Dream Meanings About Your Childhood Memories, Kangaroos and Wolves. Random

dream meanings about seeing yourself as a child
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Dream Meanings About Your Childhood Memories, Kangaroos and Wolves. Random things here and it’s been a while since I wrote one of these posts so actually this is my list as of December 2023 of my dream symbols.

  • Giant Rabbits
  • Turtles
  • The Sea
  • Girls
  • Brazil
  • Losing Shoes
  • Confrontation
  • Seeing a video of yourself as a small child
  • White and Black Wolves
  • Kangaroos
  • Platypus

The last one I just added in as I recently my friend wrote on Facebook that she had a strange dream about a Platypus. I could never imagine having a dream like that so I will save that to the end I think. I actually can not remember ‘really’ anything from these dreams.

If you don’t keep a dream diary I find that you typically forget the whole lot within a few hours. This list is just where I haven’t kept a diary but just listed down significant things.

So I will get started here. Now.

Dream About Giant Rabbits

According to my book ‘The Great Dictionary of Dreams by Gustavus Hindman Miller’ dreaming of Rabbits can be a foretelling of favorable turns in conditions. Where you will be more pleased with your gains than before. Dreaming of White Rabbits can be a sign of faith in love for both married and single. Also to dream of Rabbits running around can be about Children making you happy.

what do dreams about giant rabbits mean

But here is the thing a Giant Rabbit could be a Hare. Dreaming about a Hare has several meanings of its own. I will not go into these here but let’s see what does it mean to dream of Giant Rabbits?

According to ChatGPT dreams about Giant Rabbits can mean several things;

  • A desire for growth, prosperity, or the potential for new beginnings.
  • Wanting more lightheartedness, fun, (or a return to a more carefree and innocent time in your life).
  • Something initially harmless that becomes overwhelming or intimidating.
  • Rabbits are known for their ability to burrow and create underground tunnels. *In this context, a giant rabbit could represent a need for introspection, self-discovery, or a transformative process happening in your life.
  • Importance of connection, communication, and social interactions.

I think this might be something I am yet to realize but let’s carry on.

Dreams About Turtles

Actually wow this has jogged my memory a bit. The dream I had about losing my shoe on the beach. Very odd dream and this was possibly the same one with the Giant Rabbits, the beach and Brazil.

I wonder if I was dreaming about Turtles because of my trip a couple of months ago to Cape Verde. I am pretty fond of my turtles. At home I have a small collection including some wooden ones I got from my trip but anyway in my book it says;

“To Dream of Turtles signifies that an unusual event will cause you enjoyment and improve your business conditions”.

I will not look to ChatGPT for anything more than this but how about the Sea or rather the Sea Side or Beach and actually how about losing your shoe on the beach because ‘actually’ this was my dream.

Dreaming About Losing My Shoe At The Seaside

what does it mean to dream of losing a shoe at the seaside

*Strange one I did lose my phone in Lanzarote. It could have been this what my dream was about (a kind of premonition). This was before I went away but Investigating this further.

Here is what it says on ChatGPT;

  1. Instability or Insecurity: Shoes are often associated with stability and protection, and losing one may symbolize a sense of instability or insecurity in your life. The beach or seaside setting might amplify these feelings, suggesting that you are facing uncertainties or challenges in a particular aspect of your life.
  2. Emotional Vulnerability: Going barefoot at the beach could represent a sense of openness and vulnerability. Losing a shoe in this context might indicate a fear of emotional exposure or a feeling of being emotionally unprepared for a situation.
  3. Letting Go: Beaches are often associated with relaxation and letting go of stress. Losing a shoe could be a metaphor for releasing or letting go of something in your life that has been holding you back. It might suggest a need to free yourself from burdens or unnecessary attachments.
  4. Symbol of Identity: Shoes can also represent your identity or the way you present yourself to the world. Losing a shoe at the beach might symbolize a temporary loss of direction or a period where you feel disconnected from your usual identity or path.
  5. Transition or Change: The seaside is a place where the land meets the water, signifying a transitional zone. Losing a shoe in this environment could symbolize a significant life transition or change that you are going through.

This is a strange one. I got back from Lanzarote less than a week ago and whilst there I didn’t lose my shoe but I lost my phone. Perhaps it has something to do with this. This was because I let my guard down and got so off my head on drugs (and alcohol).

Perhaps this was a forewarning but maybe it is significant of the looming life lesson that I had from this experience. I shall move on to the next one here but this was from the same dream. Maybe I can use ChatGPT to give some more context.

What Does It Mean If I Dream About a Confrontation at a Bar, Meeting 2 Nice Girls, and Going to Brazil?

Dreaming about Brazil

Here is ChatGPT’s answer;

Dreams are complex and often involve a mix of personal experiences, emotions, and subconscious thoughts. The interpretation of dreams can be highly subjective, but I can offer some general insights based on common dream symbols:

  1. Confrontation at a Bar:
    • Bars can symbolize social interactions, relaxation, or a desire for escapism. A confrontation in this setting might suggest tension or conflict in your social life or a need to address certain issues.
    • It could reflect feelings of frustration, aggression, or a need to assert yourself in waking life.
  2. Meeting 2 Nice Girls:
    • Meeting new people in a dream might signify a desire for connection, socializing, or the emergence of new relationships.
    • The positive nature of the encounter could indicate a sense of openness to new experiences or a desire for positive and harmonious relationships.
  3. Going to Brazil:
    • Traveling in dreams often represents a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, or the exploration of new opportunities.
    • Brazil, as a specific location, could carry additional symbolic meaning. It is associated with vibrant culture, diversity, and excitement. Going to Brazil in a dream might represent a desire for adventure, a change in scenery, or exposure to new and enriching experiences.

Putting it together:

  • The confrontation at the bar might suggest that there are issues or conflicts in your social life that you need to address.
  • Meeting two nice girls could symbolize the potential for positive social connections or relationships, possibly offering support or companionship.
  • Going to Brazil adds an element of adventure and exploration, suggesting a desire for personal growth, change, or exposure to new and exciting experiences.

It’s important to consider your feelings and experiences when interpreting your dream. If certain aspects of the dream resonate with your current life circumstances or emotions, it might be worth exploring those areas further. Additionally, dreams are subjective, and different individuals may interpret the same symbols in unique ways.

My Takeaway

I think this could have all been a foretelling of my recent trip to Lanzarote. Brazil could signify any foreign land, the lost shoe was my lost phone, and the two girls…

This picture was taken not long before I lost my phone.

dreaming about 2 girls

The confrontation could have been with my demons. But then It could have been the aggressive doorman at the club where I went to try and find my phone. It is clutching at straws really but I a believer in premonition and I am not sure if I really had any bad feelings at this time that could have indicated this would happen.

This actually ruined my whole holiday and if I could have understood this dream if it was related maybe I could have taken better care. I don’t know but maybe from my future dream interpretations it can help me avoid future mistakes. I will have to put this to the test I think. Maybe I can share in a future blog post.

Seeing a Video of Yourself as a Small Child In a Dream

This was a different dream from a few nights ago after getting home from Lanzarote. Very strange as I had a feeling in this dream that whilst I was watching this video I was consciously about 2-3 years old again and it was kind of quite sad like your whole life that has all happened since when things were so much easier and stress-free.

Here is what I got from ChatGPT;

Dreams involving revisiting or observing oneself at a different age often carry symbolic significance. Here are some possible interpretations for your dream of watching an old video of yourself as a 2-3-year-old child:

  1. Nostalgia and Reflection:
    • The dream might reflect a sense of nostalgia, prompting you to look back at your past, possibly a time when life seemed simpler and more carefree.
    • It could be an opportunity for reflection, encouraging you to revisit aspects of your childhood and gain insights into your present self.
  2. Self-Discovery:
    • Seeing yourself as a young child in a dream could symbolize a desire for self-discovery or a journey into your ‘own’ psyche.
    • It might suggest that you are exploring or trying to understand certain aspects of your personality, emotions, or memories.
  3. Unresolved Issues:
    • Having dreams about your childhood may bring attention to unresolved issues or experiences from that time. It could be an invitation to address and heal any lingering emotions or concerns related to your early years.
  4. Innocence and Simplicity:
    • Watching a video of your younger self could symbolize a longing for the innocence and simplicity associated with childhood.
    • It might signify a desire to reconnect with a more carefree and uninhibited version of yourself.
  5. Life Transitions:
    • Dreams of different life stages may coincide with times of change or transition in waking life. It could indicate that you are undergoing a period of reflection as you navigate a new phase in your life.
  6. Personal Growth:
    • The dream might suggest that you are in a process of personal growth and development, acknowledging the various stages of your life and the lessons learned along the way.

As dreams are highly personal, it’s essential to consider your feelings, experiences, and the context of your life when interpreting them. Reflect on the emotions and themes present in the dream, and think about how they may relate to your current circumstances or internal thoughts and feelings.

Like I don’t know what this could mean probably self-discovery or personal growth. I will take that and run with it I think but now how about this.

Dreaming About Wolves

Getting a bit long on this blog post now but please bear with me. In another dream I had recently I was in a circle I think with a Lion, a Bear, a Wolf and I think it was a Kangaroo. I don’t remember very clearly but I walked out of the circle and there was another Wolf that was a different color.

This makes me think about the Native American saying.

“The Wolf that Wins is the Wolf That You Feed The Most”

the native american proverb about wolves

In my Dictionary of Dreams Book, it says – To Dream of a Wolf shows That You Have a Theiving Person In Your Employ Who Will Betray Your Secrets.

I would hope not that this was what this dream was about. I think it was more about duality and my battles with sobriety, depression, and fatigue in contrast to doing what makes me happy and making progress toward a better future but I think STILL, I will ask ChatGPT.

“ChatGPT what does it mean to dream about being in the middle of a circle with a different animal at the top, bottom, left, and right? The animals are a lion, a bear, a kangaroo, and a wolf. I then dream about leaving the circle where I meet a 2nd wolf that is a different color. So a Light Wolf and a Dark Wolf”.

Dreams with symbolic imagery, such as animals and circles, often carry personal meaning and can be interpreted in various ways.

Here are some possible interpretations of the elements in your dream:

1.) Being in the Middle of a Circle:

Circles can symbolize unity, wholeness, or cycles. Being in the center of a circle might suggest a sense of balance or equilibrium in your life.

The placement of different animals at the top, bottom, left, and right could represent various aspects or influences in your life, each with its unique qualities.


2.) Animals (Lion, Bear, Kangaroo, Wolf):

Animals in dreams often represent different aspects of the dreamer’s personality, emotions, or external influences.

The lion might symbolize courage, strength, or leadership.

The bear could represent strength, introspection, or a need for solitude.

The kangaroo might symbolize adaptability, agility, or the need to hop over obstacles.

The wolf is often associated with instincts, social connections, or a wild and untamed aspect of oneself.

*Note: I love what it says in my book “The Giant Dictionary of Dreams” about Kangaroos.

“To Dream About a Kangaroo means you will Outwit a Wily Enemy Who Seeks To Place You In an Unfavorable Position Before The Public and The Person You Are Striving To Win Over”.

For anyone who knows me personally, I guess it could also mean I’m obsessed with Kangaroos and this image just makes me laugh so much.

the kangaroo court is now in session hear ye hear ye

But seriously besides this.

3.) Leaving the Circle:

Leaving the circle in the dream may indicate a desire for change, growth, or exploration outside your current comfort zone.

It could signify a need to break free from established patterns or relationships to discover new perspectives. And…

4.) Encountering a Light Wolf and a Dark Wolf:

Wolves are often seen as symbols of instincts, social connections, and the wild aspects of human nature.

The light and dark wolves may represent contrasting or complementary aspects of your personality or emotions.

This duality might suggest a need for balance or integration of different qualities within yourself.

I think I think this is a need to rebalance my light and darkness. My darkness has ‘definitely’ been dominating me more for at least the past month or so – so I will take that.


Dreaming About Platypuses or Platypi

So I saw that my friend posted on Facebook about one of her strange dreams she had recently. I didn’t comment on this but her dream was about Platypuses.

I think she said it was a dream about her wondering about what the plural for a Platypus is and not the actual animal. I mean I think In dreams like this I find where you’re trying to answer a question I believe this is the body’s natural way of keeping you asleep for longer whilst it carries out its maintenance functions. Kind of like a natural restoration program during deep sleep but STILL…

When I saw her post I was thinking about what I do with my own dream meanings. This made me think about What a Platypus could ‘actually’ symbolize as this is pretty obscure and random. There is unsurprisingly nothing in my “Giant Dictionary of Dreams” but here is what it says on ChatGPT.

I love the answers it comes up with sometimes and this one I think is as good as any I’ve had before. Now…

Dreams featuring platypuses (plural of platypus) can be intriguing and may hold various symbolic meanings.

Here are some possible interpretations:

  1. Uniqueness and Individuality:
    • The platypus is a unique and unusual animal, known for its combination of features from different species. Dreaming of platypuses could symbolize a celebration of individuality and uniqueness.
    • It might suggest that you appreciate and value the diverse and unconventional aspects of yourself or others.
  2. Adaptability:
    • Platypuses are highly adaptable creatures. Dreaming of them might indicate that you are navigating various situations in your life with flexibility and resourcefulness.
    • It could be a reminder to stay open-minded and be willing to adapt to changing circumstances.
  3. Integration of Opposites:
    • Platypuses have features of both mammals and reptiles. Dreaming of them might symbolize the integration of seemingly contradictory aspects within yourself or in your life.
    • It could suggest a harmonious blending of different qualities, ideas, or experiences.
  4. Curiosity and Exploration:
    • Platypuses are intriguing animals that have sparked curiosity for centuries. Dreaming of them might signify a period of curiosity, exploration, or a quest for knowledge in your waking life.
    • It could be a call to remain open to new ideas and experiences.
  5. Connection to Nature:
    • Platypuses are native to Australia and are often associated with unique and diverse ecosystems. Dreaming of platypuses may symbolize a desire to connect with nature or a need for more authenticity in your life.
  6. Creativity and Playfulness:
    • The whimsical nature of the platypus may represent a call for creativity and playfulness in your waking life.
    • It could encourage you to approach challenges with a sense of humor and lightheartedness.

So, I will share this with my friend. I realize it might be a bit long for her but just to summarize about Platypi in your dreams.

As with any dream, the most accurate interpretation will depend on your ‘personal’ associations, feelings during the dream, and the context of your life. Consider the role of platypuses in your dream and how their characteristics might relate to your thoughts, emotions, or experiences at the time of the dream.


In Conclusion

So this is my 3rd post now about my dream meanings. I will continue to post more about my future dreams but just in case you’re curious.

The last 2 posts I will share below;

This has been quite an insightful experience for me whilst doing this. I would urge anyone who has a dream that is clear inside their mind after waking up to write this all down.

If you don’t have time just make quick notes of things you remember. For example; A Red Car, a certain animal, a place you visited, or a type of food you might be surprised because anything can be significant in a dream. And what’s more, each dream sign can have a meaning that can affect your future.

Many claim that dreams can foresee what’s ahead and can help you become more Intuitive towards the times that lay ahead. This isn’t something I say but many Oneirologist’s throughout history.

I shall finish off this blog post off here but if you would like to share your thoughts in the comments below would be great to hear from you.

All the Best For Now

Alex B. Capra

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