeing Is Believing – No Other Way To Know
  • The $1 3-Day Trial auto-renews for $30 a month.
  • Products that Offer Upsells are usually not complete

Is This Legit?

I don’t know.  Do you believe in Astrology?  I kind of do but I also believe in Intelligent Life on Other Planets, Ghosts and the Loch Ness Monster.  It does not mean that any of them are real.  For me, I do suspect some things could be fake like the identity of Mark Carroll and the story about Michael Jackson.

I haven’t found any customer-based reviews online but I get how this product works.  It provides astrological data that can be interpreted in ways that may be able to affect events in your life.  I do not doubt that this provides this data and plus using this rather than a chart, a calculator, compass and whatever else is a whole lot easier.

Plus the main thing that is good about this is if you purchase the $195 Lifetime Membership you have one whole year to claim a refund.  You can also share your access with 3 other people (different usernames, passwords etc.)

But, How Much Does This Cost

Mark Carroll says that this offer is too good to refuse.  Try it for 3-Days Only $0.99 cents but what he doesn’t mention is this.

The Biorhythm Trial Membership

The next payment of $29.90* will be billed after this 3-day trial period is over.

Which, I don’t know likely means this will be charged the same time every month until you cancel.

So, that’s a bit off-putting but if you do want to go all-in you can get a lifetime membership for $195.00

Optional Upsell:  The Biorhythm Compatibility Plugin.  $18.90

As for the Bonuses

1#:  5 Users Allowed Per Each Account

2#: The Biorythm Journal:   Easily Take Notes Of Important Data To Maximize Potential Efficiency of The Software.

3#: Mark Carroll’s Celebrity Reading Guide:  How To Read The Fortunes of Others Including your Favourite Celebrities.

4#: Personal Numerology Reading:  Enter your name and date of birth.  The ‘sit back and watch’ method of numerology that uncovers the truth of your own unique personality.

Final Verdict

When somebody first shared this with me I was quite impressed with certain aspects of it for sure.  I’d previously looked at a lot of different Manifestation (LoA) products and I thought at first that this was just another one of those.  The more I looked into it though the more it did make me curious.

Now, I haven’t tried ‘The Biorhythm’ software myself yet.  I really would but I don’t have $195 spare at the moment.  The 3-Day trial I would give a try but I wonder how easy it is to cancel and how much time you have to test this before you have to pay for the first month.  I’m definitely interested in this technology but I honestly think my money could be better spent.

IF it makes you rich or helps you fall in love fair enough.  Maybe it could save your life I don’t know, and I would love to write about this but for now, I think I will just remain curious for a little while longer.

Although, of course, if you have tried this yourself and would be happy to share your experience it would be great to hear from you.  I am really interested in Biorhythms and probably will start with the books of Bernard Gittelson but I don’t know maybe I will try this product maybe I won’t.

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by.  Hope to see you all again very soon.

Best regards;

Alex B Chivers

PS:  Visit The Biorhythm Website {HERE]

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