Reiki Healing for Animals and Pets

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Hi everyone,  After recently writing a post about Reiki Healing Meditation Music I was having a good think after.  About how Reiki works and that if it is good for humans than how about other living creatures – like Reiki Healing for Animals and Pets?

It sounds crazy I know.  I actually didn’t realize this was a thing.  It just seemed a little bit silly until looking it up, but yes such a thing does exist.

Meditation for Dogs. Meditation for Cats, and Reiki Healing for Horses. 

In fact, any kind of animal can have Reiki much the same as Humans do. This was what I learned that this is not so crazy after all.  Reiki Healing for Animals and Pets.  It is something that can be done, and apparently, it does work.  So for this article, this is exactly what I am going to cover.

How any pet owner, vets or anybody that looks after animals can learn how to use Reiki.

Reiki Healing for Animals

Yes, this is actually a thing, but is this as crazy as it really sounds?  Well, Think about it – if there is such a thing as healing Chakras in the human body.  Meridian systems with energy healing centers then surely this should apply to all living things.  Humans, Animals and yes even Plants.

Believe it or not.  Reiki for Plants – is an actual thing.

See link;

About Reiki for Pets though, or well any other animal for that matter.  Don’t worry! from what I’ve read about this it is safe.  The actual technique if done correctly involves no manipulation, prodding, pushing or pulling, and no needles are used.  Plus what’s more, It is said that for most animals they respond very well to this form of treatment.  Indeed according to some Reiki animal healers they (the animals) actually quite enjoy the experience.

It is after all not that much different than what humans experience.  Except that as animals are a lot more sensitive than for them it is more intense.  Quite simply put it’s because in many ways animals suffer from similar illnesses, and conditions the same as we do.  So Reiki for them works in the same way very much so only just that the animals can feel the healing power more than humans do.  It isn’t stronger but just that they can sense it a whole lot more.

>>>Learn How You Can Start Using Reiki for Animals Here<<<


Energy Healing for Animals

It’s the same as how it works for humans.  On a spiritual level our body’s all have seven main Chakras; at the top of our head (Crown Chakra), our Third Eye (Mind), our Throat (Voice), our Heart (Love), our Abdominal Area (Solar Plexus), Sacral (Sexual Organs) and by our Feet (Root Chakra).

Or if you like Meridians – spiritual lines that have energy centers located all around your body.  Of these there are 12 main ones – Reiki can be based on either Chakras or Meridian centers.  Although meridians are more closely related to acupuncture and acupressure.

Anyway, Depending on the size of the Animal a Reiki Healing session will differ.  Although generally rather than placing your hands, or at a short distance away from each Chakra or Meridian Centre, one-by-one, with Animals a Reiki Healer will usually place their hands where the animal is the most comfortable.

This is for obvious reasons.  Let’s say an animal has an open wound and you put your hand over it at the beginning of a Reiki healing session – you could actually hurt the animal, and depending on how they react they could hurt you.

Bottomline the last thing you want to do is cause the animal you are trying to heal distress.  Not only could it be dangerous if it all goes wrong, but it could totally ruin your session before it even begins.  To try and explain this a little better see the Youtube video below as a reference;

The Benefits of Learning Reiki for Animals

Curious Great grey owl in the winter forest

Reiki is used professionally by Vets and Animal Shelters all over the world.  Potentially it can be used anywhere with Animals including a Zoo, a Farm, places like Wildlife Reserves and even in an Animals Natural Habitat.

So, as a skill, Reiki Healing is a useful one to have.  For the benefit of helping sick and wounded Animals 100% but also there is a financially rewarding side as well.
As realistically there are many people out there that will happily pay for a Reiki healing session. As many people do already and with animals, it is no different.  Plus to learn it isn’t too difficult and there are plenty of courses available.  So as an investment, it really isn’t a bad idea at all.

A good example would be using Reiki on Racing Horses and Greyhounds.  Some of these animals are very valuable to their trainers – a successful animal can make their owners very rich.  It may even be the answer to helping these Animals win their races.

Then there is the other thing how it benefits the animals that are in good health already.  If you have your own pets Reiki can be used regardless of whatever physical or mental state to help maintain both psychological and physical well-being.

So as an investment learning Reiki could potentially be of a huge benefit to you and any of the Animals which you care for.  Good health for any living creature is such an important thing.  If you see the next part of the article I will include links for Reiki training courses for Animals.

Where to Start Training to Become a Reiki Animal Healer?

1.)  Animal Reiki Source

This website is maybe the best place to go.  Over 30 courses are available for beginners to intermediate.  Prices range from as little as $10 to over $1000.

Find link for Books >>>(Here)<<<
Find Courses >>>(Here)<<<

2.)  Rob Fellows

Simple Courses For Pets Health & Wellbeing. Color Manual, Qualification, Certificate, Attunements & On-going Support From International Reiki Master. Courses For Dogs, Cats, Horses, Dog Groomer.

*Live courses in the UK available £145 each.*

>>Home study courses are £125<<

The full list includes;

1.) Reiki for Dogs Home Study Course

2.)  Reiki for Cats Home Study Course

3.)  Reiki for Horses Home Study Course

4.) Reiki for Dog Groomers

5.)  Reiki Animal Healer

6.) Reiki for Stress Home Study Course

7.) Reiki Level Two

For more information about the course about see link >>(Here)<<


For any pet owner, animal trainer or carer – Reiki is definitely something that should be considered.  It may sound crazy but strangely enough, it does work.  Not only this but if performed correctly Animals love it.

For anybody looking to find out more see the links above. Rob Fellows and Kathleen Prasad the owners of the websites shown above have both made successful careers as both Reiki Animal Healers and Teachers.  Their credibility I think speaks for itself by just the quality of their websites.

If anyone would like to learn Reiki for Animals I fully recommend both.  For anybody who has tried either would be great to read your reviews and see your comments below.

For anyone that is looking to try out, or any similar programs would be great to hear from you as well.

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May the Peace be with You!

Best Wishes


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  1. This is very unique service in healing animals and human alike using the Reiki is just beyond incredible for its power to help save a life. It just shows there are many specialized niches that are under serviced to fill a void for something that is in need.Thanks for the share and good luck in your journey.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Much appreciated.

  2. Stephen Peter Jones says:

    The Benefits of Learning Reiki for Animals is a great message for us all to think about for our pets. I believed before pets either like us to pet them and stroke or not but there are ways of making them stress free and happy at home at least. This is a great message to all of us that we can have happy, mentally healthy pets at home. Great read thanks.

    In Friendship


    1. Thank you Stephen much appreciated.

  3. Shanta Rahman says:

    Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I have a cat and I am very careful about his care .And Reiki Healing is a very important service for my cat .And that is not just the case of animals that cure Reiki. Through your article I learned that it applies to people and plants. And through your article how it works I have benefited a lot from knowing the details and gaining knowledge .Learn it is incredibly easy .Your article is really very instructive .

    And I will definitely learn it. As well as my other friends I would recommend for learning and will deliver your article. I hope we all share our new experience with you. Good luck 

    1. Thank you, Shanta.  There is a home-based course with Rob Fellows Reiki if you are interested.  I think the price has just been discounted as well.

  4. Perryline says:

    This is very unique service and  I have learnt how animals can get healed making use of Reiki. I really also want to know if Reiki can be also used in healing dogs because I wouldn’t want to try using this solution for my dog. Thanks for sharing this amazing article and please I’ll love to hear an answer to my question.

  5. David nelson says:

    Animal Reiki healing is the offering of Reiki to animals, involves more than just applying human Reiki knowledge and skills. Animals do not communicate in the same way with us as we Converse with another. They are often not truly understood and similarly they do not always understand our communication or actions. However, animals inherently more aware and have a better understanding of energy, which day use to determine if strangers are friends or foe.

    As with humans Reiki may benefits animals with physical mental or emotional issues and consequently this holistic complementary therapy may also be of help with behavioral problems and then an emotional basis or influence.

    1. Hi David,  Thanks for your input.  Do you feel this article lacks information and that it can be improved?  I’m very new to the concept if I must be honest.  

  6. Thank you for sharing this unique informative article about Reiki Healing for Animals and Pets. Little did l know anything about this,I have learnt how animals can get healed making use of Reiki, how amazing is that. You have shared great message to all of us that we can have happy mentally healthy pets, my pet is a dog and l would love to learn how to keep her stress free , health and happy as much as we are happy as human. l have bookmarked your article, I will share your it with my friends . Great post and lessons.

    Wishing you all the success!

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi Fiona,  Thank you for taking the time to comment.  Yes, Reiki can be used on all living things including Animals and Plants.  Your dog you could use to try Animal Reiki if you can get her to relax around you.  Lay in front of you it should be easy enough to do.  Maybe one of the books might help you if the courses seem a little pricey and if you feel it is really for you maybe you could invest in one of the courses or whatever.  If you check through the post there is amazon links at the bottom and there should be other links too.  If you would like to look.

  7. Great article with deep insight on how meditation can help animals as it does to human.  To be honest, I ‘ve never thought of something like that. But, it makes sense since animals have the same organs as human. 

    Great information here in this content. It’s really a good article for pet owners.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I work in the veterinary field and if you asked me about Reiki when I first started, I would think it’s a crazy idea. After being in the service for almost 12 years and seeing all the cases that come by every day, I’m starting to have a change of mind. I wonder if there’s something else – besides science – that we can do to understand more about our animal companion. Glad to come across some of your recommended courses here. Will check them out.  

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi Cathy,  It is worth learning I reckon.  You will see if you ever end up learning how to do this I think with the way the animal reacts.  It is kind of a bit out there but personally, I believe it is true.  If you watch some of the videos on Youtube just watch the animals and see how they react.  You can kind of see by their expression that it is definitely doing something. 

  9. Kingsking says:

    Thank you for this amazing publication on Reiki Healing for Animals and Pets. What a great technique, animals and Pets have the same feelings as humans and every Pets feels good with slight and soft stroke that is why Reike will definitely work well. I remembered how my friend’s Horse was very reluctant to perform in a race until she received warm stroke and heard lovely words. That just show how much the Reike Healing technique can really work. Regards

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi Kingsking,  Thank you for taking the time to comment.  Your friend’s horse I think sounds like a good example of this being put into action.  Did the Horse ever win much if you don’t mind me asking?

  10. As you pointed out, the idea does seem a little far from reality. But based on what I have uncovered from this article, I now have a basic understanding of how reiki healing techniques can be used on animals and specifically, our beloved pets. I must admit though, it does come as a surprise to find that they feel the healing power more than we do. Great post 

    1. Alex Chivers says:

      Hi Rhian,  Again this is pure speculation I am not saying it is true but I personally find it believable.  If you think about it Animals do have stronger senses than we do.  I remember the first day of school I was about 5 years old remember the whole class pointing out the window at a dog.  It turned out to be my dog.  The odd thing was she had no way of knowing I was there.  She couldn’t have followed my scent either as I got the bus to school.  It wasn’t too far away from my home maybe 25 minutes’ walk but still, you hear crazy stories about animals having a kind of sixth sense.  Paranormal activity is a good example.  How they seem to be able to sense spirits.  Why I choose to add the bit about them being more responsive to Reiki as I read it and thought it sounded very plausible.

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