Can Someone Die During Astral Projection? Reddit Q & A

can someone die during astral projection
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Can Someone Die During Astral Projection?  I wondered about this lately after reading some questions and answers on Quora.  It is a question that is asked by a lot of people new to Astral Projection and this is understandable when we think about it and the idea of the soul leaving our physical form after we die.  

However, coming from a lot of people that practice Astral Projection, who no doubt will have their own thoughts about what actually happens to us – the commonly accepted answer is NO we can not die during Astral Projection.  If something happens to our astral body this will not result in physical death. Only if we are physically murdered in the waking world can we actually die.

Technically this does mean we can die during astral projection but in NO WAY can events in the astral plane be responsible for our physical demise.

According to some what Is believed is that our physical form and astral body are connected by a silver cord
Known by mystics as the Sutratma or life thread of the Antahkarana – This silver cord can NOT be severed.  Although it is believed that we can get trapped outside of our physical body during AP which is different.

But how about this all?

Can Someone Die During Astral Projection?

Actually, I was thinking this because how could anyone actually know?  After all dead men tell no stories (or so they say).  Some will argue that dead men can talk such as mediums and those who claim to have spoken to the deceased beyond the grave (some apparently during AP) but about the above question…

I decided to ask on the R/AstralProjection subreddit.  

Here are some of the answers I got back;

Slipknot_Official wrote:

“Nope. Gets asked all the time up here.

You have a bigger chance of dying while dreaming, yet no one ever fears that.

It’s the unknown that people like creating fear around. It’s what attracts people.

It’s best to ignore it”.

I found it interesting that he talked about dying while dreaming.  It made me think about death during lucid dreaming – I will go into this in another post but this user later offered some interesting words about the silver cord.

He continued after I asked him about this to say…

“The silver cord is a belief construct. It’s mainly an old antiquated concept from the turn of the century that people reported.

It’s basically something people believed out of fear of getting lost in the astral plane. The cord grounds them to their body.

I have never seen a cord or met anyone who had one. I know some people in the sub have said they had them. But the people who do say they have them, always talk about how they’re afraid of dying.

So some people can have them. Most people don’t. Goes back to them being a mental construct, a subjective thing

Wise_Milk2519 then comments;

The Silver Cord article here may help:

The Silver Cord and the Near-Death Experience

*Note:  I’ve not read this yet but seems like an interesting website It’s called near-death.com

Anyway after this…

Xanth1879 wrote;

“You can die while sleeping. So yeah you can die WHILE projecting, but you’re not going to die FROM projecting.  If that makes any sense.

No.  Not possible”.

So, this answer is pretty much the same as I answered at the beginning and the next answer is pretty much the same.

luistxmade answered 

No. I was stabbed in the astral 2 days ago. Felt like someone just scratched me. Still here.

This is actually the great thing about Reddit connecting with random people like this and there are more Interesting replies to read.

Some Interesting responses here;

Downtown_Process8506 replied;

What did you do to get stabbed? And I’m guessing there’s astral weapons or something?

luistxmade answered;

“Nothing. When I exited my house I made it to the street. I felt a presence. Looked behind me and it was a man about 40ft away looking at me. I noped and flew away about 4 street blocks and he followed. Then I thought the “fear test” stopped and here we were again. Like a Mexican standoff. We get closer to each other and when he’s about 5 feet away I see him pull out a knife. Wouldn’t be my first crazy encounter. 

So when he stabbed me, I hugged him and said there’s so much more to life than this. You have to learn to let go of whatever it is making you feel this way. Then while I was hugging him and had his knife in me.  Everything went black.”

So this is interesting it seems that maybe a kind of astral unconsciousness could have happened here.  This guy obviously still is physical with us and has it seems that he managed to visit the astral plane after this event so this is very fascinating.   What happened after he blacked out That’s what I wonder but I guess he just woke up in his physical body and that was it.  Anyway…

And I Really Like This Next Answer Too

ro2778 wrote;

“It is possible to die with conscious intent, it’s documented in some Eastern spiritual traditions. Their conscious attention will then shift towards their new reality, which is some other part of the astral. So it’s kind of a nuanced thing you’re asking. 

Also because the physical world as we call it, is really just another part of the astral, you could say everyone dies in the astral!  But typically if you astral project as described on this forum and then have some adventure then there is nothing that will stop you from returning to your body, regardless of what happens. 

The chance that you won’t return accidentally isn’t zero but it’s as good as :D”

I am not sure what this guy is getting at here.  Perhaps I should have kept a couple of these chats going but I think what he means is there is some way that you can die but you can’t as all you will do is reincarnate.  There was something I heard recently about how our spirit progresses beyond the physical form in different stages. I kind of felt it after a couple of times when I have taken drugs. 

Like I was really thinking about the conscious state that we perceive as our reality only being a kind of mental construct to harbour our form of energy.  I’m sure without this many will lose their mind but only because our consciousness is part of something much bigger. 

So I think this makes sense in a way but this is why I asked this question it’s very misunderstood.

So after this…

RaulSinropa wrote;

Here’s what I’ve heard once. It’s not that your astral body can be killed, but there may be issues in returning to the physical body. I heard this may occur if your silver cord is cut.

Forgive my ignorance, I am a total newbie, it’s just what someone told me once.

*Note this is what I wonder so you can’t die but you can get trapped outside your physical body.  This is something I’d love to get people’s thoughts on.  I asked this on Reddit and got no answers but I think I will try Quora maybe or somewhere else.

Anyway the next response.  Nothing really too special very similar to what others have said;

the_mcgee wrote

“If someone shoots you in the physical face while you’re APing, yes. Can you die DUE to AP? Nah.”

Then the final response;

Whitecranefeather wrote

“Yes, you can die if someone stabs you or you have a stroke or something while you are lying there. You don’t die because of something there though.

Traditionally the connection between the body and the spirit body was represented by a silver cord that was always connected, but many of us have moved beyond that symbol and we now recognize that every part of the universe is inside of every other part. This means that you don’t have to “leave your body” That is just another symbol we need to make sense of our experiences. 

In reality, you don’t have to leave your body because everything is already inside of you and every other part. It’s the true holographic principle. One part contains the whole. You don’t have to travel to the stars or other realms. You are already there”.

Now I shall answer this below.  This answer strangely makes a lot of sense to me.

My Observations

Honestly,  I have had plenty of Lucid Dream experiences.  I don’t think I’ve ever purposely really managed to astral travel.  I’m kind of just on the outside looking in here but my conclusion here is that death is only possible within the physical body due to things that happen in our physical world.

However, what I do believe is in Demonic Possession and that Demonic Entities can cause physical death.  I’d rather not think about this at all really but there are plenty of stories about this happening.  And here is the thing It would appear you can meet these entities in the astral realm. But from what I can gather they can NOT possess you whilst you’re outside your physical body.  It happens whilst you are awake within your own subconscious. 

I could be wrong but as the last answer suggests there are many dimensions that we do not realize we are in.  It’s not that we are actually traveling through the astral plane but we are just moving our consciousness to other dimensions that are already there within ourselves. 

You can really lose your mind here thinking about this but this as this subject of AP goes very deep.

I will conclude here but I think this is the common understanding among many who practice astral projection. 

I’d still like to hear people’s thoughts on being trapped outside of the astral body. I have so many questions about this.  Do you still wake up in your physical body with your astral body trapped outside? 

How does your body even continue to function?  Can you live a full life with your astral body trapped outside the physical plane of our reality?  Or is this just hearsay?  I shall save this for another article I think but if you are interested to learn more check out the subreddit here R/AstralProjection 

Also, check out our other posts HERE and if you would like to Learn How To Do Astral Projection yourself (if you do not already) check out this course from The Centre of Excellence<<

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