The Inside Out Revolution and The Zen Box

The Inside Out Revolution and The Zen Box
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A little story to share today.  It’s a bit personal but I couldn’t think of anymore of a fitting title for this post than this “The Inside Out Revolution and The Zen Box”.  2 reasons – 1.)  During my coach trip from London to Paris, I started reading a book The Inside Out Revolution By Michael Neill.  

I’m currently on the last chapter – I will finish that today on the next leg of my tour to Belgium but also I think what I’ve taken away from reading this has already helped me during an incident at place today in Paris – quite conveniently called The Zen Box

So after spending the morning walking in one coffee shop after another I could not find one anywhere I could get WIFI.  I spent hours searching to no avail but I stumbled across The Zen Box and they let me plug my laptop here and gave me their WIFI.

I got to work on my other website but very frustratingly after about 20 minutes my signal for the WIFI was lost.  My instant belief was they switched the WIFI off as they didn’t want me there (negative thinking).

I’d had a couple beers by this point but I had been reading the Inside Out Revoltion beforehand and I applied what it said, I stayed calm.  I didn’t get rude with the restaurant and it wasn’t something they did but rather something I did.  This might sound like a bit of a mundane story but stick with me.

I got to Paris at half 5 this morning.  This being my first stop on my travels.  Next I’m next off to Brussels, Lisbon and then Sal Island, Cape Verde.  That is not really relevant but what is, is that 2 things were kind of on mind today.  

#1 – Getting 1 maybe 2 important tasks done on my other websites, and
#2 – Making sure I have enough battery on my phone to find my way to the coach station later on.  

So I wanted to find somewhere that had WIFI where I could plug my laptop in.

I stopped in a good few coffee shops.  Really I wanted to avoid the beer and after a few frustrating things happening on the way (Trying to Get on the Paris Metro amongst other things)  I walked past the Zen Box and I noticed a plug socket by the table and I knew this was the place I could get to work FINALLY!  So let me start here…  

The Inside Out Revolution and The Zen Box

So I walked into the Zen Box I asked if I could have a beer, and if I could plug in my lap top.  Kindly they said I could and give me the WIFI.  I had been thinking about this task all morning – setting up a pop up on my other website DynamicIdeas4Life.com – something that has bothered me for months.  So I got online I set up the triggers and went to test on another web browser – but annoying part right then I lost the WIFI signal.

the inside out revolution by michael neill book review

My instant thought was they didn’t want me here and they switched the WIFI off for this reason.  But then I couldn’t help but think after reading The Inside Out Revolution that instead of losing my cool I should stay calm and think about why else this problem had occured rather than blaming the Staff at the Zen Box.

And I thought this was pretty cool, after a couple minutes of Zen I remembered that just before I lost the WIFI connection I emptied my Downloads folder as my laptop was giving a warning about having no diskspace left.  This is what must have caused it.  As after thinking about this I uninstalled the software for my WIFI booster reinstalled it and voila it started flashing again and I got the WIFI back.  

I mean it might not sound very relevant here but this book The Inside Revolution prepares you for all kinds of situations like this where losing your head will only make you look silly and will not solve anything.  Later in this post I’ll share kind of why this felt so significant to me but just quickly some background on this book.

About The Inside Out Revolution By Michael Neill

This book I picked up at car boot sale a couple months back along with a pile of others including Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill and others about Manifestation and Success Mindset.  The only book I began reading prior to this was Napolean Hill Think and Grow Rich but The Inside Out Revolution is a great read, it is fairly short but well worth it.

Here is a summary of this book generated by ChatGPT.  In my opinion I think this is pretty accurate.

“The Inside-Out Revolution” by Michael Neill is a transformative self-help book that explores the principles of understanding the human experience from the inside out. Neill delves into the profound idea that our thoughts are the key to our perception of reality and the quality of our lives. He suggests that by shifting our perspective, we can uncover a new way of thinking, feeling, and living.

The core message of the book is that our experience of life is not determined by external circumstances, but rather by the thoughts and beliefs we hold in our minds. Neill introduces readers to the Three Principles – Mind, Consciousness, and Thought – which are fundamental to this inside-out understanding.

Throughout the book, Neill shares real-life stories and examples to illustrate how individuals can break free from the limitations of their habitual thought patterns, allowing for a more fulfilling and authentic life. He emphasizes that as people gain insight into the nature of thought, they can experience greater mental clarity, resilience, and a profound sense of well-being.

“The Inside-Out Revolution” encourages readers to explore the limitless potential of their own minds and discover the inner wisdom that can lead to personal transformation and an enriched sense of purpose. It provides practical guidance on how to apply these principles to overcome challenges, improve relationships, and find a deeper connection with the world.

In essence, Michael Neill’s book offers a fresh perspective on personal development, encouraging readers to look within themselves for the source of well-being and happiness. It invites individuals to embrace the power of their own thinking to create a more positive and fulfilling life.

My Personal Thoughts On This Book

I think many people have ways of thinking that are not helping them progress in life.  Myself included.  Prior to leaving for my trip to France I had a horrible week long binge of alcohol and cocaine.  I’m kind of ashamed to admit it but it was horrible I was hearing voices, hallucinating and I must have gone 3 days without sleeping.

All because I went to a bar and ordered an alcoholic drink because they had run out of zero alcohol beers.  In fact, this was my last excuse as well, something much the same happened a couple months back but I know this is a HUGE problem with me.  I’ll not drink for months and as soon as I start again I don’t stop.  Typically the next morning I will be down the shop buying 4 cans and I will end up in the pub till closing.

My cocaine habit is not too serious really compared to some other peoples (I think in some ways) but it is still highly unproductive and something that must sooner rather than later stop.  I think what happens is that I lose control after drinking too much and because of not being in the right frame of mind to work I hit the self destruct button.

I mean really it has given me so much to think about recently and after reading this book even more.  A friend actually said to me before I went away “Why Can’t I Just Have a Couple Beers?” and I hate to say it but that would be maybe where I would like to get to.  The stage where I can have a few beers and get myself back home at the right time.

Some people will say this is wrong.  That an alcoholic should not be drinking alcohol but there is certainly I think underlying issues beyond drinking alcohol.  Indecisiveness is one thing.  Personal trauma is another.  In my recent post “Is The Full Moon Evil” I mention David Icke’s idea about malevolent forces feeding off our negative residue.  I think in this respect alcohol and drugs are pretty convenient but I think our inside out way of thinking is very important here.

So What Can We Do To Conquer Our Negative Thoughts To Be Better People?

It really is a must that we assess what our most destructive thoughts and tendancies are.  We make good decisions and we make bad ones.  In fact, one bad decision can lead to SEVERAL.  Yet, usually it can be pretty clear when you have or your about to make that first bad decision.  Alcohol ruins many peoples lives in this respect but with the right attitude you can stop drinking and make yourself better prepared for the things that trigger you again in future.

For instance, someone may upset or annoy you this must NOT make you feel like you want to lash out.  Take yourself out of this situation think calm and positive until in your mind you are back in control of yourself.  Practising meditation and positive thinking will make this easier.

Intuitive thinking I think is the real important thing here.  Whether you choose to do so or not every crossroads that a decision puts there in front of you will have its own voice that tells you the right thing to do.  It is just whether you choose to listen to it or not.  It may be that you have 2 beers and it says go home.  It could be something else.

Michael Neill’s book should be a good read to help you understand this more but here is another bit of advice – pick up your phone and call someone.  Call a friend or family member and explain your situation and ask them what you need to do.  You surely will know already but this in a way can really help take any potential bad decisions out of your hands.  

Really you must be able to grow enough as a person to act on your own when it really matters BUT growing as a person enough to not mistakes is very hard to do and it is OK to take baby steps just as long as you are going forward and not backwards.  But do not beat yourself up accept your mistakes and focus on the good things that you like about YOU.

Final Thoughts

Besides reading The Inside Out Revolution you should also look at other books about Manifestation and Success Mindset.  Many of these preach quite a lot about thinking in the right way.  The Zen box is a Chinese place in Paris.  It is not really too relevant to this information other than a kind of plot device but actually ZEN is a state of calm and peace.

The decisions you make when you are calm and peaceful will always give you the best results.  Getting frustrated and annoyed will not help you take the right actions.  To do this being rational is the best way.  Practicing relaxation techniques and daily meditation will help you calm your mind and a calm mind will help you focus on the best ideas.

I shall finish up this post here but if you are someone that struggles with irrational thinking and patterns of negative thought (I think more people do than not) check out The Inside Out Revolution By Michael Neill HERE<<

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