Lucid Dreams and Meditation – The Common Link

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Hi Guys,  What else can I say?  This post will be about the link between Lucid Dreams and Meditation.  Lucid Dreaming for me is something I’ve wanted to write about since the very beginning of this website.  Actually I was considering creating a new site especially but it dawned on me very recently that I could write something on this website here as apparently Meditation could be used to induce lucid dreaming.

Lucid Dreams and Meditation

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My Personal Experience of Lucid Dreams

For anyone to ever experience Lucid Dreams it can be very much, a life-changing thing.  It isn’t always a pleasant experience for everyone each time but for the people that do have good experiences, it can be an amazing feeling.  Which I myself know from my own encounters, how good it can be.  It is something that I’m sure that people will want to happen again and again.

For a lot of people though these kinds of dreaming experiences can be few and far between.  I have personally gone many weeks of having regular lucid dreams to going months and months without even having one.

In most cases, mine will usually occur from out of nightmares.  One such nightmare I used to have was being paralysed not being able to move, and having my bed covers pulled off of me.  It actually got to the stage that I didn’t like sleeping in my own bedroom but eventually, I welcomed these night terrors.  As when they would happen I knew I was dreaming, and once I knew I was dreaming I could control what was happening.

My Personal Experiences Continued…

Usually for me when I go Lucid I will do one of two or three things.  #1 Fly out the window #2 Open the window and jump out or, #3 go out the front door like any normal time.

As experiences go.  I’ve found my best ones have been travelling.  Kind of like visualisations.  I’ve heard that people can train themselves during these experiences to do absolutely all sorts of things but for myself, I’ve never really got to the stage of triggering lucid dreaming.  I know people do though apparently and meditation is something I’ve heard what people do.

What I found was that a lot of people actually go into Dreams thinking they are still awake.  I’ve found it’s not uncommon to be in a dream where I am actually in bed just laying there trying to get to sleep.  This I’ve found can be a good opportunity to try and notice things around you.  It’s very much like entering another reality where most things are the same but it could be something like instead of there being a chair by the wall there is a table.

Then it’s basically coming to the realization your in a lucid dream.  Then once you do you can begin.  You can leave the room where your physical body is still asleep to go off and explore.

Lucid Dreams

Inducing Lucid Dreams by Meditation isn’t something I’ve personally tried.  I have heard of using things like sleep masks, and even technology such as Entrainment Devices but just using Meditation I’ve not heard much about.  Although, for the purpose of this article this is what I’ll be looking into.

What I do know is Lucid Dreaming is linked to the Third Eye Chakra.  I wrote a little bit about this before.  How that certain abilities including being able to frequent Lucid Dreams could occur from this concept.   Opening your Third Eye.

The Third Eye is basically said to be the pineal gland which controls melatonin release, sleep-wake and reproduction cycles.  In relation, what’s kind of baffling is when you consider the link between sleep cycles, dreams and the pineal gland

How to Trigger Lucid Dreaming

One-Way that may or not help with triggering the lucid dream process is by decalcifying the pineal gland.  This might sound like rubbish to some people but it’s a proven fact that fluoride in our drinking water can cause calcification of the pineal gland.

If this is what new agers say it is the ‘Third Eye’, or the ‘Minds Eye’ which is responsible for things like wisdom, intuition, meta abilities such as telepathy, and of course Lucid Dreams than making sure you drink the purest cleanest water you can is obviously a given.  I actually wrote about this on my other blog if anyone would like to find out more;

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This and maybe taking certain detoxifying nutrients is the first thing to reverse any calcification.  Then there is familiarizing with your dreams, knowing that you are dreaming.  This is known as Mneumonic induction of lucid dreams (MILD).

Reflection I kind of mentioned above – familiarising with your environment so when your dreaming you notice what’s different.  Auto Suggestion – Having the intention that you will have a lucid dream.

Other than this there are drugs (not recommended).  Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) through equipment such as Entrainment devices and as expected Meditation.

Lucid Dreaming Guided Meditation

Of all the different types of Meditation to try for helping to induce Lucid dreaming Guided Meditation is one that I think can help especially.  The practice of guided meditation I’ve mentioned about before on this blog. It is when you meditate to somebody else talking either in person or by listening to a recording.

This is recommended to do whilst in bed.  To listen to a guided recording that sets the mood and purposely lead oneself into a sleeping state.  This concept is better explained in the snippet below, and also in the video that follows;

How to Lucid Dream screenshot

Final Thoughts

Right so coming to the end of another article that I’ve fully enjoyed writing.  I haven’t really had a lucid dream for a while at the time of writing this so some ideas that I could try out for myself here.  Mostly I think the ‘Forest of Dreams’ video above.

The only thing that bothers me though to be honest is that intentionally making yourself have a lucid dream doesn’t seem believable to me.  If anything I would guess it would be very difficult but then saying that to reach deep meditative states it does take practice.  Maybe I will just have to give it a go and see what happens.

For anybody else that seriously wants to train themselves there is a website that you may find useful.  It’s called Howtolucid.com.  It has many resources for e-learning and can help with a beginners course.

Your Feedback

As always please like and share.  Any way you can help distribute this content is always appreciated.  If you would like to leave a comment below your most welcome, and any questions I will try and get back to you with an answer ASAP

Look forward to seeing you again.

Many thanks for reading;


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  1. Ricky Gordon says:

    I found the connection to the pineal gland and our mindful well being to be quit interesting. It seem as another reason to make sure we are not poisoning our bodies with all the chemicals we ingest daily either knowingly or unknowingly. Inducing lucid dreams through guided meditation would seem an interesting prospect to try one day.

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi Ricky,  Thanks for taking the time to comment I fully agree with you.  Especially about trying the guided meditation part for another day.  I want to watch the forest of dreams video properly when I get the chance see what happens.

  2. Stephanie says:

    What exactly is a lucid dream? I’ve had similar experiences as the ones you’ve described, especially your nightmare one, but that usually used to happen to me during sleep paralysis. That other event you described of being aware of your surroundings while sleeping, is actually more common than what people may expect. It feels like a dejavú and sometimes you can’t even distinguish what was real and what wasn’t. 

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hello Stephanie,  To understand what a lucid dream is first you should now that the word lucid means awake.  So it’s in essence waking up inside a dream.  Everyone basically has 4 or 5 stages of sleep – REM sleep is  think the first stage and this is where lucid dreaming actually occurs.  If you are aware of your surroundings when your asleep then this is a lucid dream.  What I try and do during mine sometimes is maybe move an arm or leg like I would whilst i’m awake to make sure i’m lucid and just dreaming i’m having a lucid dream as it does happen lol.

      Maybe you should read into it if it interests you.  I can maybe send an ebook or something if you want.

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