Using Guided Meditation for Cancer Patients

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Hello everyone,  Alex here.  For today’s post, I’m going to cover Using Guided Meditation for Cancer Patients.  Again it’s another quite sensitive subject.  I know. Seem to be writing about a lot of these lately but if I’m being truthful these are just the kinds of things that are coming up in my research.  Just as well really I suppose as these are very important topics that need attention.

To be fair I had my reservations about this one.  Cancer is a horrible disease and sensitive doesn’t really cover it, subject matter wise, but still again I believe that this is something else that meditation can help with.

From my previous research, I looked at energy healing and blocked meridian centers.  This made me think if there might be something to all this.  The thing what caught my attention was what I read about the links between practicing Meditation and boosting the immune system (related post).

The other thing is something else I read a few years back about Cancer being caused by a lack of oxygen to affected body parts.  Interesting as a big part of Meditation is breathing exercises.  Which makes me wonder is though if this could actually work.  If Meditation for healing Cancer could be an actual thing.

Disclaimer:  For anyone with Cancer, by all means, try out meditation I want you to but please seek advice from GP involving existing medical recommendations before making any hasty decisions based on this information involving your current treatment.  The last thing I want from this article is to give people false hope.  I want people to try meditation yes but not if it puts people’s lives in danger.

What is Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation is exactly what it says it is – Meditation with the help of a guide.  There are two main ways of taking this action.  One is with a teacher and the other is through a voice recording.  Many books, audio products and videos are available including some on YouTube.

See this video for a demonstration;

Using Guided Meditation for Cancer Patients

As mentioned above Guided Meditation for beginners is a sensible way to go.  Truth be told I can write this or that about how you can sit on the floor in the lotus position, close your eyes and take deep breaths.  How meditation is so easy that anyone can do it but this is not exactly correct.

Logically Guided Meditation works because it is direct.  Straight to the point.  It’s someone else teaching you instead of going through the process of learning on your own.  This definitely 100% doable but let’s face it most people will not have the patience and self-discipline.

For something like Guided Meditation for Cancer Patients, it is probably the best route out of the options available.  The reason being it is a definite way to make sure that you are actually learning how to meditate.  That you’re developing the mental tools that could hypothetically trigger the beginning of the recovery process.

Recovering from Cancer and Meditation

For people lucky enough to beat this dreaded disease there is often the very unfortunate possibility of it returning.  Indeed the worst thing about Cancer, after all the lives it is cruel enough to take is how hard it is to get rid of.  The main thing that will be recommended for recovering patients is a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.  Things like eating certain foods and exercising but again some people at least Meditation can help.

I made a bit of a mistake in an article that I wrote recently saying that Meditation was easy.  Since writing this I think I was wrong.  It is something that requires the training of your mind.  To achieve what people would actually claim to be a deep meditative state, that can activate the regeneration of damaged cells, it takes a lot of practice.

For someone though to truly dedicate themselves to something such as Meditation it can only be a positive thing.  Then for it to actually work is double the reward.  If nothing else something like Meditation or Yoga Class is an activity.  Exactly what any doctor would recommend.  To find an activity to become involved with.

Meditation and Cancer: Does it Help?

>>>Strength Renewed: Meditations for Your Journey through Breast Cancer by Shirley Corder<<< is a book about a Breast Cancer survivor that used mediation.  For anybody reading this article that suffers from Cancer as either a patient or as a friend, or relative this book is an amazing inspirational story.  What’s more for anybody that uses a kindle this can be downloaded from Amazon for free.  See the trailer for the book below;

Purchase Here: https://amzn.to/34cR0OC

Another book that may be helpful is this one Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery: A Step-by-step MBSR Approach to Help You Cope with Treatment and Reclaim Your Life by Linda E. Carlson.  It is basically everything that I have discussed in this post so far and one way at least to put some of these ideas into action.

Based on the MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) approach to Cancer Recovery.  This book which is effectively an 8-week program provides techniques to not only prepare patients for treatment but also to manage Stress and Anxiety.  Its claim perhaps of all though is that with these techniques you can bolster your Immune system with meditation.

Purchase Link >>>Here<<<


All in all, I think I am pretty satisfied with this post.  If somebody reads this and it helps them then I’ll be happy.  Fortunately for myself, I’ve never had to yet deal with myself or somebody close to me suffer from this horrible evil disease.  I say yet as it’s always possible.  As much as I hate the idea that any of the people already in my life or that I’m yet to meet could suffer in this way doesn’t even bear thinking about.  Sadly though for all of us at some level at least, this is a very real danger.

The day that the world never has to worry about Cancer is the day the world can start to smile.  Until then, of course, there are many alternative holistic treatments such as cannabis oil and other healing herbs that can help but Meditation is definitely something to look into.  Even the book mentioned above states, there is a kind of Meditation program that exists for recovering Cancer patients already called MBSR.  Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.

I just think that this only makes Using Guided Meditation for Cancer Patients even more credible.  What I hope is it becomes more of an active treatment for people in the future.  As to me it just has too much potential.

What are your thoughts though?  Please feel free to leave your questions, ideas, and feedback in the comments below.

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May the Peace Be with You!

Best Wishes from Alex


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  1. Thanks Alex for talking about this. I am lucky enough to have never been diagnosed with cancer but I am a regular meditator (is that a word?). Do you feel meditation is good for other issues? I learned to meditate as a way to help with PTSD and really feel it works.

    1. Hi Thomas,  I think that meditation can help with all issues.  It’s exercising your spiritual energy and I really do think there is something to this.  I’ll be looking at writing many things over the coming weeks I think.  PTSD I may look into as well I think.

  2. hello i want to use this opportunity to thank you for creating such a great website and writing an article on using guided meditation  for cancer patients. i had to read through the entire page again but i could clearly understand everything that you pointed out. thank you very much

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi Smoochi,  Thank you I’m glad that you liked it.

  3. Stephen Peter Jones says:

    Hi There, your website is really informative and I used to be big on the old karma and spiritual side of things after living in Thailand for five years and being able to go to some of the monks retreats. I wasn’t sure it could help cancer but when you think about it’s all about the body and mind.


    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi Steve,  I like to believe it can help anything.  It’s a difficult thing with cancer as it is such a dangerous condition but this isn’t just information I’ve thought up myself.  There is a lot of articles online and I think it is something that can at least help definitely. 

  4. Joy Talukdar says:

    Hi, Alex, I see your post. Thanks for your post today. Again use the directions for topics related to your cancer situation. I didn’t know before. I recently found out about writing topics.

    I know this is a terrible cancer situation and in the end, it can’t be done, because my grandmother died of cancer. Link to resistance to discussion and review. I hope your post does not disappoint.

    I knew about cancer years ago that a part of their body was exposed to oxygen. The truth is that it is not possible to do the right thing when someone is shocked to be a big part of the important meeting. If the study is true for Westmeyer in cancer

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi Joy,  Thanks for reading there is a lot about this topic that could be further studied I think but what I find interesting is that even in mainstream healthcare they have the whole MBSR thing and for recovering patients they recommend Yoga.  I hope this article is received well to be fair.  It’s a bit scary very horrible thing to happen to people.

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