Meditation for the Immune System

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Hi Guys,  So I’ve been thinking about writing a post about the current coronavirus epidemic facing the world.  Personally, I am a bit of a skeptic.  My opinion is we will see how this affects people over the next few months.  If it is as dangerous a problem as the media has painted it out to be, or if it is just scaremongering.  Some sinister elite agenda, or mainstream paranoia.  Either way, my idea for this post is Meditation for the Immune System.

Links between Stress and Illness

Happy is healthy.  It’s a very interesting idea.  That being stressed out, worried, or angry can make it easier for you to become ill.  What’s more, it can actually make you more prone to catching bacterial infections and viruses by making your immunity weaker.  Something that has been said by the holistic community for many years now.  Not only this but what is proven that stress does increase your heart rate through the release of adrenaline.  So could this actually be true?

A very bold claim I think but how about this.  A study by the University of Wisconsin taken in the early 2000s which showed that people who meditated (which has been linked with stress relief) had much stronger immune systems.  Even older people that are usually expected to have weaker immunity to illness reportedly showed incredible results.

The tests that were taken involved 2 different groups.  One that didn’t Meditate and another that did.  Both were given a flu vaccine at 4 and 8 weeks.  The main data collected from these tests were for antibodies.  The cells in our immune system that protect us against illness.  Interestingly, out of the 2 groups, the Meditators showed the biggest increase in antibodies.

Whether it is the stress relief or something else that is what actually affects the immune system this is not known.  It is the logical answer though.  That you can use Meditation for a Stronger Immune System.  As crazy as it sounds you only have to look at studies like the one above.

Meditation for the Immune System

So our immune systems are what stop us from getting sick.  For somebody with a weak immune system, there can be a real danger to be around other people especially for this reason.  Even people that aren’t sick.   It is, of course, thought to be more of a risk to be around somebody with an infection or illness but generally, somebody with poor hygiene for example that isn’t ill can sometimes pose just as much of a risk.

How somebody can carry such a thing as viruses and bacteria without becoming unwell is because of their immunity.  What antibodies do is protect our healthy cells from unwanted foreign bodies.  For our immune systems to function well there can be a lot of factors; diet, personal hygiene, environment, fitness, and wellbeing, plus stress, and fatigue just to name some.

To kill bacteria and viruses it is not always so easy.  By washing your hands often and when necessary is important but building up your immunity is the safest way not to catch any unwelcome germs.

As stated above there are many things you can do it raise your immunity towards illness.  All of these are great but Meditation for one based on studies is something that should be seriously considered.   Of these studies which one suggests is Meditation increases Electrical activity on the left side of the brain.  By coincidence, this is the same part of our brains that controls our immune system.

Benefits of a Stronger Immunity

What else is there to say really.  The benefits of having a stronger immune system are clear.  Not only will it improve your own health and vitality but it will lessen the risk you are to others.  To get ill and for it to then affect the people closest to you, as a result, there is nothing worse.  Especially if it is the young, elderly or those that are already weak.

Imagine this though what if you can make yourself stronger.   Strengthen your body to the point where you aren’t the one catching colds when people you know are.  How much could this benefit the people you are most commonly in contact with?  Without them even knowing perhaps.  Think about this how can this directly affect you as you grow older? – building stronger immunity.

Meditations for Enhancing Your Immune System

After looking into this many things came up including Meditation for Cancer patients.  Something I’ve already written a post about.  To discuss this a little bit more – how about patients that use Chemotherapy treatment?  This is certainly relevant I think.  This is one case where a weak immune system is a massive cause for concern.  Something that Meditation could very possibly help with.

It isn’t the only condition that makes contact with others a serious health risk though.  Another condition is The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which is a very dangerous virus that attacks a healthy immune system.  This you can only imagine can make things terribly lonely for people that can’t see visitors in the hospital for example.  If there is such a thing as – Meditation for the Immune System – imagine the possibilities.

From what I’ve seen available online Amazon has several books that can get people on the right track if this is something they are willing to try.  Whether you are healthy or non-healthy-looking to boost your immunity.  There a few guides for anybody looking to try Meditation out.

Below are some that I have found that really seems to be on the topic;

1.)  A Meditation to Support a Healthy Immune System – Guided Imagery and Affirmations to Support the Protective Function of Immune Cells to Defeat Bacteria, Viruses and Cancer by Health Journeys  –

Type:  Audio CD
Price:  $17.98

Purchase Here:  https://amzn.to/2Q67xOu

2.)  Your Guided Meditation for Self-Healing – Strengthen Your Immune System with Self-Hypnosis, Healing Imagery and Body Scan by Sera Benia Verlag

Type:  MP3 Album
Price:  $9.49

Purchase Here:  https://amzn.to/2TUpHE8

3.)  Meditations for Enhancing Your Immune System by Hay House Bernie S. Siegel M.D

Type:  Audio CD
Price:  $70.00

Purchase Here:  https://amzn.to/2Q8GMsV


Writing this article I think has come at a very good time.  Whatever this current crisis the world is facing is.  Being strong and healthy goes beyond any virus outbreak or disease.  This might seem like I’m repeating the same mantra with yet another post about Meditation and health but as one of my aims for this site, it is to distribute helpful information to people.

What I believe is that publishing information that encourages people to try Meditation can be something that helps people.  I don’t believe I’m in the greatest health I have ever been but maybe I have been worse or will be worse.  Maybe I will become much healthier.  Since starting this website I’ve begun to meditate more and more but what I’m finding is the reasons to do so they just keep coming.  Meditation for the Immune System is just one of the latest.

So what I’m hoping this is something that people look at.  Please feel free to contact me or leave a comment down below and I will try my best to get back to you as swiftly as possible

and as always please Like and Share;

May the Peace Be with You

All the Best


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  1. This is a terrific post and really timely.  I have long felt that one´s morale directly links to our physical health.  The idea of meditation to boost your immunity “feels” right to me. I have no doubt that there is a direct link between stress and illness. The University of Wisconsin study is compelling evidence. I know when I am stressed I just don´t feel right but if I work out or meditate, somehow my body receives a boost.  I am also very impressed by how your site is presented, I mention this, as so often they are not.  I have bookmarked your page, as I I find the content so interesting and I think it could be helpful to reduce my stress and help my family.  Have a great day and thank you for sharing this amazing post. I really like your site.

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi Trevor,  Thank you so much.  I Will be working on this site more and more I think as I really feel it’s starting to come together.  Best wishes Alex

  2. The mind can influence how the body functions in more ways than most people can imagine. 

    An example would be to think of eating sour pineapples. In a few short seconds, your mouth starts watering. 

    But it goes beyond the physical. I read an interesting book titled “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton which shows how the mind can shape your reality.

    Thanks for writing and sharing this post.


  3. Changingworldnews says:

    This is a timely released article, as the world faces the issue of coronavirus. I am not a biologist but from this post i can understand how the immune system functions for the human health. A stronger immune system through meditation can prevent one from falling sick. This is a great piece of information to most of us. The attached books to your post will also be  very important to read, if you want to build a strong immune system and in consequence improves your health. I opened them and read through the summary page of the books and I strongly recommend it to everybody. I have one question: Can this technique help combat this coronavirus menace?

    Thanks for this wonderful post.

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi,  Thanks for such a kind response.  The books I definitely hope can help people.  Is there any in particular that interest you?  As for the Corona Virus outbreak, I would like to believe this can educate people to try out meditation and if the studies are to believed then this, in turn, can help reduce the spread of the virus.  Even maybe help people that are sick already.  Deep meditation is believed to help with cell regeneration so fingers crossed. 

  4. I’m a firm believer in practicing meditation for your immune system as well as overall stress relief.  As you stated, our levels of stress can have an impact on your immune system and your overall well-being.  

    A lot of people overlook the power of what a few minutes of deep relaxation and deep breathing can do for you daily.  After all, the basics of meditation are just that.  It doesn’t matter if your mind wanders during your meditation time, what matters is that you took that time out for yourself.

    I’ve taken care of people with serious illnesses and, during that time I would guide them through meditations to help fortify their immune system.  The results were clearly noticed.  One of the major things I observed is how their major fears dissipated with regular meditation practice.  That in turn, reduced their stress levels.  Even their doctors asked what they had done differently because their overall health had improved dramatically.

    If people used meditation as a form of prevention and overall well-being, I personally believe the entire world would be better for it! 

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi Fyre,  This is exactly what I want from people commenting.  To hear their experience and ideas plus to give me an idea of what kind of impact my article will have.  It’s interesting that you say you have introduced this idea to people.  Hopefully, this post will have a similar impact on people.

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