Your Mind Is on Autopilot – How To Think Differently?

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Many will just think of this and laugh.  Accept their situation for what it is and not even comprehend what is actually out there instead.  Your mind is on AUTOPILOT.

You  JUST don’t realize it.  Nearly everything you do is automatic and you really can’t help it.

Both your success and your failures are predetermined by your subconscious actions…

When Your Mind is on Autopilot!

your mind is on autopilot how to think differently

Good day guys, for today’s blog post I wanted to share something really OUT THERE with you. 

How you can just stop what you are doing right now and make a difference.  For the better.  Both today and for tomorrow.  Then every other day after that.

Here is how…

OK so STOP reading this article right now and do what you need to do.

Tidy up the mess around you.  Take the trash out etc.

Do all the things that you feel like you either don’t want to do or don’t have to do.

Your mind is on autopilot and you just don’t realise it!

When you do these things that subconsciously do not feel very important see what happens.

Suddenly, see how you feel with that one less thing on your mind.

Life, In General, Is An Overwhelming Mess  

I thought about this earlier today.  One of the blogs that I read called healthywisehappypeople.com had a post very similar to this one.  Occasionally I and the owner of this blog exchange feedback and comments with each other.  

This has been going on for a few months now and this wasn’t the first time I felt motivated from reading one of these blog posts.  However, this one was extra special I thought and I actually got up and started tidying up my whole flat after reading just a few paragraphs. 

Something that was written definitely struck a chord with me – maybe it can for you too…

how the mind works on autopilot

It was very powerful (I thought). The owner of this website Andrew he writes about kind of reprogramming your mind to be more in line with a better destiny.  In this post in particular I felt more or less had a clear message.  Much like we are far too accepting of bad situations.  

Like a Spider Web in the corner of the room or a dusty table.    

These things might seem meaningless or innocent but when it becomes another spider web in the corner, a few dirty cups in the sink, a bag of rubbish in the corner it would appear to be that these things are possibly one bit of mess after another. 

Countless examples of what becomes an overwhelmed mind.  

Things like success, happiness, satisfaction and earning gratitude from others are all pushed to the back of the queue by these things.  Like one big giant subconscious to-do list causing our brains to become fogged over.

They Do Say…


A Tidy House Helps a Tidy Mind

I’m perhaps going a bit off-topic here.  What does this have to do with the idea that Your Mind Is on Autopilot!

 This became pretty clear to me when I actually felt the sudden burst of motivation to start tidying after reading Andrews post.

Of course, buried in my subconscious was this kind of to-do list.  I wasn’t going through these important tasks because I was more or less zombified by other things.  The real unimportant stuff like watching TV, Youtube and playing computer games.

You see this is what really resonated with me.  The thinking that there is no real urgency to do what really matters.  it causes the mind to go into autopilot where you are quickly distracted away.  These unimportant things you are drawn to are like fireflies.  Your impulse is drawn to the wrong circumstances.  Just think about this.

Are you doing the same things, repeating the same old mistakes, looking at the same four walls and do you even realise that you are STILL doing it?  You are a robot programmed to repeat the same habits (I felt like this).

I read Andrews blog post and It said – WE ARE LIVING IN AUTOPILOT

It opened my eyes.  Like there is always going to be a piece of junk in the corner you don’t usually notice.  You’ve programmed yourself to accept it being there.  The same as you have with your own mundane existence.

Until you stop for a second and tell yourself THERE IS MORE TO DO you can not really snap out of it.

Autopilot for lack of a better word.  

How To Turn Off Your Autopilot Mind!

Just stop what you are doing.  Focus on one object if there is a better place to put it, put it there.  Even if there isn’t in theory just by doing this 2-second activity (I believe) is enough to snap you out of your autopilot trance.

So, make a 1-second decision.  Do it and just think about how you just stopped doing what you were just doing.  Think as well about how you can utilise this ability to just break yourself out of these trances more often.  

These are the kind of actions that will push you forward towards getting what you need to do done. 

It sounds crazy but here is something to think about.  There are different states of brain activity.

Beta, Alpha, Gamma, Delta, and Theta.

So Beta and Alpha are the primary awakened states.  Basically Beta is good you feel awake, alert and conscious but Alpha is relaxed both physically and mentally.  AWAKE BUT DROWSY.  Beta is better for no lack of a better term.  Gamma is actually another awakened state of heightened awareness that can be achieved by regular meditation and by taking nootropics or other psychoactive substances.

Anyway, so the Alpha State is triggered by blue light.  Watching TV, staring at your smartphone or computer screen.  Switching off autopilot means that you need to alter your brain state from Alpha to Beta.  When your brain is most alert.  

It’s not too hard to do.  Go for a walk.  Leave the room and take some time out for different activities.  

But Is An Autopilot Mind Always a Bad Thing

I was thinking about this as well.  This is a good point that needs to be made (I would definitely say).  There are many ways your brain can switch to autopilot.  If you like there is an Alpha State Autopilot, and a Beta State Autopilot even Gamma.  

For instance, if stopping watching your Youtube video halfway through to pick up a bit of trash off the floor takes you out of your Alpha autopilot trance and throws you into a Beta autopilot tidying up your living space then good.  

However, if you are working and something like the door knocking or a notion to do something else distracts you try to take a second to think – how important is the task at hand.

Is this video relevant?  I’m not completely sure but here is the point to remember.  Taking yourself off the autopilot is not always a good thing.  It depends on what you are doing.  

Me writing this article for instance.  I should not be letting anything distract me until I’ve finished writing.  This technique works so but it’s amazing how many day-to-day things can make you fall into this automatic trance away from what is important.  So, I ask is the fact that Your Mind Is on Autopilot really always that bad?

There is certainly one extreme and another.  The important thing to take away is that this is something you must adapt your mental actions towards.  For this, a certain level of brain training is required.

What To Take Away From This Short Blog

Try doing this.  Thinking that your mind is on autopilot.  Take notice of certain things that happen like when you’re doing nothing or even just not being very productive.  Even if you are being productive – might it be that unconsciously you are not in as much control as you think?  How are your actions dictated by your unthinking mind?

OK, so it’s a Psychological concept.  Who really knows what is going on?  The mind is a powerful thing to waste.  They do say but how do we allow this to happen?  

We tell ourselves that we want to be rich, successful, responsible, loved, respected.  There are the things that we want which we do not have.  Situations that we would all prefer not to be in, but what can we do about it.

Are we preset on a mundane path towards misery and failure or is this interchangeable?

Let’s look at this idea that our minds work on autopilot.  How can we reconfigure our simulation for more favourable results?

I shall leave you to think about this.   Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Many thanks and all the best;

Alex B. Chivers

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