Opening your Third Eye – Secrets of the Human Mind

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Hi Guys,  So I’ve recently hired somebody to help out with the website.  Maybe a future team member we shall see.  Anyway, She had a few ideas I never considered myself.  Out of them there was one I would say that really piqued my interest.  The idea of using meditation for Opening Your Third Eye.

This I thought was an excellent idea for something to write about.  If people don’t know what this is then I will try to explain.

So the Third Eye is the 2nd Chakra, after the Crown Chakra.  It is commonly associated with the Pineal Gland.  A small ‘pinecone shaped’ endocrine gland in our brains that produces melatonin.

This for anybody that is interested is a hormone that regulates sleep and is believed to aid in the human reproductive cycles.

To Open the Third Eye though is a metaphysical concept which throughout history symbolically has been very well documented.  The most example is maybe ‘the eye on the pyramid’ or the Ancient Egyptian Symbol ‘The Eye of Horus’.

What does the Third Eye Actually

An interesting question – what are the benefits of opening your Third Eye? and what does it actually do?

So the Pineal Gland or Conarium part of our brain is generally thought to just regulate our sleep-wake and sexual reproduction cycles.  Where It is located is between both hemispheres of the brain.  Its purpose is not fully understood except that it releases the chemical melatonin.

As for what ‘The Third Eye’ actually is in esoteric circles it is said to have a very special, and spiritual significance.  It is the doorway to the unknown, the unseen and intuitive wisdom.

After opening this mystic gateway it is said a kind of sixth sense is unlocked. Which is able to transcend the regular 5 senses to higher levels of consciousness.

To bring perception beyond ordinary sight.  Once your third eye has been opened no longer will errors of judgment affect you?  Misguided thoughts and holes in your logic affect your rationale.  If you’ve ever had a gut feeling about something, an inclination than imagine this being amplified to dead-on certainty.

How true this is, I don’t know, so please don’t shoot the messenger but one thing I will say is once you begin exercising this concept you will definitely notice what appears to be exactly what is said to be there.  A Third Eye outside of your Physical body!

Opening Your Third Eye Chakra

You probably see this one coming.  Opening your Third Eye with  Meditation.  Through meditative states, you can bring focus to this area of your body.  As strange as this sounds close your eyes and focus on different parts of your body.  Then focus on your eyes and from there you can move on to focusing on your third eye.

In your light subconscious state, you should be able to feel it just try not to confuse with your crown chakra which is just above.

Opening your third eye without Meditation is possible (I think).  For some, I believe it can be a very natural process that just happens on its own.  For most of us though at least this is something that needs to be unlocked.

To activate your 3rd eye there is a number of things that can help this process.

1.)  As mentioned above Meditation and follow these 3 steps;
a.)  Locate your Third Eye Chakra
b.)  Practice Opening and Closing
c.) Focus on keeping it Open

2.)  Direct Sunlight and outdoor exercise

3.)  Sleeping at the right times according to your body clock.

3.)  Healthy eating, good nutrition, and clean filtered water.

3.)  Creative activities such as art and music

4.)  Practicing Visualization, Remote Viewing, and Lucid Dreaming.

*Note – these are just some ideas I’ve picked up from other websites but generally speaking these are all things that I think can help.  Personally, I think my Third Eye has been opened or at least has been before during certain times.  I am no expert but I will try to explain as best as possible;

How do you know when your 3rd Eye has been opened?


Knowing your 3rd eye has been opened is for me at least a difficult one.  Based on what I’ve read through you should feel a sensation between your eyebrows of a kind of pressure pushing outwards.  This is your third eye expanding.  You should also notice a change in what foods you choose to eat.  This is your intuition telling you what is good and what isn’t.  Many foods these days especially processed foods can be very unhealthy and actually these can calcify the Pineal gland..

Other signs include;

Perception beyond duality – A feeling of being one with all that is alive and the universe as a whole.  
Change of Thought Patterns
– Leaving behind your old ways of thinking and becoming more wiser, sensible and clear-headed.  Heightened Concentration and Focus – Developing a greater understanding of more difficult concepts, and the ability to learn new things.  Unlocking of Psychic Powers – Things like Telepathy, Clairvoyance, ESP and Remote Viewing.  Increased Awareness – Being able to notice things going on around you to a higher degree and being able to react with more clarity in a more calculated way.

Tips for Opening your Third Eye

I think I’ve more or less covered this above.  Meditation goes without saying.  Look for Third Eye Meditation or Guided Meditation.   One suggestion is reading up on the topic.  There is a few books available on Amazon.  Click on image to go to link;

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Another tip is to purchase a decent water filter or water filtration system. This is to clean your water from fluoride.  I said above about how the pineal gland can become calcified from processed food and fluoridated water.  Plus toothpaste.  Look out for Fluoride free.


Finally, a well balanced healthy diet unsurprisingly is very important.  Eating things like fresh vegetables can help a great deal, but not only this.  It is also important to use good quality cookware.  This is because in some cheap pans they can release EDC’s (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals) into the cooking water and food. Not good being that the Pineal Gland is part of the Endocrine System.


As a regular meditator, there are many benefits.  Stress relief, peace of mind and relaxation.  Increased spirituality is definitely something else.  This is without the Opening of the Third Eye.

For myself, I have had many Lucid dream experiences that have been totally unreal.  So I for one can that there is more to life than meets the untrained eye.  Is it worth exploring though – this I will leave up to you the reader.

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Stay Happy and Healthy

and May the Peace Be with You

Best Wishes


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  1. David nelson says:

    Hello there,thanks for sharing this awesome article as I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.A few years back I had encountered a similar article lie this one and I swear it change my think and I having look for more indepth knowledge on unlocking my third party eye

    After reading you article I have gotten even more knowledge before now I thought I was on a wide goose chase but I think I am as I now have a better understanding of what I what to achieve



    1. Hi David,  Great to hear did you see the book – Third Eye Awakening this might worth taking a read I think if your interested in this kind of thing see link;  https://amzn.to/2Tpbmka

  2. Chimmhogevagreenesnr says:

    Wow😲! In my whole life I have never heard of the third eye being significant to the human mind. You actually did well by break it down for the better understanding of every one who reads it! 

    For me, I naturally don’t believe in spiritual things but I just don’t have a choice than believe this as it’s very real!

    1. Hi Chim, Yes I know what you mean some things just don’t seem real.  I think it is always possible stuff like this could be nonsense but on the other hand, there is so much in this world that we can’t explain.  I feel that I can feel something myself but whether this is just the power of suggestion or not I don’t know.

  3. This is very interesting stuff, I have obviously heard of meditation, and a “third eye”, but I always thought that it was just a myth. However between the fluoride in the water and all of our processed food then it would make sense that it would be difficult for most of us to open our third eye. Does bottled water contain fluoride as well? I think I will start drinking that instead! Just the peace of mind and relaxation is appealing to me though, I appreciate you sharing this!

    1. I drink bottled water for this reason but I’m quite certain that it still isn’t exactly pure.  A water filter is a way to go I think.  I don’t own one but will be looking to get one in the future just as an extra measure.

  4. Nice article on the third eye and on how it can be opened – via meditation. Thanks also for pointing out the benefits of meditation, like Stress relief, peace of mind and relaxation, which are worthy to note. However, your website is clustered with a lot of social media handles which I believe can be much more organized for a much better interface. Thanks

    1. Hi Juliet,  Yes I agree this will be something I will be looking to resolve very soon.

  5. I got some really great ideas from this article. I appreciate your efforts. Meditation is the calming of the mind. Your website has also mentioned various types of meditation.
    Meditation is a very broad subject. Meditation is a subject that should be practiced systematically. There are many benefits to it. You have looked at meditation in a new way. Very happy indeed. There is a great trend in western countries about meditation. So there is a great opportunity to rank your niche. I am always with you.
    Congratulations on your journey.
    I wish you all the best!!!

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