Doreen Virtue Angel Readings and Meditation

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Hi Everyone,  How are you all doing?  For today’s post I’m going to be looking at the work of a lady best known for her work with ‘angel readings‘ called Doreen Virtue.  The title of this post will be Doreen Virtue Angel Readings and Meditation. 

Her work I will warn people does hinge very much on the Christian faith.  I realise some of my readers may very well be of different faiths but please try and keep on open mind.  What I would like to try and explore is the universal aspects of what she teaches thrrough her work such as Doreen Virtue Meditations, Doreen Virtue Chakra Clearing, but also I want to shed some light on Doreen Virtue Angel Readings.  What these are, and Doreen Virtue Tarot cards.

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Who is Doreen Virtue?

Doreen Virtue

To begin with the main question you are most likely thinking is; Who is Doreen Virtue?  To be honest with you I am only just finding this out for myself.  From what i can gather, at a glance, she is a renowned ‘born again’ christian author from California, USA.   She come’s from a new age background, and a big part of her work she is most well known for is to do with messages from Angels, and what she calls her Angel Oracle Tarot Cards. 

Reading more from the Doreen Virtue website – her qualifications that she holds are both a B.A. and M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Chapman University.  A lot of her early work is very much hinged on this, but it is her work to do with the spiritual side of things which I’d like to discuss in this post. 

She has mostly now, if not completely given up on a lot of these ideas which I will be discussing today for a more religious approach.  None-the-less though these teachings about these things such as Meditation and Chakra Clearing along with her Angel cards will be the main focus of this articlle. 

Plus on these topics I will also be delving into how these practices work, as well as looking at a few related products.

Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reading – How it Works

So, for anybody that is interested in the practice of Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reading this is a concept which involves using special cards to access the energy of Angels.  The origins of these card readings come from what are called Oracle cards.  Special cards featuring symbolic pictures with precise meanings said to originate from Gypsies. 

Angels cards including doreen virtue angel oracle cards are mostly an evolution from out of the new age movement.  Decks including Doreen Virtues Healing With the Angels, & Archangel Oracle cards usually pair up an Angel with a concept. 

These supposedly work within the barriers of six realms; reflection, partnership, integration, alignment, rejuvenation, and nourishment.  The result is meant to be the healing of your mind, body, and spirit from a divine source.

Find out more:

or,  see demonstration below of an actual Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reading ;

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Doreen Virtue Chakra Clearing

Chakras I have previously discussed here at meditation24x7.  Doreen Virtue Chakra Clearing  is actually the title of one of Doreen Virtues books which comes with a complimentary audio CD.  In essence it is Dorren Virtue teaching her own form of Chakra healing Meditation.  Actually both Doreen Virtue Chakra Clearing and Doreen Virtue Meditations are the same thing.

Purchase the Book Doreen Virtue Chakra Clearing 

Moving along though I will be discussing the above in more depth in the section below.  Mostly because it is the same thing, and I wanted to discuss the Meditation aspect in more detail.

Doreen Virtue Meditations

When listening to Doreen Virtue Meditation it usually coincides with a background Meditation music.  She begins by asking the listener to choose an intention.  What they are meditating for and why.  She continues by asking the listener to take breathing exercises for around 5 minutes then begins her Chakra Clearing by describing the Root Chakra at the base of the spine.  This contines for a few minutes before guiding through each Chakra one by one.

Descrbing each one for it’s powers, and the aspects it is representative of.  For example the Root Chakra Doreen describes as a glowing red and that it’s powers are for good fortune, stability and trust.    Then the Sacral Chakra she describes as being Orange and having the power of creation, sexuality and sensuality.

Each seven are all mentioned in a similar light ending with the crown chakra.

See video below to see what I mean;

Final Thoughts

My inspiration for this post is kind of interesting.  I was searching keywords for another post and I stumbled across Doreen Virtues work as a result.  Angels are something that has piqued my interest in the past.  I believe in both Angels and Demons personally.  Most supernatural things actually I’m open to the idea of. 

This was it for me really the opportunity to learn a bit more about this area of spirituality.  Also to add some desperately needed content for the site.  Have been having some trouble in this department if I’m being honest.

About Doreen Virtue though I was kind of a bit disappointed to hear that she no longer does her thing with the Angel Cards and the new age movement but from what I can gather what she has published is plenty, and for anybody that is interested you can still find her old work at places such as Amazon and eBay.

Anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and hope to have you again.

May the Peace Be with You x

Best wishes


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