Using Meditation to Treat Sports Injuries

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Hello Everyone,  How is everything?  Good, I hope.  One of a few ideas I’ve had recently about what to write about is Meditation and Sports.  For my last post, I covered the topic of using Meditation for Autism and ADHD and will be writing a few others like this in future posts, about different health conditions.  For this one, I will be discussing using meditation to treat sports injuries.  It’s just kind of an idea I’ve had recently really.  I’m quite interested in UK Football (Soccer) and often see what kind of impact injuries have on the game.

So one thing that I’ve wondered recently is if Meditation could be used to help athletes recover faster during their time out of the game.

Something that I did look at actually, and it did pull a few results up on google quite surprisingly.  Yoga I knew was used by athletes but what was interesting for me was what I read about Meditation.  Especially Mindfulness.  That this is being recommended more by Sports therapy and Medical professionals for their patients and clients to use during recovery and rehabilitation.

Sports Injuries Facts

Sports injuries are unfortunately part of the package for all athletes at some stage.  At least to some degree.  Depending on the sport there can be a number of different injuries that can happen.  Often these can have very dire consequences for an individual, or even worse a sports team.

In the case of a team, in particular, the worst-case scenario is that they might have to field players out of position or replace them with a player of lesser quality, or experience.  Even in some cases, younger players may have to face the burden of extra game time that they might not yet be ready for.  Usually, this can mean that others are injured after the initial injury to the individual.

Of these injuries, the main causes can be a number of things including;

  • Blunt Trauma Accidents
  • Poor Training Exercises
  • Overuse of Body Parts
  • Unnecessary Stretching or Warming Up
  • Lack of protection from protective gear

Although there are many different causes that can make an injury occur, with more physical sports they generally pose greater risks.  Meditation is not the only therapy that can be used for Sports Injuries not by a long shot, but  It is, however, the main topic of this article which I will discuss throughout in much further detail.

Using Meditation to Heal the Body

Beyond the mystical aspect of using Meditation to heal the body, there is something called pain perception.  This is where the athlete’s performance and even their recovery process is affected by how much attention is paid towards any respective injury.  Even more so for any athlete to catastrophize about the pain.  This can cause a feeling of enhanced sensitivity which in turn can trigger something called fear avoidance behavior.

This can be detrimental to an injured athlete’s progress if they say through their anxiety and discomfort they fail to train in the correct way.  In some cases, this can actually slow rehabilitation and recovery down as it can make an existing injury even worse than it already is.

With Mindfulness the benefits are very interesting.  Firstly for the obvious relaxation purposes and also acceptance of any given situation.  By focusing an athlete’s concerns to only focus on the present rather than the past and future.  This method can not only help by relieving anxiety and stress but also by encouraging a positive mentality that can help reprogram the athlete’s brain to recover more quickly.

So let’s say an athlete is concerned about getting back to fitness for a game in 2 weeks’ time.  This can be immediately destructive in the case that this athlete pushes themselves too hard to make a return to the game, too soon.  The extra pressure that they might put themselves under can actually be physically detrimental and in an ideal world could actually jeopardize the whole recovery process.

As for the worries about repeating the same injury, this can be just as bad as what is mentioned above.  This again is what’s called fear avoidance behavior and as a result, can really disrupt the body’s healing process.


Interesting Facts about Healing through Meditation

Without even discussing the healing aspect of Meditation.  The most interesting thing is how ‘more and more’ common this practice is becoming.  How widespread the Mindfulness movement is becoming seeing a huge increase in participants in just the last few years alone.  What’s more, studies have also shown that the number one reason for people taking up Meditation is wellness.

Research backs this up by saying that Meditation can help to relieve lower back pain, strengthen the immune system, relieve stress and positively impact chronic pain.  Other than this a common problem with today’s athletes and especially ex-athletes is depression.  This and getting a better night’s sleep are both something that can be treated by Meditation.  The list goes on.

Weight management, cognitive ability, mental awareness, anger management and a whole host of other things can help sports players.  Activities such as yoga, acupuncture and reiki healing are all aspects of Meditation used for Sports that can all have huge benefits.

The Benefits of Meditation to Athletes

Actually, it isn’t only sports injuries that Meditation can help with.  The other important thing is it can also help increase performance!  For either a single athlete or a whole team to be on a winning or losing streak is a mental process.  Effectively being in good spirits will give the individual more drive to win as opposed to an individual hoping the game will just be over because they aren’t enjoying themselves.

A situation that can actually have a knock-on effect.  As when one team member expresses negativity this can also and often does impact others they are around.  Why confronting the issue right at the source can be of a huge benefit.

The other thing with Mindfulness is it can help with both relaxation and refocusing the mind to your present situation.  To leave the past in the past and not to worry about the future until it is necessary.   It is very much like the saying;

“The Future and Past at this moment in time are either yet to exist or no longer exist.  The only time relative that does we call the present.  We call it this because it in itself is a gift”.

So the main benefits of Meditation for Sports are as follows;

  • Stress Relief, Relaxation,
  • Refocusing of the Mind,
  • Confidence Boosting,
  • Positive Mind Therapy
  • Targeting Fear Avoidance Behaviour
  • and Pain Perception.

Useful Products for Athletes Looking to Use Meditation:

For any Sportsman that has come across this article, I really hope that I have given you a few ideas to think about.  For this section of the article, I would like to share a few different products that any kind of athlete looking to begin practicing Meditation might find useful.

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In Conclusion:

For anyone who is an athlete that has suffered from injury problems Meditation is definitely worth a look at.  It isn’t a guaranteed fix – but what is?  This is an interesting thing for me and exactly why I’ve created this website.  The whole mystery aspect of it is what really fascinates me.  Like what are we?  Is there a divine energy source? and can this be used to recover from mental and physical health problems?

I think what says it all for me is just how much interest is being taken by people in recent times all across the world.  Like who knows maybe one of these days people will look at this information here and see how much things have changed.  When the time comes that Meditation is actually used in the mainstream for healing people.  It might sound a bit out there but I do wonder myself at least if this might be sooner than we all think.

I’m not sure about the rest of you but Please Comment Below, and leave your questions or reviews.  These can be about anything discussed in this post, and if you can I will try my best to respond as quickly as possible.

Also, Please Like and Share if you have enjoyed reading this article.

Peace to All

Best Wishes x


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