Meditation for Musicians and Artists

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Hi Guys,  So I’ve had this idea for a few weeks now.  Meditation for Musicians and Artists.  The reason being I was talking to a friend recently that hosts Open Mic sessions which I sometimes go to.  I was saying about this website Meditation24x7.com and what he said was that if I watched him just before he’s about to perform he will briefly meditate.

What he explained was that this was something he had picked up over the years to help him become more focused and to overcome performance anxiety.  I only know too well.  By no means am I anything more than an amateur but I’ve definitely experienced my fair share of stage fright.  Spending hours practicing learning lyrics to just forget them due to how nervous I’m feeling.  Having my moment and just not being able to deliver the goods.

I’m not sure if this is the same for my friend or he just feels as if it increases his performance but after looking this up the same as everything else for this website this is definitely something that people do.

Meditation for Musicians

As a musician there is a whole plethora of benefits.  At its very foundation music is a creative process.  The aim of a musician fundamentally is to either create or recreate a piece of music.

This along with sound mastering, acoustics and performing are all parts of this process from start to finish.  All of which can bring their own problems and stress.  Song writing and producing as well can be just as frustrating.  Writer’s block especially is something that Meditation can help with.

In summary, the benefits of Meditation for Musicians are as follows;

1.)  Finding Inspiration
2.)  Song Writing and Producing
3.)  Focusing on Sound(s)
4.)  Quality of Work
5.)  Confidence and Overcoming Anxiety
6.)  Performance Ability
7.)  Stress Relief and Relaxation

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Meditation for Artists

7 Reasons to Meditate if You Write or Make Art

Similar to Music is Art.  Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, or Model Making.  Even movie-making or writing a book.  To say that Art is an umbrella term is an understatement.  Look at all the great buildings around the world like the Taj Mahal or the Pyramids of Giza.  These are all works of Art.  Created by somebody’s artistic vision.

Alike using Meditation for Music Meditation for creating Art can be harnessed in the same way.  If you’re screwing up balls of paper and throwing them in the bin one after another then why not just try for at least a few minutes.  If you know how then take longer.  Even try creating Art before and after Meditation see what difference it makes.

It might not appear as clear as you think it will be but here is the question – what are the biggest obstacles for artists?

For starters there needs to be discipline, to not give up.  Being able to overcome outside distractions.  Making the best creative choices and decisions.  Thinking positively instead of negatively.  When is the final product ready?  It can seem like the hardest things in the creation process are not even the Art itself but every single mental process that goes hand in hand together.  Art is not created by these mental processes though the more naturally you let it happen the better it will be.

Using Zen Meditation

Zen Meditation from its origins in China is a technique of clearing your mind of all thoughts.  Bringing yourself at one with peace and harmony.  For an artist, it might seem silly that I would suggest this.  Using a technique to empty one’s thoughts but here is the thing.  This isn’t for removing all your creative thoughts it is for removing unhealthy negative thoughts that are preventing the natural flow of your Artwork.

Once your mind is clear you can return to the task at hand ready and reinvigorated.  Finding your inner peace and creative flow ready to begin once again.  From Zen Meditation you can directly tackle creative blockages right at the very core.  So whether it is either Music or Visual Art you can establish your artistic end products with ease and satisfaction.


Putting Creative Meditation Into Practice

Using meditation for the enhancement of creative activities can be as simple as just taking a couple of minutes to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.   Kind of like my friend who does this before he plays the drums.  Just taking this 2-3 minutes in advance for him is a must but for anyone else that wants to tr,y there is a program called 3-Minute Meditations.

See link above or visit website:  http://www.3minutemeditations.com

Other than this for anyone that would like to learn Meditation for things like stress relief or deeper anxiety issues than I would suggest Guided Meditation.  Any kind is good really but with this, you get a tutor to guide you through the process which for any beginner I think has massive benefits.

In Conclusion

For myself, as an amateur musician, it has been a huge honor to cover this topic today.  Since my conversation with my friend, it has made think about trying short meditations myself before I perform my songs.  Really the word talent to me it’s an ability that has to be unlocked.  If we only use 8% of our brains or whatever it is then what can you do if you unlock the other 92%?

Truly I believe this is where artistic ability stems from.  It’s true that there are other things that I think our brains can do that are just totally unbelievable but Art and Music definitely I think borderline covers this.  Like how many Artists make songs for example that we hear which are just beyond amazing.

How is it that us regular folks are just not anywhere near as capable of the same feats.  Why can’t the average Joe just walk into a studio and make a number one hit single?

I would say because there is something magic.  Something that is mystical going on at a mental level.

for Musicians I think definitely is relative to this because what it does is exercise the mind.  What I wonder is if it actually is accessing the part we use during dreaming? and if it is this that which is behind human creativity.  Could this if so not explain why this is so beneficial to creative people.

For artists, I would 100% recommend Meditation on so many levels.  Even someone that isn’t very talented that has aspirations do it is what I think.  Unlock your hidden potential.

See some of my links that are highlighted above!

You can do whatever your mind to but on a final note.

May the Peace be With You!

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Best Wishes x


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